What are the best ways to get traffic to my blog/posts?

With the proliferation of content on Facebook and Twitter, nowadays, it is nearly impossible to gain solid traction from a strictly “organic” approach to content promotion. Certainly, having a GREAT piece of content is the foundation for you to have any opportunities to earn traction/social shares/traffic. Once you’ve created your GREAT piece of content, you should determine the channels that best “play” with the content and your audience. For many, Facebook and Twitter could be the most reliable sources of earning traction. For some, LinkedIn might be the best avenue. And, for others, it might be Pinterest or Instagram. You will need to make these determinations. For a small sum of money, you can use paid promotion in many cases to “seed” the content, so that you can start to earn some impressions/visits/shares and subsequent traffic.

You should also make sure that your blog posts have Social Sharing icons for each of these so that you make it as easy as possible for visitors to share your content across these social channels. I also recommend that you enable comments so that you can drive engagement. People love to share content in which they’ve contributed. More on that idea…if you develop a piece of content that involves many contributors, you can use this as “ego bait”. What I mean by this is that if you select individuals to contribute to a piece of content who have large social follower counts, you can bet that they will be sharing the content with their followers. That’s one of many tactics that you can use to drive social engagement/traffic to your posts.