Why Choose Vizion for Location Page Design?

Vizion offers fully inclusive web design and development services and can help you create unique local landing pages for your business. Our expert team works with you to target the right audience, select high-value keywords, determine your goals, and implement local SEO best practices to enhance both user experience and search engine rankings. With help from our experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated team, your website can be optimized with location pages that offer valuable information to potential local customers to guide them along the conversion funnel.

Incorporating local landing pages into your website design and development can significantly improve the local SEO of your business. Consumers perform local searches for services or products in their area using Google and other top search engines to learn more about a company’s offerings before visiting or making purchasing decisions. Vizion can create locally optimized landing pages for your business that rank better in organic search results, offering fast, relevant, and useful information that allows visitors to act immediately and encourages conversions at a higher rate.

Our Strategy

To develop your local SEO strategy, Vizion will create location pages specific to each geographical location and service area covered by your business. Prospective local customers prefer to review your company online before interacting with you, even if you have a brick-and-mortar storefront to visit. If your services are solely available online, you can create local landing pages for large metropolitan areas around the country and provide valuable information about your offerings. Our team understands the importance of local SEO for the success of your business and will ensure your site reaches your target audience and gives them everything they need to prompt conversion.

Along with giving searchers accurate information about your business location, hours, and services, local landing pages offer several important benefits to your local presence. They are relevant for both explicit and implicit searches, meaning your pages will display regardless of whether searchers include the name of their location in their query. Vizion designs location pages that provide a platform for publishing unique content relevant to each location, offering value to visitors while also increasing opportunities for lead generation from outside sources, such as news sites, guides, and local blogs.

Our Process

With our comprehensive, customized strategy and expert team, we can determine your local SEO business goals and set you up to achieve them. The steps to developing and designing your local landing pages will depend on your unique business needs, but we will make expert recommendations throughout the entire process and guide you along the way.

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Our Location Page Design and Development Process

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We begin with a discovery call to discuss the needs of your business, set goals for your pages, learn if third-party location management services such as Chatmeter, RioSEO, or Yext are within your budget, and discuss specific design elements to include on these pages. We will review our process and development strategy and explain how we can customize this strategy to meet your needs and achieve your goals.  The strategy we put together will be carefully tailored to fit your business.

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The Vizion team will conduct a comprehensive Content and Gap Analysis, including keyword research to determine popular keywords within your industry, keywords your brand is already ranking for, and effective keywords used by your competitors on their location pages. We will review related keywords that may offer additional value so you can achieve the best results. Vizion will complete an in-depth competitive analysis of listings and reviews from competing brands to gain insight into their local SEO strategies. We use performance metrics to evaluate the competition’s local presence, offerings, and pricing and then compare these factors with those of your business.

We will then conduct an IA review in which our team assesses the informational architecture of your site. We consider the structure of your current website and decide how best to organize and display the information on your new location pages. This concept stage also involves creating wireframes and mockups, which will include elements such as the location, contact information, navigation elements, breadcrumbs, maps, blocks of content, and calls to action.

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The development stage is focused on building your location pages around your approved requirements and ensuring they are set up to perform as optimally as possible. The Vizion team will take the approved designs and build out the templates. If you wish to use a third-party location management platform such as Chatmeter, RioSEO, or Yext, we can work with them to ensure our recommendations and SEO strategy recommendations are built into the location pages.

We can help determine internal linking on your location pages and your other sites, so they have the highest visibility on your site and are set up to deliver the best results. Vizion can create locally optimized content and schema markup for every location of your business. We design this content to incorporate valuable keywords to confirm that your company has what your prospects are looking for.

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Quality Assurance (QA)

The next stage is completing quality assurance, where we test the design, functionality, and overall performance of your site, such as evaluating technical SEO and page speed elements, as well as mobile friendliness and the mobile user experience. QA testing gives us the chance to identify any issues that could arise before your site goes live. We use the feedback from these tests to ensure your location pages are ready for production.

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To successfully launch your website, Vizion will update Google My Business and other local directories with your new location pages and ensure all of your sitemaps, internal links, redirects, and other elements are properly located and correctly linking to the target URL. After your site launches, we will provide a read-out report that reviews the performance of your location pages. This information allows you to see that your new pages have been successfully launched and are performing according to the expectations and goals you set during the onboarding stage. It also identifies any potential issues so they can be promptly corrected. We also recommend that you take advantage of our Local Listing Management services, which help maintain and enhance your locations on Google My Business, Bing Places, Apple Maps and many more platforms.

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Why Does On-Page SEO Matter for Local Businesses?

Recent studies show that 50% of people who perform a local search will visit the physical location of the business in person within the same day, and 78% of local searches on mobile phones end in offline purchases. For retail, finance, professional services, and other businesses that need customers to visit in person, local SEO is one of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy, as it’s the ‘last mile” in the conversion process and competitors are often just a tap away.

Do Local Landing Pages Still Work for Local SEO?

Yes, very much so. Local landing pages have a number of benefits for local SEO, including:

● Tailoring content to reach customers in areas without a physical business location
● Optimizing pages with structured data to help search engines understand and index your pages
● Boosting search engine results rankings
● Enhancing user experience of visitors
● Targeting specific cities with your PPC campaigns to reduce spending
● Displaying different local solutions for potential customers based on their location
● Creating a strong internal linking structure within your site navigation
● Coordinating external links from other websites to gain credibility and authority

How Do I Create Content for Local Landing Pages for SEO?

You can create optimized content for your landing pages by:

● Dedicating one local page for each city your business services
● Using location-specific keywords and content
● Ensuring your content is uniquely written on each page
● Enhancing navigation to support user experience
● Featuring reviews and testimonials from local satisfied customers
● Adding photos and videos of your business and team members
● Embedding online reviews and customer testimonials
● Embedding local social media profile content

Will Duplicate Content for Local Pages Hurt SEO?

Publishing duplicate content on local pages and simply changing the name of the city in the content may seem like an easy method of creating a large number of local pages for visitors to review. However, this tactic can backfire as it might offer a poor experience for users, and in some cases, your site could be penalized by Google, leading to a major loss of web traffic.

Case Study Umb Bank Location Page Design and Development Vizion Interactive

Case Study: UMB Bank

UMB Bank came to Vizion for help to manage and improve the performance of their local branch landing pages. After performing technical and local SEO audits of the location pages, Vizion identified several opportunities to enhance page speed and increase organic rankings for important non-brand keywords.

17% Increase FCP Score
25% Increase Keyword Ranking
139% Increase Organic Traffic

Vizion has been a great partner in local SEO, website SEO and paid search. Their expertise has been very valuable in optimizing our digital channels. They respond to project requests quickly, are always up to date on the latest digital trends, and provide great client service. I would recommend them to any business looking to enhance its online marketing efforts.

Matthew Entringer Matthew Entringer Vizion Interactive Matthew Entringer Digital Media Manager | UMB

Transform your location page efforts into profits.