Construction is easily among the country’s largest industries, with a $2 trillion market size. With such a large industry, every construction company faces tough competition. Even with predictions for revenue growth across the construction industry, you need to stand out from the crowd. After all, you want to maximize your share of the predicted construction growth.

Digital marketing for a construction business is essential for helping you stand out from the competition. Let Vizion handle your digital marketing for you. This way, you can focus on documentation, scheduling, unreliable subcontractors, communication issues, and other challenges.

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Construction Companies

While other traditional forms of marketing still play a role in the construction industry, you won’t excel without digital marketing. Digital marketing for construction companies is essential, as your clients make their decisions using online resources. In a sector with an estimated value of $1.36 trillion at the end of 2020, you need digital strategies to help you stand out. That is especially true given that you are competing with 3.76 million other construction businesses (as of 2022).

Whether focusing on residential or commercial construction, your clients will always look at reviews. Additionally, they will conduct an online search before choosing who to work with. With the right digital marketing in the construction industry, you will appear at the top of the search results. Thus, your company is among the first that potential clients see.

With the right digital marketing for construction companies, your business can:

  • Drive more leads on your website
  • Research market competition
  • Monitor and adjust campaigns to deliver the desired results
  • Create a customized digital marketing solution
This lets you focus on the other business challenges, from workforce management to changing market demands.

Exploring Our Digital Marketing Services for Construction

At Vizion, our experience shows that construction marketing is complicated, with numerous elements. We handle all of those aspects of marketing a construction business for you. This helps ensure coordination and communication across the various services. Take a look at just some of the digital marketing for construction companies that we offer.

Seo 16x9 1 eCommerce Marketing Vizion Interactive

Construction SEO

SEO is one of the most important services we offer for construction companies. Our SEO for construction companies strategy uses the latest digital trends when marketing a construction business. Our white hat SEO methods boost your rankings on the major search engines, helping potential clients find you. This helps your company stand out from the competition.

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Ppc Dark Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency Vizion Interactive

Construction PPC

Our pay-per-click marketing services can deliver instant results. This will get you to the top of the search engine rankings immediately. Our specialists in PPC understand the best pay-per-click tactics, including how to evaluate and choose the best keywords and how to budget appropriately. Our PPC efforts are cost-effective and data-driven.

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Content White 16x9 1 Industrial Digital Marketing Agency Vizion Interactive

Construction Content Writing

Content marketing is connected to many of our other marketing strategies for your construction company, especially SEO and online reputation. Our seasoned writers and editors work together to provide SEO-optimized content useful to your clients and highlight your company’s expertise. Our content writing for construction company services can include nearly anything you need. We can provide descriptions of services and products, web content, blog posts, press releases, and more.

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Web Design 16x9 1 eCommerce Marketing Vizion Interactive

Construction Website Design & Development

Your website is a crucial part of marketing in the construction industry. Potential customers will visit your website to learn more about your company, your construction services, and your past work. Our construction web design team designs and develops your website for you. This key part of your online presence will be in the hands of our construction web design experts and marketing pros.

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Social Media Marketing 16x9 1 eCommerce Marketing Vizion Interactive

Construction Social Media Marketing

Incorporating social media marketing into your construction marketing strategy expands your audience and improves brand recognition. Our experience in social media marketing for construction companies means that we know the type of content that performs best on each platform. Moreover, we are up-to-date with each platform’s algorithms and best practices. We use your social media pages to engage with potential clients, and convert them into satisfied customers and brand advocates.

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Reputation Lightgray 16x9 1 Financial Services Digital Marketing Agency Vizion Interactive

Construction Review Generation & Monitoring

Online reputation management involves many other aspects of marketing in the construction industry. From your SEO to reviews to your website to your social media presence, Vizion manages your reputation. We create and follow data-driven strategies to boost reviews and improve your online reputation.

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Local Small Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency Vizion Interactive

Construction Local SEO

Construction companies typically deliver their services locally. Thus, local SEO is a crucial part of our marketing for construction companies. Our local SEO strategy builds on the general SEO strategy and includes similar services, such as keyword research. However, the keywords tend to be more geo-targeted. We also work on local citations and your Google Business Profile listing.

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Conversion Rate Lightgray 16x9 1 Industrial Digital Marketing Agency Vizion Interactive

Construction Conversion Rate Optimization

Our conversion rate optimization services for construction companies are an extension of optimizing and designing your website. We audit your website in-depth to look for areas of improvement. We also evaluate your sales funnel as a whole, looking for any potential obstacles getting in the way of your conversions. Our goal is to boost conversions and your ROI.

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Seo Audit White 16x9 1 Construction Digital Marketing Agency Vizion Interactive

Construction SEO Audits

Our construction SEO audits can serve several purposes. They are most important for our new clients as they let us gauge your current SEO strategy and determine which aspects of construction marketing you need to prioritize.

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Ppc Audit Lightgray 16x9 1 Education Digital Marketing Agency Vizion Interactive

Construction PPC Audits

Our construction PPC audits give us a starting point when crafting your pay-per-click strategy. Our in-depth audit determines the current state of your PPC strategy before we even start working with you. We then periodically conduct audits to ensure that our PPC efforts have delivered the results we expect them to.

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Turn your construction marketing efforts into profits.

Why Choose Vizion’s Construction Digital Marketing Services

You have your choice of digital marketing agencies for construction services. However, working with Vizion gives you access to professionals with years of experience. Some of the advantages you will notice when working with Vizion include as follows.


We Prioritize Our Clients

Throughout all of our interactions, we show our construction clients that they are our priority. We invest in state-of-the-art tech and tools and continual training to ensure that we can meet your needs with ease. Our dedication to customer satisfaction relies on a result- and data-driven marketing strategy.


We Deliver Results

As our strategies are results-driven, we pride ourselves on giving clients like you a noticeable improvement in their online marketing. Your results will be measurable, and we won’t be satisfied until they meet our high standards.


We Are Transparent

Vizion is a highly transparent marketing agency for construction. We keep our lines of communication open with you. We can discuss your marketing strategies as often as you prefer. It will depend on whether you want to stay informed at all times or prefer to sit back and let us handle everything.


We Collaborate

Part of our transparency includes collaboration with your team. If you have an in-house digital marketing team or general marketing team, we are happy to collaborate with them. We are always willing to consider and evaluate your ideas using our expertise.


We Are Prompt

Throughout all of our interactions and services, you can expect Vizion to be prompt. We deliver the results and services we promise on schedule. This goes back to our dedication to transparency and customer experience.

Vintage Oaks Featured Construction Digital Marketing Agency Vizion Interactive

Featured Case Study: Vintage Oaks PPC

The client had a high volume of leads coming in yet the quality was lacking. The Vizion PPC team increased sales by 40% YOY, the sales team is happy, and the cost per sale has decreased.

+40% Sales Increase
46% Cost Decrease
See How We Did It

“What is most impressive with the Vizion Interactive team is their attention to detail. Their streamlined process allows for actionable items to come out of each meeting and for our sites to naturally grow in online popularity. We have tried and failed with other SEO firms in the past, but the services provided by Vizion work well with the data-driven business that we run. Additionally, the Vizion team is very knowledgeable and experienced in the search engine industry which makes us comfortable with any changes that may happen in the search space.”

Dan Doromal X Dan Doromal Vizion Interactive Dan Doromal Manager of Search Marketing | Deltak

Turn your construction marketing efforts into profits.