Why Choose Vizion for Whitepaper Writing?

Vizion believes wholeheartedly in taking a comprehensive, customized, and hands-on approach to digital marketing — we feel that this is the true key to marketing success. Using our multi-disciplinary approach, our team of skilled experts will help you achieve your business goals in a way that’s affordable, efficient, and measurable. We know that your business is unique, and we approach your whitepaper development with equally unique strategies that put you on the path to success. Vizion considers customer satisfaction to be our number one priority, so we work with you directly throughout the entire process to ensure you receive the best possible results.

When you come to Vizion for whitepaper marketing and development, the marketing enthusiasts on our team will generate a custom whitepaper, tailored to the needs and goals of your business. We’ll use our expertise to create a whitepaper that’s in-depth, informative to your audience in terms they can easily understand, and able to give readers an effective solution to the challenges they face. Most importantly, Vizion gets that whitepaper production isn’t just a product pitch and that whitepapers are not just about your business – they are about your audience. To engage their interest and keep their attention, whitepapers must focus primarily on their needs and give them actionable steps to solve problems and improve their lives.

Our Strategy

When you come to Vizion for whitepaper production and marketing, we’ll carefully research your business’s competition and perform a detailed search demand analysis. Vizion will create a whitepaper marketing plan that is sure to reach your audience and provide them with informative answers to the questions they’re asking. After they realize you have in-depth knowledge of the topic at hand, they will view you as a credible, authoritative source. This puts them in the perfect position to learn about your offerings, so we will then seamlessly transition into demonstrating just how your product or service can benefit your target audience and help them solve real issues.

At Vizion, we do not stop at simply creating whitepapers, we put just as much effort into promoting your new whitepaper to ensure that it’s seen by your audience. After all, no matter how informative and high-quality your whitepaper is, it’s useless if it isn’t reaching consumers. When our team develops and promotes engaging, well-researched whitepapers for your business, we are helping you drive web traffic, generate leads, and turn prospects into paying clients.

Our Process

The Vizion whitepaper development process consists of multiple stages, from initial onboarding where we learn about your business through concept creation and development to promotion and finally reporting, where we track key performance indicators to monitor the progress you’re making toward your business objectives. While we use this process as a guide, we understand that a personalized approach is key to your success and can easily accommodate our strategy based on your wishes.

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Our Whitepaper Writing & Development Process

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During the onboarding stage of whitepaper production and marketing, Vizion will get a clearer sense of just what your business needs out of your whitepaper, including any technical requirements associated with it.  We’ll start with a discovery call where we’ll get a one-on-one introduction to you, your company, and your business goals. We’ll ask questions to understand the audience you’re trying to reach, ideas you have for whitepaper direction, and any brand or design guidelines to keep in mind while authoring the whitepaper. Then, we’ll determine roles and responsibilities for the project before providing estimated timelines on deliverables.

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To start out the concept phase, Vizion will perform a careful search demand analysis. We’ll begin by identifying a series of questions and topics related to your industry that people show interest in across a variety of formats. This information will help us to craft not only the content of the whitepaper but also the landing page and the position of any promotional language used in ads or social media. We’ll also perform a competitive analysis in which we examine how your competitors are currently using whitepapers to generate leads for their own companies and the marketing strategy behind them to help inform the strategy we develop for you.

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In development, we’ll get to work on whitepaper topic brainstorming and ideation. Alongside your sales or marketing teams, we’ll develop ideas for whitepapers based on what we’ve uncovered from our search demand analysis and competitive research. Once we receive your approval, Vizion can begin working with your internal teams to gain insights and data that we will use to author your whitepaper.

Then, it’s time to generate your whitepaper, armed with the questions your target audience is asking, as well as your research and insights. This includes landing page creation, where we’ll provide guidance and content recommendations to optimize the whitepaper landing page, no matter where it’s hosted. If you engage with Vizion for Conversion Rate Optimization services, we can also include these whitepaper landing pages into the A/B/multivariate testing strategy. This is particularly important if your media budget has funds allocated for lead generation through whitepaper promotion.

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Next, we move on to the promotion phase of whitepaper marketing. Vizion will craft a comprehensive marketing plan designed to reach your audience. We’ll identify specific platforms that your prospective customers are likely to engage with, produce original ad copy, gather audience selection and targeting criteria, assess messaging, and gather any necessary image assets to appeal to your target audience and drive them to your whitepaper. We can create a promotion plan as a standalone service or integrate it into a larger marketing campaign that includes SEO, paid search, social media, and email to ensure ads and traffic are properly tagged and reported.

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Vizion will generate detailed reports that help monitor the success of your whitepaper program to determine how it’s meeting your goals. We’ll use tools like Google Data Studio featuring custom integrations that can give an end-to-end view of ad performance, traffic generation, landing page engagement, and lead-gen conversion. Using insights from these reports, we’ll work to optimize media spend and creative messaging so you can achieve excellent results while staying within your marketing budget.

It’s key that your landing page clearly conveys the learning opportunity you are offering to readers and demonstrates your credibility as an organization. If you engage in Conversion Rate Optimization services a separate, more detailed report will be provided that informs how the challenger is performing against the current champion experience and how it’s contributing to the lead-gen program. The higher your media spend for promoting whitepapers, the more important conversion rate optimization becomes for fine tuning its success.

Transform your whitepaper efforts into profits.


What Are Whitepapers?

A whitepaper is a thorough, authoritative, and even persuasive report on a particular topic that presents a problem before offering an effective solution. The optimal whitepaper should consist of a title page, table of contents, brief executive summary, introduction, a section that educates the reader on the problem at hand, a section that explains a solution, examples of this solution being used successfully in real-world situations, and a conclusion prompting them to act. It should be formatted as PDF in portrait orientation, written in a professional tone, include references to support your claim, and incorporate visual elements such as charts and illustrations to aid reader comprehension. When properly designed, it will be highly shareable to increase your brand exposure and drive as many leads as possible.

Are Whitepapers and ebooks the Same Thing?

No, whitepapers and ebooks are not the same product. They differ in purpose, tone, appearance, and the amount of time they take to produce. Whitepapers are centered around providing in-depth information and solutions that require more extensive, in-depth research than ebooks. Ebooks are usually designed to explore topics in an approachable way that appeals to a broader audience, so they tend to take a more casual tone than whitepapers and are typically flashier than your average whitepaper to grab the reader’s attention. While ebooks can only take a few hours to a few weeks to produce, whitepapers must be thoroughly researched, carefully structured, and strictly edited, meaning they can take up to a few months from concept to polished final draft.

What Is Whitepaper Marketing?

Whitepaper marketing is the use of whitepapers to market to an audience and generate leads. Marketers create whitepapers for the purpose of educating their target audience or describing and promoting a valuable approach, but successful whitepapers will also demonstrate industry authority and persuade readers to interact with the brand based on objective facts and hard evidence. Many companies own a variety of data that, if positioned correctly, could be very insightful for their audience. If you have some unique research or data with specific product or industry insights, you can use this to create a whitepaper that appeals to prospects and guides them along the conversion path.

How Do Whitepapers Help My Marketing Efforts?

A successful whitepaper can significantly help your marketing efforts by:

● Enhancing brand exposure and awareness
● Driving web traffic to your site
● Instilling trust in your brand
● Keeping readers on your webpage for a longer period
● Encouraging them to further explore your site for more information
● Building valuable connections with your target audience
● Prompting visitors to provide their personal information so you can capture data
● Generating leads/helping convert prospects into customers
● Providing useful information prior to a product launch
● Setting you apart from the competition
● Educating journalists, channel partners, distributors, salespeople, analysts, and consultants
● Encouraging other industry experts to collaborate with you
● Improving your site’s exposure in search engines

How Do I Create a Whitepaper?

The process of crafting a whitepaper may look something like this:

1. Consider your overall marketing strategy so you can highlight your company’s expertise and align the whitepaper with your business objectives.
2. Identify the questions your target audience is asking or the problems they face that require creative solutions.
3. Use this information to choose an interesting topic that resonates with them.
4. Perform thorough research using reputable sources.
5. Create an appealing title that accurately represents the topic you’re writing about.
6. Draft an organized outline.
7. Begin with a compelling introduction that captures the reader’s interest and lets them know what they can hope to accomplish from reading it.
8. Explain the problem first, then offer a solution based on your research data.
9. Break this information into structured, skimmable sections so readers can easily locate information and follow along.
10. Wait until the end to promote your products or services as part of this solution.
11. Focus on clarity, consistency, and simplicity in formatting.
12. Limit yourself to no more than two font styles and three colors.
13. Incorporate imagery to help support your points.
14. Keep mobile users in mind with responsive design.
15. Proofread and ask for feedback from others to ensure you can identify any errors, repetition, awkward phrasing, or unclear points.

Can a Whitepaper Be as Short as One Page?

Generally, marketing experts recommend that a whitepaper shouldn’t be any fewer than three pages, and the ideal length is approximately six pages. However, the length of your whitepaper depends on the topic you cover and your intended audience. Certain topics inherently require more information to cover thoroughly, and because the information must be supported by research, a larger amount of data will necessarily result in a longer whitepaper. A whitepaper targeted toward engineers can be a few pages longer than one meant for an executive because people with more technical knowledge will be more interested in specific details, compared to the decision makers who are focused on evaluating investment opportunity by calculating risk vs. reward.

How Do I Publish a Whitepaper?

Establish a distribution plan, set a publish date, and have your edited, formatted whitepaper prepared at least one week in advance. Consider setting up a pre-publishing landing page about two weeks before your publish date so you can encourage readers to sign up if they’re interested in the whitepaper. By giving them a chance to sign up and submit their contact information, you can deliver the whitepaper to them immediately after it is published and ensure you have a list of potential readers ready to read your content. Alternatively, you could wait to send out emails until the day of publication, asking newsletter readers and subscribers to visit your landing page and download the paper.

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