Is there a way to find out what my competitors are doing with SEO?

Mostly. SEM Rush is a great tool to analyze the keywords/rankings that you/your competitors have. This may not tell you whether or not they’re actively pursuing SEO, but can give you a sense as to how they’re ranking and the kind of value they are getting from organic search. Viewing things like title tags on various pages can be a telling sign as to whether or not someone is actively “optimizing” those pages, as they should contain – at least in part – targeted keywords within them.

Other telling signs can be whether or not they are active in social media (blogging/promotion of blog posts). A great tool for analyzing blog/social promotion activity is And, finally, reviewing a website’s link profile can also be a telling sign as to whether or not they are active in outreach to grow their link profiles. Vizion Interactive subscribes to 4 such tools (CognitiveSEO, Ahrefs, MOZ, Majestic), as we have found that the combination of all of these helps us to view the “complete” link profile for our clients.