The Importance of Local Business Listing Management

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The word local gets quite a workout these days. Everywhere you look, people want you to shop, dine, drive, and work local. And thanks to increasingly advanced search engine algorithms and a growing reliance on mobile, your business needs relevant and up-to-date local listings in order to attract and convert the folks who are “livin’ la vida local.”

Are You Making It Easy For Your Local Audience to Find Your Business, Online and Off?

A smart local SEO strategy for brick-and-mortar businesses relies on a number of factors, but one you may have overlooked is local listing management. Do sites such as Yelp,, Google Plus Business, and Bing Places for Business have the latest contact, location, and service information for your company?

If not, you could be missing out on greater visibility in the local market, better performance in search results, and—worst of all—foot traffic from potential customers who call your neighborhood home.

Local Listing Management Made Easy

We get it—you’ve got a business to run, and you’re probably more focused on developing strategy and securing sales than ferreting out every possible listing for your business. Our team of local business listing management pros is standing by to help you gain a stronger foothold in the digital and physical markets, whether you’re focused on local traffic, developing new locations, or simply trying to improve your rankings and visibility to search engine users.

Attracting global business is good, but when you’re making real-world connections, becoming the neighborhood go-to for your niche is even better. From day one, we make it our mission to transform your business into a local hero through:

  • Thorough review of all your listing information across aggregator sites
  • Syndicated distribution of your updated listing information
  • In-depth quarterly audits of your existing local listings*
  • Careful revision to ensure quality and consistency on all sites
  • Monthly reports and updates to ensure your information is always up to date

Our mission goes beyond applying our extensive experience to our partnership with your business, however. We bring a collection of state-of-the-art aggregators—including Acxiom, Factual, Infogroup, and Neustar—to every local listing management project in order to make sure your listings are up to date, optimized, and delivered to the sites your customers are searching.

As a local hero, you’ll have to manage your own cape and outfit, but as with all of our services, we can tailor your local listing management to suit your needs. Our collaborative and flexible approach means you won’t be left feeling like a stranger—and neither will your audience.

The Internet has made it easy to connect with potential customers all over the world, but to attract your local audience—and build the relationships that will turn them into customers—you need a plan for truly effective local business listing management.

*Quarterly audits are available to those clients who have 250 or more existing local listings. Please contact us for more information.