The Growing Importance of Outstanding Web Copywriting

Quick question: is your Web copy working for you, or against you?

The continuing evolution of search engine algorithms—particularly since the arrival of Google Panda—continues to exert a strong force on SEO, particularly with regard to the need for high quality Web copywriting.

In the buddy movie that is digital marketing, your direct promotions are the star, and effective content is your protagonist’s “right-hand man.”

If your Web copy is bumbling (low quality), chewing the scenery (distracting, rather than attracting, your audience), or actively working against the hero (off topic, low quality, and duplicated elsewhere), then you’ve got a problem that can’t be fixed by central casting.

Gone are the days when “thin” or duplicate content could simply slide by unnoticed by search engines, if not customers. In order to compete in today’s digital marketplace and appeal to savvy Internet users, you need content that’s high in quality, relevant to your audience, and written with SEO best practices in mind.

This issue is particularly important for eCommerce sites, as having the same promotional copy and product descriptions as the competition can lead to duplicate content—a deal-breaker that can hurt your performance in search engine rankings, as well as your bottom line.

Reach Your Target Audience With Exceptional Web Copywriting Services

In a world of Web copy that’s plenty sloppy, we choose to focus on creating carefully crafted, SEO-friendly copy developed specifically for your target audience. Our Web copywriting pros rely on persona development, social media monitoring, analytics, and other data collection and management tools to identify and effectively segment your best customers, all to inform topic choice, style, and other factors that go into crafting effective content.

We also research your competition and the content they produce to avoid duplication and potential algorithm-update-induced problems.

Once we know your audience and how you stack up against the competition, we can produce content, including, but not limited to:

  • Blog posts
  • Onsite content
  • Resources such as white papers, guides, and case studies
  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • eCommerce descriptions for use in product listing ads

High-quality copy that reflects well upon your brand and engages your audience is an investment worth its weight in SEO gold. No matter the platform, channel or device, our Web copywriting services can help you forge deeper connections with customers and pull more visits, shares, and purchases.