We believe a comprehensive approach is the key to success.

For this reason, Vizion has crafted a multi-disciplinary approach to digital marketing. Our goal is to help your company achieve its goals efficiently, affordably, and measurably. Take a look under the hood and see what we bring to every project we work on.

Who We Are

We’re a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals who are junkies for all things search, social, UX, content, and anything else that leads to reaching your
digital marketing goals.

From SEO to PPC and beyond, Vizion’s comprehensive approach brings all aspects of digital marketing together to get you the best results with the highest ROI.

The Vizion Interactive Difference

Vizion Interactive was founded by Mark Jackson in 2005. Mark still clearly remembers the struggles of getting a business off the ground, and still values every client as much as he did his first. Mark’s diverse background (radio, TV, print prior to joining Lycos in 2000, and then AOL Time Warner) gives him great perspective on where our industry is heading.

In particular, joining Lycos is when the light bulb went off in his head that “all mediums would eventually be digital and if it’s digital, it’s optimizable.” That is the core of our existence at Vizion Interactive. We want to help you optimize all of your digital marketing efforts, not simply “search.”

Vizion Interactive is headquartered in Irving Texas. However, our team works remotely, and we are able to do this effectively because we invested heavily in process improvement.

We have implemented the tools and processes to keep team members accountable, facilitate collaboration, and ensure that we are accountable to you every step of the way. Vizion’s team is rewarded for making sure you’re happy, and that projects are a success, through our generous profit-sharing initiatives.

While Vizion is perhaps best known as a leading “SEO Agency,” we continue to evolve just as the SEO industry does, reaching into the areas of content, PR/influencer outreach, social, conversion rate optimization and more. It’s no longer about optimizing for rankings, but instead optimizing for an audience, and for results.

Our goal is to generate positive ROI in all these areas, regardless of whether those results come from PPC, SEO, or any combination of digital marketing strategies. We find what works for you, and then make it happen.

Vizion is about helping you, our client, understand how you currently generate revenue, and how you can do better. Our team helps to align opportunities with your vertical and goals, and draft appropriate strategies. At the same time that we keep an eye on the big picture, we also break things down into digestible chunks you can understand and act on.

What Sets Us Apart

What is it that makes Vizion your go-to partner for all your digital marketing endeavors?

We’re not afraid to brag a little.

Not only has our team spent many years working in the digital marketing industry, we’ve also completed more than 500 search engine marketing projects in a wide variety of verticals.

As the industry continues to grow, we’re growing with it, and will be here to guide you along the ever-changing digital path. Our experience is your advantage.

No amount of digital marketing matters unless it gets results. Whether we start with an audit to get a snapshot of your current situation, or move right into strategy and execution, every recommendation we make is meant to bolster your business.

To that end, we collect and analyze data to know when we’re on the right track, or when we need to make a course correction. Throughout our process, we focus on education, and we’ll provide you with regular reporting so always know exactly where you stand. Have a look at some of what we’ve done so far.

We firmly believe that your success is our success. We’re more than just a company you hire—we’re your digital marketing partner. We’ll treat your business and your brand as though they’re our own.

We feel relationships matter, and we take your trust in us very seriously. That’s why you won’t see us use any shortcuts or questionable tactics. Transparency and honesty are just as important to us as they are to you. The lines of communication always remain open so you know what we’re doing, what you’re getting, and where it’s all headed—at all times.