Why Choose Vizion for Local Listing Management Services?

We offer all our clients a customized approach, by first identifying your needs, setting actionable goals, and implementing the right plan to build and maintain your local search presence. We work with you to learn exactly what you need and put you on the path to success. You can rely on us to bring technical expertise, robust industry experience, and unparalleled enthusiasm to every project. Our team is dedicated to offering the highest level of customer satisfaction and supporting the success of your business as it grows into the future.

Our Strategy

Vizion is proud to offer one of the most thorough and comprehensive approaches to local listing management available. Our team has over 15 years of experience helping companies across a wide variety of B2C and B2C industries and can help you determine the best approach to local SEO for your business. We will keep your business’s local listings complete, accurate, and regularly updated across a broad range of online directories, websites, and leading platforms including Google My Business, Apple Maps, and Bing Maps.

Vizion provides your business with syndication across aggregators and other business directories, and we have extensive experience working with various industry verticals, including finance, retail, healthcare, real estate, B2B, B2C, professional services, automotive, and more. Even if you have multiple locations and several local listings, Vizion can develop a cohesive, effective local listing strategy that works for your company and helps you make progress toward your business objectives. By optimizing your local listings, we can improve your brand visibility, increase search engine rankings, and drive traffic to your website (and your store).

Our Process

Vizion handles local listing management and local SEO with a multi-stage process based on the unique goals of your company. We begin with an onboarding process to learn about your business and your needs before moving forward with the review and auditing of your current local SEO strategy. After we develop your customized strategy, we’ll implement it, track your progress, and refine it as needed to deliver the best possible results.

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Our Local Listing Management Process

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When you choose Vizion for local listing management services, we’ll start our process with a Discovery Call. This initial meeting between your team and the Vizion LLM team allows us to get to know each other and ensure we understand your goals. We’ll identify your most pressing concerns right away, answer any questions you may have about our services, and fully explain our process for developing your listing and local SEO strategies.

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Once we have the foundation for the local listing management services you need, we’ll move to the auditing and review phase. This starts with our team carefully reviewing industry keywords that are most relevant to your market so we can select the ones with the highest value to your target audience. Then, we will determine how you are currently ranking for those keywords and compare your results to your competitors’ results. This phase also allows us to enhance your keyword structure by developing additional keywords that will strengthen your local SEO results.

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The next stage of our local listing management services is competitive analysis. We review your competitors’ keywords, their rankings, and their overall local presence to identify their strengths and determine the best opportunities for taking advantage of the gaps in their local SEO presence. Following this competitive analysis, our team will closely evaluate your Google My Business listings, Bing Places, and Apple Business Connect to ensure it is complete, accurate, and as robust as possible. We’ll look for rogue listings for your business and ensure every local listing is managed by a single login you control. We can also assist with the corporate verification process, enhance your listings with photos, and cultivate positive reviews to build trust in your brand.

The final part of the strategic development phase for local listing management services is a local listing audit. We will closely examine all business information for every one of your listings across all online directories and platforms to check for errors and highlight any needed changes or updates. Then, we’ll be ready to implement your new local listings and local SEO strategies.

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After we have developed your new local listing strategy, we’ll assist you in implementing it effectively. If your business’s website is missing any specific pages, we’ll create new location pages with the information that prospective clients need to learn about your brand and encourage them to visit your store. Our team can also help you develop localized content to enhance your local SEO results, enhance the layout and UX for your local pages, and ensure each one is included in your site and is fully optimized.

Your new full-blown local optimization strategy will integrate various components into one cohesive, all-encompassing plan, including the rollout of your new GMB listing and other local listings. We will assist you in creating specialized content for these listings to ensure every one of your business’s unique locations has a viable online presence with robust listings and accurate, up to date information. Even if you have multiple locations in the same city or state, we will help you create unique, precisely tailored local listings for each location that work together in support of your goals instead of drawing traffic away from one another.

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Once your strategy is fully implemented, Vizion will provide ongoing detailed guidance pertaining to local listing accuracy and your monthly directory reach. Our reporting system is designed to make it simple and easy for you to quickly assess how your new local listing strategy is performing and determine how it has impacted your local SEO. Every report will show you exactly how your website traffic has changed thanks to our local listing management services.

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Local SEO is not a “one and done” strategy, but an ongoing system that requires consistent attention. You can rely on the Vizion team to periodically adjust your strategy when changes need to be made. If you encounter market or industry disruption, competitor changes, or if there are feature changes in local search or GMB, we can help you refine your strategy to account for these variables as well.

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What Is Google Local Listing in SEO?

Google local listings are business listings that appear in the map at the top of search engine results pages on Google when visitors enter a query with a keyword and your location. Your Google local listing helps local customers find your business easily and learn what they need to know to visit your storefront, such as your address and business hours. Instead of creating an SEO strategy that is very broad, Vizion’s local SEO strategy narrows your focus to your local community and exposes your brand to the people most likely to visit your business.

What Is Local Listing Management?

Local listing management is the process of maintaining a business’s online local listings on multiple directories and customer-facing platforms, including Google My Business, Bing Places, Apple Maps, Facebook, and Yelp. Vizion will take the stress out of local listing management by helping you develop and implement a more robust local SEO strategy, allowing easy and quick updates to contact info or hours as your business changes. We will also keep track of your web traffic to verify that it has improved over time as a result of our strategy.

How Do I Create a Local Listing for SEO?

There are 3 main platforms to start with, Google My Business, Bing Places and Apple Maps. For existing businesses, there’s a high probability that these platforms already have your company listed – a quick search can verify that. In which case you need to go through the process of claiming it, so you can update and maintain it. For a new single location company, you can visit each of these platforms and go through the process of adding a new company. Once your business is verified through the postcard or phone call verification process, you can then update and maintain it. If you need to manage multiple locations, then we recommend using one of the local listing platforms like Chatmeter, RioSEO, or Yext to name a few.

Vizion has been a great partner in local SEO, website SEO and paid search. Their expertise has been very valuable in optimizing our digital channels. They respond to project requests quickly, are always up to date on the latest digital trends, and provide great client service. I would recommend them to any business looking to enhance its online marketing efforts.

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