Correct Products


Client: Correct Products
Industry: Online Retail
Services: eCommerce SEO

Results: 223%
increase in Organic Search Traffic


The client wasn’t performing very well in organic search, ranking for very few terms. They moved to a new platform several years ago that was supposed to help, but things didn’t turn around with that migration.


Vizion performed technical and content audits to determine the structural issues and content gaps. Vizion discovered issues with duplication, pagination and load times. In addition to this Vizion reviewed and recreated their sitemap to reorder the priority of pages and remove several 404s and 301s that were plaguing the site.
Vizion worked hand in hand with Correct Products on content creation for their product and category pages as well as implementing a blog and content calendar to aid in additional content and internal linking. The results were impressive.

Correct Products saw an increase in overall traffic by 20% (35,823 vs 29,741) and 65% (28,225 vs 17,051) in organic search traffic the first year:


G Correct Products Vizion Interactive


And to date overall traffic has increased by 163% (78,348 vs 29,741) and organic has grown by 223% (55,167 vs 17,051):


G Correct Products Vizion Interactive


Keyword presence grew from 1,251 ranking terms in December 2015 to 5,564 in January 2018:


G Correct Products Vizion Interactive


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