With such fierce competition, you need to take action to separate your eCommerce store from your competitors. Shopify SEO needs to be  an important part of your marketing strategy. With the help of Vizion, you can combine SEO with other advertising efforts to expand your reach and boost sales.

How Popular Is Shopify?

More than a million businesses around the world use Shopify. It has over two million active users, contributing over $183 billion to the global economy. Out of the entire eCommerce market, Shopify accounts for 31%.

The popularity of Shopify means two things: Its features and support are likely going to work well for your website; there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience available to improve your site’s presence and achieve your goals.At Vizion we have several clients on Shopify and provide a full suite of digital marketing services, including SEO, PPC, display, remarketing, and social media services, all of which are custom tailored for our client’s industry, website, and brand.

Custom Shopify Websites Can do More

When most people think of Shopify, they picture traditional eCommerce stores selling physical products that ship to your house. But you can build a custom Shopify website to fit your business. This enables you to offer other products and services such as: online workshops and classes, digital gift cards, digital products like e-Books, memberships, consultations, and service appointments.

Top Features of Shopify

Shopify boasts an extensive and growing selection of Shopify apps that can significantly improve your site’s functionality and amplify your business’s growth. The Shopify app store contains a broad spectrum of apps that range from order management, marketing automation, social media integration, inventory management, shipping fulfillment, to accounting software integration. It also includes apps that seamlessly integrate with popular platforms such as Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, enabling you to gain deeper insights into your business’s performance.

Some of the highlights of Shopify include:

  • A full cloud-based platform
  • Template customization
  • 100+ storefront themes
  • Integrated payment with 100+ payment processors
  • Secure online transactions
  • Robust analytics and reporting
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Simple backend administration

Laptop Cart 4x3 1 eCommerce Marketing Vizion InteractiveShopify SEO Services Grow Your Business

The Shopify site has a page containing 8 tips to improve SEO for your site. It’s a good start, however, in our experience, there are plenty of opportunities to improve organic performance, either through updating the existing liquid templates or creating your own custom theme. Our SEO experts often work with our client’s developers to ensure that our SEO recommendations are implemented correctly and monitor performance to continually look at ways to improve performance, organic traffic and attract new customers.

Custom Shopify Website Options

You can use one of the ready-made 60+ Shopify themes and modify it, or have a theme custom built for your site.

Using a Custom Shopify Theme

If you’re on a tight budget, you can customize one of the existing themes, however, understand that these themes are not all built by the same developer, so there will be differences in the underlying code. You may find that some themes will integrate well with some apps, but not others, so you will need to consider encountering some of those issues when customizing it and know that some extra time will be needed to overcome those issues. However, if your goals are to get a custom Shopify site up and live quickly, with minor customization, this may be a great option for you.

Custom Shopify Theme Development

A fully custom theme for your site might be a good option if you need something very specific to match your company’s brand, or maybe you’ve struggled customizing an existing theme and reached a point where it makes more sense to start from scratch and build the site that you want than continue to struggle with a theme that where unintended issues arise, that require more development time to fix. A fully custom theme takes time to develop, but the end result is a site that is much more easily maintained.

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SEO Audit

One of the first things our Shopify SEO experts do with new clients is to conduct an audit of your existing strategies and site performance. Our SEO audits include Google Analytics, Technical SEO items such as page load speed, accessibility and indexability; Backlink audit to determine which types of sites are linking to you and to which parts of your site; Competitive audit to understand what your competition is doing, where they’re succeeding and undercover opportunities for you.

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Technical SEO

Making sure search engines can crawl and index all of your products is critical to your site’s success. We work through addressing the issues from our SEO audit, and continue to identify new technical issues as they arise by using our suite of tools to monitor your site’s health weekly.

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Keyword Research

We use a suite of tools to conduct keyword research and provide content recommendations that fit with your target audiences. By uncovering the ways people search, we can optimize your products and collection pages and discover opportunities to create new content. Our goal is to not only generate traffic to your Shopify site but to generate sales.

On-page Optimization

From our auditing and keyword research, we provide recommendations on how to optimize your homepage, collection and product pages, as well as other pages with supporting content. Recommendations may include page layout, heading tag structure, schema markup and copy changes to ensure we maximize the ability for your pages to rank and generate organic traffic and sales.

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Content Development

Our content writing services can be used to create enticing product descriptions or compelling blog posts, all written in your style and brand voice. While we may use AI tools to give us a starting point, all content is human reviewed and edited to make sure we abide by your brand’s style guidelines and that it naturally fits in to your site.

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When marketing Shopify stores, we suggest combining our SEO services with PPC. As part of our pay-per-click services, we can create your account, set up your campaigns, ads and messaging and work with you on appropriate targeting, bid strategies and budget allocation. We also review PPC campaign performance, deliver monthly reports and optimize campaigns to continue to improve performance.

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Web Design

We offer template edits and minor adjustments, to complete custom theme development. We leverage insights from previous projects and experience as well as your own business insights to make sure we build a Shopify site that’s easy to maintain and provides a great experience for your customers.

We can offer one-off design projects or monthly maintenance and support.

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Link Building

After evaluating your current backlinks in our audit, our team develops a link-building strategy. Of course, backlinks also help drive traffic themselves. We work with your internal teams to create organic backlinks that are of the highest quality via several strategies, including outreach, link reclamation, social media marketing, and content marketing.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

We work with you to generate a hypothesis and a series of experiments that we can use to test how we can improve conversion rates and sales. Our experiments often consider items such as page layout, page elements such as carousel images, internal links, CTA buttons, checkout buttons, format and placement, supporting language and many more.

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Reputation Management

About 70% of shoppers read reviews before buying something, making online reviews critical to your site’s success. We can help you with strategies to encourage customers to leave more reviews, review monitoring, or other reputation management services to help your brand shine.

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Turn your Shopify efforts into profits.

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Featured Case Study:
Pinto Ranch SEO

The Pinto Ranch site was redesigned and moved to a new platform (Shopify) and suffered a loss in traffic and online sales. Nine months into the engagement major technical fixes were put in place that accelerated the growth of their online visibility.

169% Increase Non-brand Google rankings
29.5% Increase Organic Sessions
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“We have been working with Vizion Interactive for over ten years and they have been a great resource in making our SEO and PPC efforts a success. Search engines are constantly changing and Vizion has effectively been able to adapt and manage our PPC campaigns accordingly. We have a great line of communication with our project managers who have helped us make vast improvements in organic search results, PPC rankings, social media, web content, and web design enhancements. Keyword here: A+.”

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Turn your Shopify efforts into profits.