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Industry: Home Entertainment
Services: Paid Media and Amazon Marketing Services

Results: 458% increase in ROAS


Our film studio client was met with challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic and could not afford to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket revenue by not releasing its upcoming films. The studio created a new offering called Premium Video on Demand (PVOD) that would allow consumers to rent the movie in their homes during the theatrical release window.


There was little to no time to redirect all marketing plans for upcoming films to be released on PVOD. Vizion Interactive needed to help the client find a way to develop, plan, and execute a completely new advertising strategy for PVOD releases.

This form of release was uncharted territory so there were no advertising benchmarks or best-practice strategies to be used. There was also an added degree of difficulty to educate consumers of a new product offering, all while maximizing awareness and sales for the films.


Google Amz Home Entertainment – Premium Video on Demand Vizion InteractiveVizion Interactive worked with the client to quickly provide an in-depth PVOD marketing release plan leveraging Google and Amazon’s search, display, and video channels to drive awareness and sales of the films. New ad messaging was developed and implemented with Call-To-Actions (CTA’s) that would both educate consumers of the new offering as well as maximize traffic/conversion.

A tracking schema was implemented to ensure all campaigns and KPI’s were tracked appropriately so we could establish PVOD benchmarks. Since these types of campaigns were entirely new, Vizion tapped into as much of the clients 1st party data to incorporate into remarketing. This would also help increase overall audience size to maximize awareness.


$100Min SalesFirst 3 Weeks

Overall Success
PVOD film release generated roughly 5 million rentals at $19.99 price point, driving nearly $100 million in sales in the first three weeks which was more than the franchise’s original installment collected in five months at the box office, per Wall Street Journal.

78%IncreaseIn CTR

Google Ads
Google Search was successful at driving a high engagement rate. 78% increase in CTR over traditional digital genre benchmarks driving high amounts of awareness and traffic to the download pages.

458%IncreaseIn ROAS

Amazon Advertising
Both Amazon Search and Display campaigns for PVOD showed outstanding results, with Return on ad Spend (ROAS) higher than we had ever seen before.

Across all Amazon DSP (display) PVOD campaigns we were able to drive a total ROAS for PVOD campaigns of $18.84!! ROAS this high for programmatic display is unprecedented. This was a 458% increase from our standard Home Entertainment digital release benchmark on Amazon. Conversion rate (CVR) was also up 173% from our digital benchmark and Click-through rate (CTR) was up 19%.

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