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Client: Pinto Ranch
Industry: Western Wear
Services: eCommerce SEO

169% increase YOY in non-brand keywords ranking in Top 10
29.5% in organic sessions YOY
20.3% in organic revenue YOY


The Pinto Ranch site was redesigned and moved to a new platform (Shopify) and suffered a loss in traffic and online sales. Their top 10 non-brand rankings and organic traffic dropped immediately and continued to decline. They wanted help to regain rankings, organic traffic and sales.

Technical Solution

While the Shopify platform is rich in features, there are certain aspects of the platform that can have a major impact on SEO visibility, especially when custom themes/templates are used. Vizion performed a technical audit and identified several opportunities to address site and page structure issues, schema markup fixes, and several more for 3rd party plugins. These quick wins paved the way for an overhaul of the templates used that were still holding back the site and causing site performance issues.

Content Solution

After performing a content audit, Vizion identified several key opportunities:

  • Optimize metadata and page copy on product detail pages
  • Optimize metadata and existing copy on category pages
  • Create new subcategory pages to target specific keywords for brands and apparel styles
  • Create new content for category and subcategory pages

The combination of technical fixes along with the updated and new content, provided a crawlable set of new and optimized landing pages that allowed visitors to get straight to the products and items they’re looking for. The updated site structure and optimized content naturally generates content silos that improve relevance and internal linking between category, subcategory, and product detail pages.

Conversion Rate Optimization Solution

During the engagement Pinto Ranch asked for help to analyze traffic behavior as they had a gut feeling that something was not quite right and could be improved. Vizion performed a CRO audit, examining the customer journey, usability, and overall online experience. Several opportunities were found for both desktop and mobile users that included adjusting colors and positioning of certain elements to ensure that Calls to Action were clear, consistent, and reduced friction through the shopping experience.


The early technical fixes and optimization of existing content immediately stopped the decline in rankings and started the road to recovery. Nine months into the engagement major technical fixes were put in place that accelerated the growth of their online visibility, rising to a peak of 4,739 non-brand keywords in the top 10 rankings on Google. Right before the peak shopping season additional CRO recommendations were also implemented which amplified the conversion rates and sales across all marketing channels. The eCommerce conversion rate improved by 15% when comparing November and December 2023 to the same time period in 2022.

169%Increase Non-brand Google rankings

In December 2023 top 10 non-brand rankings showed an increase of 169%, from a low of 1,759 keywords to an all-time high of 4,739.

29.5%Increase Organic Sessions

December is an important shopping month for Pinto Ranch and the retail industry. In December 2023 organic sessions were up 29.5% and revenue was up 20.3% YOY.

Top 10 Non-brand Rankings

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