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Client: Emerson Coast
Industry: Sorority Apparel
Services: eCommerce SEO, Shopify SEO
Results: 87% increase in leads and 288% increase in non-brand keywords ranking on page 1


When Emerson Coast launched their niche ecommerce site in Dec 2018, they wanted to quickly gain exposure and organic traffic to establish a foothold in their industry. Having a new, niche ecommerce site, it was important to get their products indexed and ranking quickly, which can sometimes be a challenge, when competing against sites that have had many years to build their online presence.

Technical Solution

Since the site uses the Shopify platform, the technical SEO recommendations were fine-tuned to its capabilities and limitations. Vizion was able to improve internal linking and technical page elements contributing to page speed, which became very important in 2021, as Google started measuring Core Web Vitals and using them to factor into their ranking algorithms.

Content Solution

Vizion created a custom content strategy incorporating findings from the initial keyword research to optimize their products and category pages and provide additional insights to develop other supporting content to help build the overall theme and topicality of the site.

As with many companies, Emerson Coast has seasonal peaks based on specific sorority events throughout the year which generates good quality leads. In addition to researching which keywords to target, the timing of the content was also a key factor in designing the content production plan. The new content generated strong rankings for their high value keywords right before their peak lead generation season started, paving the way for record revenue.


71%growthorganic keyword ranking (top 100)

From the initial research and recommendations, as well as ongoing refinements and site updates, the number of organic keywords ranking in the top 100 have grown 71% from Jan 2021 to Jan 2022. Non-brand keywords ranking on page 1 increased 288% YOY, which is even more impressive, considering there were many important Core and other Google algorithm updates in 2021.

61%increasein users from
organic search

They also saw a 61% increase in users from organic search in 2021 compared to 2020, which drove an 87% increase in leads, setting a new record for leads and new business.

Page 1 Rankings

Emerson Coast SEO Page 1 Rankings Vizion Interactive

Organic Traffic

Emerson Coast SEO Organic Traffic Vizion Interactive

“Vizion has brought results. And at the end of the day that is the most important thing. Our traffic, rankings and sales have consistently improved in big ways. Vizion’s team is thoughtful, knowledgeable and they care about our success. I’ve worked with other SEO vendors in the past and nobody compares to what Vizion brings to the table. The proof is in the results.”

Justin Laughlin X Justin Laughlin Vizion InteractiveJustin Laughlin
Owner | Emerson Coast

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