Why Choose Vizion for Copywriting?

When it comes to producing effective, substantial web copy, Vizion has it all. Not only are we a team of experienced and highly skilled digital marketing professionals, but we’re enthusiastic about the work we’re doing — we love to see our clients succeed, and that’s what we aim to accomplish. Our experts understand your business is unique and will treat you like an extension of our team, not just a client, so you can make valuable contributions to the content copywriting process. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we will collaborate to ensure your business continues to thrive and grow far into the future.

At Vizion, our decades of combined experience in business, marketing, and SEO means we see digital marketing from a uniquely multi-disciplinary angle, which we truly believe is the key to success. We’ll work with you to develop comprehensive, data-driven marketing strategies that are designed not only to engage your audience but to make ongoing progress toward achieving your business objectives. Our content creation and optimization services help you get ahead of the competition, generate leads, and set you on the path to success.

Our Strategy

We know you hold your business to a high standard, and we consistently hold ourselves to a high standard, as well. Rather than providing you with half-hearted, generic copy that’s full of fluff, we produce fresh, original, and high-quality content designed specifically for your business. Copy is at its most effective when it’s thoughtfully crafted around your target audience to be interesting, relevant to their needs, and memorable.

Using social media monitoring, persona development, and analytics — as well as a variety of other tools to aid in data collection and management — Vizion will identify your customer base and learn as much as we can about their wants, needs, interests, and preferences. Then, we’ll know exactly what style, topic choice, and tone your audience wants to see and what platforms they prefer to use. This allows us to provide compelling, valuable, and SEO-friendly content that showcases your brand while helping readers improve their lives in some way, whether by answering a question, solving a problem, or offering new insight.

Our Process

The Vizion process has been carefully developed by our team of experts and thoroughly tested across numerous industries to bring you the best results. While we use a general process timeline to guide our efforts, we always keep our strategy flexible to take advantage of potential opportunities, drive innovation, and give you a competitive edge.

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Our Copywriting Process

Onboard SEO Consulting Services Vizion Interactive


During the onboarding phase, we’ll schedule a one-on-one discovery call with you to discuss the current needs of your business, review any concerns with previous work, and make note of your ongoing goals. We’ll make sure to identify any needs or desires and explain how our content copywriting strategy can help you meet your needs and achieve your goals. We’ll also ask for documentation on brand voice, tone, style, and brand guidelines, so the content we produce will fit right into your existing collateral.

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Once we have a clear idea of what you are hoping to accomplish, we can transition into the research phase, which focuses on the following factors:

  • Keyword Research – We’ll begin with keyword research, where we’ll take a close look at trending industry keywords, the keywords you are currently ranking for, and the keywords your competitors are ranking for. We can also identify additional keywords that may be relevant for your business and present them to you to determine if you are interested in incorporating them into your content strategy.
  • Competitive Analysis – Next, our team will perform a competitive analysis in which we evaluate the content of your competitors to discover opportunities they are taking advantage of that you are not, determine the strengths and weaknesses of their strategy, and use this insight to inform and develop your own strategy. Along with analyzing the content itself, we assess backlinks and internal links and use what we find to perform a content gap analysis. This allows us to find any gaps in resources or information that your site contains and build a strategy to fill them for your industry and your audience.
  • Blog Analysis – After analyzing your website, Vizion will analyze your blog to ensure your content is consistent, relevant to your industry, and features high-ranking keywords, and locate internal linking opportunities to strengthen your blog’s authority. We will also review Google Analytics to determine which blog posts are driving the most traffic and which ones are failing to perform so we can decide if they should be rewritten, combined with other posts, updated to reflect changes, or removed altogether.
  • Resource Review – Based on the data we acquired in the competitive analysis and blog analysis, we will uncover which industry and client resources are being properly implemented on your site and which ones are missing. We will identify areas that could benefit from updated content or the creation of new content and document this information to integrate it into your overall content strategy.
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The development phase consists of three main components: content strategy, content calendar, and content development:

  • Content Strategy – With the insight we have obtained, we will work with you to establish a three-month roadmap for content development that involves keyword focus, internal linking, and resource creation timelines. We closely monitor the performance of your strategy and make updates each quarter based on reporting from the prior quarter.
  • Content Calendar – We create a content calendar that encompasses three to six months of posts at a time, merging keywords, resources, and plans for your business blog and social media accounts. This way, you are guaranteed to publish fresh content on a consistent basis across the platforms your customers already use and trust – without having to create and remember a complicated posting schedule on your own.
  • Content Development – We create the content, which will also include meta data and internal linking recommendations. We’ll pass it to you for approval and make any necessary adjustments before it’s ready to be published or placed on the schedule according to the content calendar.
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Promote & Report

During the promotion and reporting phase, our team will work with social media and link-building experts to effectively incorporate messaging into your content and help us promote that content with compelling snippets. We’ll make sure all content uses a consistent tone, message, and voice, as well as a clear call to action buttons that capture readers’ attention and encourage them to click. Throughout this process, you will have access to a customized monthly performance dashboard, where we’ll add regular updates about content performance and provide recommendations for further improvement.

Transform your copywriting efforts into profits.


Why Does Your Site Need Quality Content?

When it comes to SEO, the value of your content (as well as the links provided within) is crucial to ranking highly. Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing your way onto the front page of search engines and hoping for the best. When you offer valuable content relevant to searchers’ queries, search engines recognize you as a credible source and dramatically boost your search ranking in response. This keeps users coming back to your site for more, strengthens your reputation, and allows your brand to become an authority in your industry – all key components for generating qualified leads and transforming them into paying customers.

How Can Vizion Help with Content Creation Needs?

Vizion can provide you with valuable, relevant content carefully tailored around SEO best practices to target your customer base most effectively – helping you drive traffic, boost engagement, and ensure you are at the front of your customer’s mind when they are ready to make a purchasing decision. Our team creates content in the form of blog posts, articles, on-page content, guides, whitepapers, case studies, press releases, e-commerce descriptions, infographics, and more. Then, we publish this optimized content on sites your target audience already engages with and promote it so you can enhance brand visibility and expand your reach.

How Do You Optimize Your Web Content for SEO?

The goal of SEO-friendly content copywriting is to optimize your site for search engines, earning it the best possible ranking and driving more qualified traffic to your business. To accomplish this, you must focus on appealing to the needs of the end-user and giving them the valuable content they need to solve a problem, while also subtly positioning your brand as the best solution. On top of this, your content should be strategically targeting relevant keywords to ensure your target audience is exposed to it when they make search queries related to your brand, your offerings, or your industry.

What Is Duplicate Content in SEO?

Duplicate content refers to content that appears at more than one location on the web. Publishing duplicate content isn’t technically an SEO penalty, but this kind of content offers little value for readers and can have a negative impact on the optimization of your site, meaning it should be avoided as much as possible. When several sites contain content that is overly similar (possibly even word-for-word the same), search engines sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between these sites to determine which one is the most relevant and capable of offering the most value for users. This greatly reduces your chances of reaching your target audience and makes it unlikely you will give them a positive, helpful user experience that encourages them to convert.

The content Vizion wrote for us is FANTASTIC. They have a true Hemmingway on the team. Thank you for creating content that meets our brand tone and achieves our CEO’s content needs. We are grateful!

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Transform your copywriting efforts into profits.