Alpine Power Systems


Client: Alpine Power Systems
Industry: Telecommunications
Services: SEO

Results: 67% increase in Organic Sessions, 280% increase in Organic Leads


Alpine Power Systems had a very specific set of parameters for Vizion Interactive when we began working with them. First, they knew they wanted to update their website with a full redesign and restructure while also focusing on updating their CMS and integrating their independent blog as a direct component of the website. Additionally, there was huge focus on making the site as mobile friendly as possible while also ensuring more accurate data around their various owned locations across the U.S. The goal of all of this was to grow Organic traffic through search engine optimization services while also creating a much better focus on lead conversion and trackability.

To determine what current impacts existed for their website, we began with a 3-month auditing cycle of the current website. This allowed us to become more intimately familiar with the site, their business overall and the internal process that currently existed. We then evaluated the more than 8 different audits done and countless business discussions in order to work on defining a revised website taxonomy, content plans to support the taxonomy and all necessary build components and metadata to support the new proposed structure.

Once agreement was made on the overall taxonomy and proposed new site structure, we then worked with Alpine Power Systems staff and the 3rd party development team to coordinate a project timeline, create page-type wireframes and highlight critical types of information that would need to be available to the front-end via the CMS. We also provided ongoing support through the entire project from all this initial research to new URL structure design to quality assurance testing and finally support through the launch as an integrated team contributor including all Google Analytics configuration, Google Tag Manager support and much, much more.


For this, we really need to look at the performance as 2 distinct time frames, before the redesign versus after the redesign. This will provide visibility to the results that we were able to create through our implemented recommendations for the pre-existing website that were almost all focused on content updates, metadata enhancements, indexability focused and other on-page or ‘light’ touch development oriented.

During this time which represented the first 2-years of our engagement with our client (1-year of which was over 80% focused on input and testing for the new site), Alpine Power Systems realized a 19% increase in Organic Search traffic and a 122% increase in Organic lead conversion rates, all culminating in a 163% increase in actual Organic leads over the previous timeframe.

G Alpine Power Systems Vizion Interactive

Again, the changes above represent the timeline of our initial ‘soft-touch’ recommendations against the old website and a time where we were not using development resources to be able to do more dramatic updates. Despite this, we were able to more than double their leads generated by Organic traffic while helping them regain and surpass their historical Organic performance. Over this time, we saw their Organic Top 20 Google rankings, as measured by SEMRush, go from 76 in April 2015 when we began working with them to 425 in March of 2017, the month prior to launching the new website.

When we review the performance that the new website has attained since launch, we see an even more dramatic improvement across all the metrics mentioned above. The results were a 67% increase in Organic Sessions, a remarkable 280% increase in Organic Leads and a 128% increase in Organic Conversion Rate.

Additionally, all other channels also realized exceptional growth through the new site taxonomy as well with a Session increase of 32%, lead volume increase of 187% and a conversion rate increase of 118%. This includes an initial decrease in Paid Search budget that has only ramped up at the time of this case study to pre-existing level on spend.

G Alpine Power Systems Vizion Interactive

When we review the ranking history as measured by SEMRush, we see that their Top 20 Google Desktop rankings grew from only 425 in March of 2017 to 731 as of the end of February 2018 and are still growing. Needless to say, Alpine Power Systems is very happy with the work we have done for them and the results they are seeing, as is testified to through their ongoing willingness to be a reference for Vizion Interactive.

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