The Importance of UA and UX

Have you ever visited a new website only to bounce out almost immediately because of user accessibility (UA) issues? Have you ever visited a website for a product you love, only to have your enthusiasm turn into frustration due to a less-than-stellar user experience (UX)?

What if your customers are having those same kinds of experiences on your site?

With so many sites available, and so much information to sift through, folks visiting your website have very little time—and very high expectations. If you can’t meet their needs for an intuitive interface, and a functional user experience design, you may find yourself losing traffic—and revenue—to sites that can.

Combining Form and Function For Better UX

No matter how successful your company or brand, user experience design can benefit you by identifying both potential problem areas for users and the most helpful and productive areas on your site. We can help you make sure you keep what’s working, and improve what’s not.

We use a variety of techniques to both evaluate and design effective information architecture for optimal UX on your site. We also use our extensive toolkit to gain insight on how people use your site, and the best ways to serve them.

Section 508 Compliance

If your company benefits from government contracts, you must comply with Federal law regarding access for those with disabilities. To that end, your website must meet Section 508 requirements.

In essence, your site must offer user accessibility and reasonable accommodation to those with disabilities or other challenges while using technology. We’re thoroughly familiar with Section 508 rules and requirements for UA, and can help you ensure your site is in compliance with Federal accessibility laws to help you avoid potential legal action.

When you choose Vizion as your partner in user experience design, you get:

  • Persona development to flesh out your customer profiles and develop an intuitive interface for positive UX
  • Thorough review for cross-browser compatibility
  • A detailed audit to ensure your site is compliant with Section 508 standards (for government sites)
  • Identification of key triggers (e.g., achievements, visual metaphor, data “chunking”) that motivate your users to click through, purchase, and subscribe
  • Measuring of site load times to ensure it loads quickly regardless of platform or device