Hear and Respond to Your Customers: Social Media Listening

A focus group here, a survey there. It used to be that if you wanted to know what your audience thought, you had to track them down and ask, and maybe even pay them for their opinions.

Social media changed things forever. Today, if somebody has a great or (eek!) bad experience with your brand, their opinion will be available for the world to see-probably within moments. Social media gave every customer a megaphone, but who are they shouting at?

Social media monitoring (or social media listening) tunes you into these critical conversations, where and when they’re happening across the social media and reviews ecosystem.

Our social media experts use best-in-class monitoring tools to track discussions relevant to your brand across social media channels. This means picking up on direct mentions, but also helping you better understand your unique audience’s interests, online behaviors and opinions about your company.

When someone is sharing feedback-positive or negative-about your products or company, our brand monitoring and review monitoring act as your ear to the ground, giving you the chance to strike while the iron’s hot. You don’t want to be “that guy” caught laughing long after the joke’s over, do you? You’re only relevant so long as your responses are timely, and we’ve got you covered.

Social Media Response Strategies to Drive Measurable Business Results

We combine expert social media response strategy and game-changing technology to maximize each and every consumer interaction. We might use a tool like Review Push, for example, to segment your reviews based on rating as soon as they’re posted. A customer who’s just left your store and made a positive review would be invited to share it across social networks, while someone who’s left negative feedback will be directed to contact you, or members of your customer service department, instead.

Social listening and review monitoring are about so much more than reputation management; they’re an integral part of your loyalty, customer service and operations.

The SEO benefits of expert Social Media Monitoring Services are huge.

Comprehensive, timely social media monitoring allows you to tap into hot topics, generating meaningful consumer interactions and informing more targeted content as you do. It also gives you a golden opportunity to listen in on what’s being said about the competition, to help you take advantage of fleeting opportunities and stay one step ahead.

How much more effective could your PPC, paid social, persona development, CRO and PR be with your finger firmly on the pulse of everything going on in your space?

We can even help you generate, collect and incorporate positive reviews into your website, to provide your site visitors that social validation in the moments that matter most.

You’re in business for yourself and can’t be everywhere at once. We totally get it. With our professional social media monitoring services, you can reap the benefits of being a fly on the wall to every social conversation that may bring you some business benefit without running yourself ragged.

Our expert team will set up the process and technology to help capitalize on that opportunity, then create a plan specifically for your business to guide your responses and glean the best insights.