Why Choose Vizion for Persona Development?

At Vizion, we prioritize what really matters: your success.  When you come to Vizion for help developing a persona strategy, you’ll be working one-on-one with digital marketing experts who have the skills and resources you need to establish a voice that connects with customers. We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to digital marketing based on data-driven insight, technical expertise, and years of industry experience. This ensures that you always receive comprehensive aid custom-tailored to appeal to your target audience and help you make progress toward meeting your business goals.

Our Strategy

Our approach is guided by the idea that the better you know your audience, the more targeted and effective your personas will be. Before we create your brand’s personas, we will perform an in-depth analysis of your audience to reveal insight about their interests, preferences, motivations, attitudes, and concerns that would lead them to select your brand over a competitor. Our persona development experts use a robust set of analytics and reporting tools to develop a psychographic and demographic profile of your site’s target audience.

Along with data on user behavior, keywords, and referral traffic, we can use this information to build a well-rounded profile of your visitors and develop the persona that really “speaks” to that audience. By optimizing your site around your customers, you can truly cater to their needs, make genuine connections with customers, and encourage productive long-term relationships. This enhances customer retention, strengthens your reputation for quality content, and boosts loyalty. At the end of the day, this is what will lead to sales.

Our Process

The Vizion team has an incredibly effective process for persona development based on our experience and expertise in the digital marketing field. While we use this process to inform our plan, we ensure our strategy remains flexible so we can successfully adapt it to meet your unique goals, both now and as your business expands into the future.

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The onboarding phase consists of a one-on-one discovery call during which we get to know you and your business. We’ll make sure to identify any obvious needs or desires right away, as well as discussing any questions or concerns you may have about our persona development services. We will work together to establish your business and marketing goals and evaluate your existing personas to gain a better understanding of your target audience. At this time, we will also give you a detailed overview of Vizion’s process strategy and determine how we can incorporate those ideas into your own business goals and needs.

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After we have determined your goals and explained our strategy in the onboarding stage, Vizion will move onto the development stage, in which we perform an in-depth series of research, analyses, and reviews to create customer archetypes, including:

  • Persona Research – We begin by reviewing your marketing brief and materials, along with up-to-date industry research, site analytics, and keyword research to develop 3-5 potential personas. These personas are designed to incorporate your marketing goals and guide content strategy and development.
  • Keyword Research – Then, we perform a thorough review of popular industry keywords, keywords your brand is already ranking for, and keywords your competitors are ranking for. We can also uncover related keywords you have not included in your content to provide possible additions to your repertoire.
  • Competitive Analysis – Our team will continue to evaluate your competitors by carefully reviewing their websites and analyzing the content, internal linking, and backlinks they contain. This involves gathering information on valuable keywords, search engine rankings, and overall online presence to identify content gaps and locate opportunities you can take advantage of in your own strategy.
  • Demographic Review – Using a combination of your own customer data, industry research, and web analytics, we perform a demographic review to further inform the persona development process.
  • Content Analysis – Vizion will perform a detailed review of your content with an emphasis on keyword focus, depth of usage, and internal linking. This allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your web content and compare this data against the demographics we’ve already identified. With this information, we can determine what content to focus our efforts on, such as introductory content, research data, and sales numbers.
  • Social Media Review – Finally, we’ll review every one of your accounts on the leading social media sites, as well as those of your competitors. Based on this performance, we can determine whether you need to update your existing accounts or create new ones and create a targeted strategy for each site.
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Integrate and Report

During the final integration and reporting phase, Vizion will work with content development, SEO, social media, and other relevant channels to ensure that your brand’s messaging, language and content strategy aligns with your personas. Then, we monitor key performance indicators and present our findings to you. Reporting and analytics allow us to make recommendations on potential changes to your persona development approach and suggest useful messaging and marketing tactics that can enhance content and improve the performance of your site and your ad campaigns.

Transform your persona development efforts into profits.


What Is a Persona in Marketing?

In marketing, a persona refers to a semi-fictional archetype representing key characteristics of your target audience based on marketing research and web analytics. It is designed to provide insight into what potential customers are thinking as they attempt to solve a problem and the criteria they use when considering various options and making purchasing decisions. Basically, it’s a collective representation of a user — or customer base — developed around patterns of interest and behavior. Once a persona is clearly defined, you can tailor your message around that audience and promote it across the channels that are most likely to reach them and prompt them to interact with your brand.

What Is Persona Development?

During persona development, marketing experts use analytics tools to develop a detailed profile of your intended audience. Once this profile has been established, marketers can customize the persona to suit your audience. Persona development can provide valuable insight for your business by:

• Giving you a deeper understanding of what potential customers need, the problems they face, and their priorities for solving these problems
• Clarifying user expectations, attitudes, and pain points
• Helping you create messaging that appeals to them and helps them accomplish their goals
• Determining the best placement of web content to capture interest and drive engagement
• Prioritizing which campaigns, platforms, and projects to invest in
• Aligning your team around a consistent, customer-centric vision

How Do You Create a Persona in Marketing?

Personas are based on your intended audience. Before creating any personas and using them to guide your marketing efforts, you must first establish this audience by gaining as much information as possible on the following characteristics:

• Demographics, such as age, gender, location, occupation, and income
• Browsing and purchasing behaviors
• Content preferences
• Level of interest in your product
• Motivation for learning about your product
• Days of the week and times they are most likely to engage with your brand
• Whether they tend to purchase one item or multiple items at a time
• Keywords and sites that drive referral traffic

To create personas, you need to understand your audience and then segment them into groups based on their attributes or activities. This helps you learn how they behave on your site and what pieces of content they are most likely to engage with so you can identify valuable trends to inform your persona strategy.

What Is an Example of a Persona?

Heather is a 35-year-old receptionist from Long Island who makes roughly $36,000 per year. She is passionate about shoes and loves to experiment with new styles but has unusually narrow feet that make shopping frustrating. Her size (4A) is difficult to find in most retail stores, so she has decided to try online shopping to explore as many brands as possible while saving herself time and hassle. Her motivation is to find a brand making high-quality, comfortable shoes that fit her properly without sacrificing style or limiting her options.

If Heather can find the right brand, she wants to purchase multiple pairs in various styles and colors at one time, some that are professional enough for a typical workday (low heels or flats featuring minimal design), and others to wear while going out with friends on the weekends (high heels and wedges with interesting patterns or embellishments). She uses Google to search for shoes based on her unique size and browses early in the morning on weekdays before heading into the office, but she often waits until the weekend to make purchases, usually in the late afternoon or early evening. She prefers simple, straightforward content with detailed descriptions, high-resolution photos from multiple angles, and reviews from past customers.

Why Should You Turn to Vizion for Persona Development?

At Vizion, we have a highly detail-oriented and customized approach to persona development. With our services, you can find the most accurate representation of your intended audience, subtleties included, so you can effectively engage them, give them what they want, and encourage them to become customers. Along with a deep understanding and enthusiasm for digital marketing, we have the expertise to conduct valuable market and user research and develop your perfect persona around this information. We do not simply create a persona and then disappear – we are committed to providing you with ongoing support and guidance as your business continues to flourish.

Transform your persona development efforts into profits.