Education has evolved over the years, and all educational programs now need an online presence. Even traditional education programs that only offer in-person classes need digital marketing strategies. This is especially true of eLearning programs and any educational program, both online and in-person.

Vizion understands the unique challenges in higher education marketing strategies and uses our experience to overcome them.

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Education

The world of education is filled with competition, and you need digital marketing to set you apart. Consider that the U.S. higher education market alone was valued at $13.7 billion in 2020. On top of that, the e-learning market in North America was valued at $120 billion in 2021. With such a large market, you need to ensure that your offerings appear in learners’ searches.

There are numerous reasons someone may turn to your educational company for services. Maybe they want to get a higher education, or maybe they want to hone their skills. Whether you follow the traditional structure of a university or offer online classes with your certifications, you provide an important service.

Even so, it can be hard to figure out your education marketing strategy. You want to highlight the benefits of your services without seeming overly pushy or like a solely for-profit institution. If you offer online learning, you also want to let potential learners know they can overcome challenges like computer literacy, lack of motivation, and time management.

Our higher education digital marketing agency is here to help you figure out the right way to market yourself online. Whether you are struggling to convince students that eLearning is for them or encourage them to go back to in-person education, we have higher education marketing strategies that can make a difference.

Advances in technology mean that even if your school only offers in-person classes, you need an online presence to attract students. eLearning programs need an even stronger online presence.

A Closer Look at Our Higher Education Digital Marketing Services

As a higher education marketing agency, Vizion takes an all-encompassing approach to your digital marketing needs. We aim to provide all of the higher education marketing services you need in a single place. This streamlines your marketing efforts and allows us to communicate across various campaigns easily. Our education marketing services will help you stay relevant and attract students in the digital world.

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At Vizion, we customize our search engine optimization services to meet the specific needs of your program or business. We begin with extensive industry analysis and research of keywords. We evaluate the current state of your SEO and then work to optimize your SEO, both on-page and off-page. By having your website appear higher on the search results, we improve your visibility to potential students.

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Our educational PPC services are an important supplement to our SEO services. These higher education marketing strategies immediately bring your company to the top of the search results page. We carefully evaluate your audience and competitors to use your marketing budget effectively. This way, you rank for the right keywords at the right time, improving conversions.

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Content Writing

Content writing ties into other parts of higher education marketing, from SEO to building out your website. Our team is highly experienced and ready to create content. So we can provide on-site blogs, guest blog posts, website content, course descriptions, etc.

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Web Design & Development

Your website is the largest part of your online presence, and our higher education marketing agency understands its importance. That is why we offer web design and development. Our websites are fully customized for your company. It gives website visitors a unique experience that keeps your programs fresh in their minds. Our website services include eliminating clutter, simplifying site navigation, simplifying form fields, and crafting engaging content.

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Social Media Marketing

Our higher education digital marketing agency claims and manages all of your social media profiles. We make the most of each platform to engage with your audience and attract them to your institution. From posting interactive content to sharing polls to running groups and events, we know how to leverage social media to market your programs.

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Email Marketing

Let Vizion expand your reach with our email marketing services. We will help you expand your list of email subscribers, craft email marketing campaigns, and run targeted campaigns. This is an excellent way to boost engagement and showcase your brand voice. We’ll provide detailed reports to analyze the success of your efforts and make changes as necessary.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Our higher education marketing agency helps you convert website visitors and anyone that interacts with your sales funnel. We are fully committed to optimizing your campaigns and delivering results. By optimizing your conversion rate, you will undoubtedly notice an improvement in your ROI.

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SEO Audits

Before we begin our SEO services in earnest, we will conduct an SEO audit. This includes a careful evaluation of where you currently stand in terms of optimization. We’ll look at everything from page speed to search engine rankings to keyword use.

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PPC Audits

One of the most important parts of our PPC services is a PPC audit. With an audit, we can see where your company currently stands and where there is room for improvement. This gives us a starting point for our education PPC services.

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Turn your education marketing efforts into profits.

Why Choose Vizion’s Education Digital Marketing Services

Vizion would be proud to be your education digital marketing agency. We help you highlight the advantages you bring to your students’ lives. These include furthering their education and offering convenient learning opportunities. Since 2005, we have helped all types of educational programs, from higher educational institutions to eLearning companies. We bring that experience to all of our educational marketing services.

When you work with Vizion, you will get all of the following advantages.


A Proven Track Record

We’ve been helping businesses of all sizes, including those in education, since 2005. Over the years, we have developed a loyal base of clients for whom we have delivered results. A glance at our testimonials and case studies is all it takes to confirm our track record.


Training and Support

As our client, you receive all of the training and support you need. We schedule regular meetings to keep you up-to-date with our digital marketing efforts and the results so far. We also gladly provide additional information whenever necessary.


Flexible Solutions

We offer a variety of higher education marketing services and gladly customize them to fit your needs. Thus, it gives us flexibility in terms of the services you require and in terms of meeting your budget.


Measurable Results

At Vizion, we pride ourselves on high client satisfaction. Part of that involves delivering measurable results. We want you to be confident in the results we delivered and be able to see the difference that our services provided.

Turn your education marketing efforts into profits.