Information Architecture / Taxonomy Design Services

It takes a lot more than a slick design to get visitors to your website and convert them to customers.

Our taxonomy and UX design services create the roadmap that underlies all of the great information you’ll share on your website, guiding both search engines and your customers around the site.

We help search engines – and searchers – understand the different layers of your website and exactly what it is you have to offer their searches on queries relevant to your business. Once that searcher lands on your site, they’ll find a logical, helpful experience and be able to navigate easily from one decision-making piece of content to the next, thanks to your attention to the user experience through proper Information architecture and taxonomy.

Our information architecture experts evaluate your competition, both in your industry and in organic search rankings. We’ll design your site’s navigational structure, placing the guideposts search engine spiders, and customers alike, use to find information on your site. And, we’ll make sure it aligns with your place in your vertical. We go a step further, too, mapping across your web ecosystem to influence the types of information being shared from your site to social channels like Facebook and Twitter, for example.

Great SEO begins with a great website, complete with great content. As new content is added, your layout and structure may need to change. Whether it’s time to overhaul your architecture, or you’ve just determined that you want to have the right foundation in place for UX and SEO, or you’re planning a new build and committed to starting off on the right foot this time, we’ve got you.

Information Architecture Built to Support Conversions

How well does your website assist customers in their decision-making moments? How do you guide them from discovery to evaluating their options to converting to a contact or purchase?

Our information architecture development services map out the infrastructure necessary to support the website navigation that drives your conversions. This includes optimizing and mapping meta data to support click-through rates, as well as informing your content development efforts.

We can see your eyes glazing over… it’s okay, this is pretty dry stuff. The great news is that you really don’t have to understand how it works, and unless you’re among the largest of the enterprises online, you don’t need to have this expertise in-house. Our information architecture and UX team are among the most experienced in the business.

We work alongside your in-house IT and marketing teams to ensure that our solutions and recommendations are compatible. Our experience spans B2B and B2C, SMB to enterprise, and every vertical imaginable. Is there a company out there that can afford to offer a confusing online experience to search engines and customers? We think not.

Information Architecture Audits to Start You Off on the Right Foot

An information architecture audit is the first step in any SEO or web design project. Gaining that complete understanding of where you’ve positioned your brand and the pages of your website is the solid foundation on which your successful search strategy is built.

Improve your search rankings and visibility, enhance the user experience, and guide more users to convert with our pro information architecture, taxonomy and UX design services.