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Case Study: Lennox International

Despite being a nationally recognized company, Lennox’s website traffic was not at the level it should have been. Vizion Interactive delivered search engine optimization consultation and recommendations for each page of the website. Custom SEO consulting services included competitive analysis, keyword research, and content gap analysis.

68% Increase Search Traffic
636K Increase Visitors
150% Increase Keyword Ranking
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“Lennox Industries had never attempted SEO before, and we’re delighted with the traffic increases thus far. Vizion Interactive has helped us increase targeted traffic to our site by 46% since our SEO campaign began! We are very impressed!”

Allen Evans X Allen Evans Vizion Interactive Allen Evans eBusiness Manager | Lennox International

Why Choose Vizion?

At Vizion, client happiness is our number one goal, so everything we do revolves around that–from creating custom SEO strategies to working with our on-staff client Happiness Coordinator. We value long term partnerships and treat your business like our own.

The Vizion Advantage

Working with us has many advantages for your business. We are passionate about—and focused on—creating custom SEO solutions that work for your company in the long term. Whether you are looking to sell ecommerce products, share your services, or simply market your innovative ideas, you’ll benefit from our experience with both B2B and B2C marketing across a variety of industries.

We take great care to develop your company’s SEO strategy and adapt it for ongoing success. That means monitoring changes regarding your business as well as within your unique industry and adjusting our SEO efforts to reflect the best possible strategies for your shifting needs. As a result, the single greatest advantage to your business is superior flexibility—our SEO efforts are not limited to a single vertical, and you’re not locked into a fixed program. At Vizion, we blend flexibility, patience, hard work, and your company’s mission to create attainable SEO goals that drive your company towards growth.

Successful SEO has 3 essential components:


You deserve a custom SEO strategy designed for your business. That’s why the Onboarding process is so important: we can learn about your business before creating your personalized strategy. We assess your company’s unique needs, strengths and areas of opportunity to create a personalized approach from there. Your SEO journey with Vizion will be entirely different from any other company you have ever worked with, giving you the distinct and unique advantages you deserve.


We’re constantly monitoring your SEO progress to ensure you’re getting results. After we’ve established which metrics are most critical for your business, we gather critical data to evaluate your SEO performance. Highlighting strengths and areas for improvement allows us to make informed decisions about next steps along your SEO journey.


SEO is an ongoing process, it’s not just a one and done process as search algorithms are constantly evolving and your competitors are updating and improving their sites. Ensuring the pages on your site will attract qualified traffic requires ongoing optimization. This means regularly assessing your page’s discoverability, UX, bounce rate, and more—and implementing the steps towards improvement highlighted by our tracking efforts.

Seo Consulting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Vizion Interactive

SEO Consulting Services

You are not the only business looking to ascend the search engine rankings and boost your visibility and site traffic. However, assessing the competition, staying abreast of constant algorithm updates, identifying areas of need, and optimizing your website to reflect each of these concerns is not easy. Fortunately, you are not alone in your SEO efforts.

Our experienced staff are here to offer you expert advice on a wide range of SEO topics, from technical SEO and site architecture items to support a site redesign, to content strategies and content marketing to support ongoing site performance. SEO is a long-term journey towards your business’s success, and SEO consulting from Vizion can ensure you take your first steps in the right direction.

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Seo Redesign Consulting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Vizion Interactive

SEO Redesign Consulting Services

Your site redesign should take place with the most up-to-date SEO elements in mind, capitalizing on current strategies and eliminating any common SEO hang-ups. At Vizion, we believe the process of redesigning or creating a new website is an exciting time and we’re here to help you get the most from it. We can help you:

  • Select a content management system
  • Implement a search friendly information architecture and taxonomy
  • Migrate to a new platform
  • Set up a measurement strategy to monitor results
  • Tailor your content strategy by evaluating what you currently have and what new content should be created

We are here to be your trusted advisor. That means not only offering recommendations for your site, but also what is going on within the SEO industry–including how your competition is evolving and changing their sites.

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Link Strategy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Vizion Interactive

Link Strategy and Development

Our link strategy and development services create a plan to get your website linked in other areas on the web. This creates business-to-business credibility, increases your search engine ranking, and brings users from other areas of the web to your pages. We are transparent about the links we acquire by providing you with reports on the work we’ve done and which links we’ve acquired.

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Digital Pr Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Vizion Interactive

Digital PR Services

Our PR services are at the top of the industry standard for quality, using innovative methods to amplify your business’s message. We can help you engage effectively on vital social media outlets and home in on the niche aspects of your business that can help increase the efficacy of your SEO. We’re in touch with journalists who will often need a quote from an industry source to support their story – we put you in touch with those writers to improve your brand’s presence.

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International Seo Service Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Vizion Interactive

International SEO Services

Our team is trained to understand how to use international SEO to your benefit and ensure that your presence in other markets compliments your US and global search visibility. We use multilingual information architecture design, domain geo-location factors, and language-specific content strategies to maximize the presence of your global footprint.

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Seo Audit Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Vizion Interactive

SEO Audits

At Vizion, we ensure that your site performs at its peak by offering specialized SEO audits of your company’s online platforms. We offer several audit options, ranging from a checkup on your SEO status to ongoing monitoring services. Whether you’re concerned about keeping up with changing algorithms or just need to make sure that your site is still working well, we have you covered. Our suite of audits include:

  • Technical SEO audit
  • Site speed audit
  • Content audit and content gap analysis
  • Competitive audit
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What Does SEO Stand For?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

What Is SEO?

Google’s job is to weed through all available content online and present the most authoritative and relevant results to the searcher. The SEO process encompasses content, links, and website design to show Google that a page is extremely relevant for its target topic. You must remember that, though search engines like Google are at the forefront of technologies like AI and Machine Learning, they can’t always successfully read your content and interpret what it might mean. The more people end up on your page, the more often the search engine believes that you are a good result to present to a searcher, and it all compounds from there. To summarize, SEO is making a site accessible to search engines, so it can find your content and show that it’s relevant and authoritative, so it ranks at the top of the results.

How Do You Improve SEO?

There are many ways to improve SEO, and different websites and businesses will require different methods. Here at Vizion, we believe in using a tailored combination of the following tactics to make SEO work effectively for your company. Here are some of the ways you can improve SEO.

Improve Your Site Architecture

When your content is organized and grouped into topical sections, it helps the search engines better understand your content. People also need to be able to navigate around your site effectively, because not everyone starts from your homepage. So make sure your menu navigation and internal link structure helps guide people to your most important content, but also the internal link structure is set up to allow search engines to discover and crawl all of your content.

Improve Your Site Taxonomy

Map out the content hierarchy on your site and review how the content sections are related and which keywords they use. This can help form the basis of a keyword strategy, which then informs how pages can be optimized and target certain topics. Taxonomy is separate to internal linking structure and site architecture, but they do naturally overlap, so it helps if the people working on these projects work closely together and have the same approach.

Improve Your Page Load Speed

Search engines can certainly tell when a website is clunky or is slow to load for users. This can be caused by many different things, including large media or images, poor front-end coding, counterintuitive layout, and more. Working to improve your page load speed can significantly improve your search engine rankings, user experience and conversions. Google recently announced that it’s making page speed a more important ranking factor with its Core Web Vitals algorithm update.

Produce High-Quality and Authoritative Content

Producing content that demonstrates your company’s authority and expertise helps your site’s search visibility and engage audiences. With a virtual ocean of content available across millions of websites, it’s important that you demonstrate to Google that you are the expert on your chosen set of topics, services, or products. Investing more into the production of content than competitors to make it stand out means incorporating items like quotes, industry information, your own company’s stance on industry events, business insights and thought leadership.

While it is not feasible to think that every website can produce unique ideas all the time, it is possible to hone in on what makes your business naturally special and unique.

Optimize For Image Search

As more people are researching products and solutions online, they’re turning to image search more often for help. Making sure your solutions and products show up in Google images is another great opportunity to capture new viewers.

The images tags, titles, and captions are part of what search engines look for when they pull matches. Images also need to be optimized for page speed across both mobile and desktop experiences.

Add More Than Text

We’ve discussed how images can hinder load times, but you need them to create a desirable website. Incorporating media such as videos, images, charts, illustrations and other interactive elements, can help to make your web page look better overall and seem more approachable to browse.

Make Sure Your Site Is Readable

There are several ways to make your website readable to viewers. Some tips include:

● Be concise. Even if you have a complicated product or a niche service, it is essential to explain it as simply as possible. Don’t treat your readers like idiots, but don’t overwhelm them with industry jargon and flowery language, either.

● Avoid small font sizes. They are hard to read and make it more difficult for readers to scan the page and find the information they’re looking for quickly.

● Use color. By employing color in strategic ways, you can draw your readers’ eyes and make the page seem approachable. Just make sure the color enhances the content, not detracts from it.

● Use white space. Providing neutral or negative space around page elements, especially large blocks of copy, helps users scan the page and make it feel less overwhelming.

Readability can be quantified with metrics like the Flesch-Kincaid readability scores, but more important is having content that resonates with your target audience and talks about your product and services in a relatable way. Avoid using “inside baseball” in marketing copy as customers may not always be familiar with your company’s internal terminology and abbreviations.

Fix Broken Links

Receiving an error message after clicking on a link is infuriating. For many users, this is enough for them to head back to the search results. By staying on top of the links on your website, you prevent this needless frustration and keep people on your site.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices

It is simply a fact that most people own smartphones at this point and this has a great deal of bearing on your website ranking. Not only does Google prefer to index the mobile version of your site, but in most cases, more searches are being done through mobile web browsers. Smartphone use has influenced users to leave a website that isn’t optimized for the device that they are on, and who can blame them? No one wants to try and browse a site by zooming in and out, rotating the device back and forth, and trying to click tiny links with a fingertip. This is especially important for small, local businesses. As we mentioned before, local businesses benefit from searches such as “salon near me,” or “Thai food in Brooklyn,”searches primarily conducted on mobile phones.

It is also worth noting that mobile phone optimization goes beyond site layout. There has been a significant shift in the way users search the internet. Where one used to sit down at a computer and type “brunch food in Seattle,” now they might use Siri. Voice-to-text technology significantly changed the vernacular in searches, and optimizing for mobile devices means optimizing for alternative methods of searching.

These are just a few ways to improve SEO, and all of them may not be necessary for your business. At Vizion, we believe in custom SEO strategies that work for your company, and that may involve any number of above items.

What Is SEO Copywriting?

Writing for users and search engines is just one aspect of SEO, but it contributes a great deal to the overall effect. Incorporating your target keywords and phrases into content helps search engines understand that your site is relevant for a given inquiry. Our client onboarding, auditing, and keyword research processes will help identify the copy changes we need to make to improve search visibility and gain additional organic traffic.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The cost of SEO services vary from $500 a month for smaller agencies to the larger ones that start at $20,000 per month. The experience, quality of work, value, and customer service are major factors in the overall service that's provided, as well as the number of staff that are going to be assigned to your account. We have options for one-time projects as well as annual engagements. The cost of our SEO services are directly related to the number of hours we budget on your account. The cost increases with the number of services and resources you need, as well as any pass-through costs for additional tools or service providers. We operate in a very open and transparent way and are happy to prepare a proposal with details on how our fees are structured.