Vizion Insights was born out of a desire to bring a level of transparency to Vizion Interactive’s clients, that was sorely lacking for so many. Marketers today need help in measuring the impact of cross-channel marketing efforts, so that budgets can be weighted towards those marketing efforts which drive the greatest return-on-investment, or have the potential to drive significant value.

With Vizion Insights, you can work within pre-defined dashboards that we’ve already created, or create your own, to address your specific pain points.

Out-of-the-box, Vizion Insights will get you:

  • High level performance details across each of your digital marketing efforts.
  • Year over Year or Month over Month Engagement Trends, including Conversions, Visits by Website Section, ecommerce Revenue and more!
  • Engagement Trends by digital marketing channel, including Organic Search, Paid Search, Email, Social, Display or any other channels!
  • We also maintain a 12 month “top level report” so that you can see performance trends, over time.
  • And, so much more!

Vizion Insights was built to be completely customized and tailored to fit your individual needs. If you have data in CSV format, or have data available via an API, Vizion Interactive can help to build a dashboard specifically suited to address your needs.

Contact Vizion today, to discuss how we can help solve your specific marketing challenges, and bring a level of transparency to your reporting that you’ve been lacking.