HVAC Services Client SEO, Redesign, Social


Client: Untitled
Industry: HVAC
Services: SEO, Website Redesign, Social Media

Results: 315% increase in Organic Search Traffic


The client was doing pretty well in organic search, but wanted to remain competitive for industry and service-related terms at both the national and local levels, and within the realm of social media. They sought Vizion Interactive’s assistance to reach those goals.


Vizion Interactive went to work analyzing the HVAC industry, as well as the client’s site. The main areas we focused on were: competitive analysis; keyword research; and information architecture analysis; usability analysis and structure redesign for user-friendliness and clearer calls to action; meta data editing and revision; internal and external linking evaluation and revision; content review, editing and creation; and transition to a search-engine-friendly content management system (CMS).

We also created an on-site blog to host newly created content, with the goal of increasing site page indexing for use in social promotion.

In addition, client franchise location pages were brought onto the site from separate domains for measurability, and to help both the site and location pages rank better via search engine optimization (SEO) and local search best practices.


During 2009, site traffic increased by 274%, and organic search traffic increased by 315%. This improved performance can be attributed, in part, to a blog traffic increase of 336% from organic referrals in the same year, and a 60% increase in organic traffic to location pages from March 2008 to March 2009.
Prior to our involvement (2008), the top five program keywords did not appear in the top 30 results in Google. However, in 2009, three of those five keywords appeared in the top six results.

New site additions, such as the blog, have also presented many new first-page rankings in Google. In addition, targeted keyword rankings brought qualified traffic which, in turn, brought qualified leads. Certain types of content may not work for every client. However, we were very gratified to see the results achieved for this client through the use of an SEO-friendly CMS, an active blog, and effective keyword research and targeting.

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