Why Choose Vizion for CMS SEO?

At Vizion, our highest priority is customer satisfaction, so we are dedicated to treating your business just like our own. With 15+ years of experience, technical expertise, and heartfelt enthusiasm, our team is poised and ready to help you with any part of your digital marketing strategy. A commitment to your success forms the foundation of our approach, and our ability to harness valuable insights has allowed us to become industry-leading innovators in our field. Our team is comprised of skilled and highly talented experts with experience optimizing a wide variety of CMS platforms to unlock their full potential.

Our Approach to CMS SEO

Vizion’s unique, collaborative approach is anything but cookie-cutter. To ensure your content management system (CMS) is working hard for you, we provide a multi-faceted approach to optimization. Regardless of which CMS you use, we want your website to operate at peak performance and provide the best user experience to help your company thrive. Our expert team will actively listen to your needs, conduct audits, monitor reporting, and do everything we can to make your company stand out from the competition. We’ll be more than just a vendor; we’ll act as an extension of your team.

Many companies opt for content management systems to build their website because these systems allow you to customize and create your own website without having to understand complex computer programming. However, this approach doesn’t necessarily make for an optimized website, meaning that it’s likely that your website could do more for you! This is not to say that all CMS sites are bad or ineffective, but at Vizion, we focus on fully optimizing your CMS to give you the best of both worlds – effective optimization and personal control over your website.

An SEO friendly CMS can help you overcome these common obstacles:

  • The CMS may have technical deficiencies which can hamper site indexing and future upgrades.
  • CMS sites optimized for efficiency of code maintenance, often feature slower page loading times (especially the Core Web Vitals metrics), and search engines can reduce rankings as a result.
  • The CMS may not automatically optimized images, which can also cause slower page loading times.
  • The CMS may not have an efficient way to control URLs and may cause duplicate content issues.

Our Process

The Vizion team has developed a data-driven, time-tested process for optimizing Content Management Systems through our 15+ years of industry experience. However, we always consider the specific needs and goals of your business, as well as the capabilities and deficiencies of the CMS to formulate a plan for best results.

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Our CMS for SEO Process

Onboard SEO Consulting Services Vizion Interactive


The first step in any Vizion project is a kickoff call. Our goal for this conversation is to learn as much as possible about your business, your needs, and the challenges you face with your current CMS. This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions, broach concerns, and get a detailed explanation of how our SEO CMS process works. We’ll set up our project management team at this time, so you know exactly who you’ll be working with and how to get in touch with them if an issue arises. Our team will then meet with your IT or development team so that we can get an idea of how to implement your newly optimized CMS and obtain information about any customizations and limitations that are specific to your organization.

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After the onboarding phase is complete, we move onto the audit phase. During the technical audit, we thoroughly analyze your current CMS to identify strengths and weaknesses, and identify underlying technical SEO issues that may be holding your site back from its true potential. We’ll look at how quickly your pages load, assess how your site performs under Google’s essential Core Web Vitals metrics, and evaluate your site’s URL structure. Then, we document and present recommendations that will address the issues we find.

If you use WordPress, we do not simply install an SEO plugin and hope for the best – We can perform a wide variety of technical SEO checks, including a plugin audit to identify issues and specific optimization opportunities.

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When the initial changes are complete and your site is launched, we are still far from finished. Our team will check in with you to monitor the changes we made, see how they are performing, and address any questions you might have after the optimization changes have been launched. At Vizion, we know that optimizing your CMS is not a one-time project but an ongoing process that requires regular reviews and updates to make sure your site is on track to meeting your goals. Even after the project has been live for some time, we remain available to give you recommendations for continued success as your business expands and evolves in the future.

Transform your CMS efforts into profits.


What Is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System, which is defined as a software application that allows you to build and manage your online content yourself. CMS programs are popular for business owners because they help you create, maintain, and alter your own content on a simple, user-friendly interface, even if you are not necessarily well-versed in coding. With a CMS, you have ultimate control of your site and can use templates and extensions to customize layout, navigation, and functionality based on your needs. CMS programs are available on both IIS and Apache platforms, so there is versatility in how you implement them. There is also a lot of versatility in the types of programs you can choose from, each with its own benefits and prices.

Can You Optimize Any CMS for SEO?

Although some CMS platforms have more limitations than others, all of them allow you to alter some aspects of the site, including text. The leading content management systems for SEO include WordPress, CMS Hub, Magneto, and Adobe Experience Manager because they have a variety of powerful features, customizable settings, and analytics tools. Regardless of which CMS you use, there are numerous ways to optimize SEO with CMS customizable content.

If My CMS Has SEO Built in, Why Do I Need Vizion?

While CMS is great for businesses with limited tech budgets or little time to focus on their site, it does have its own set of issues. After you select your themes and graphics, there is still a lot more to be done to fully optimize the site, and many people don’t know what to look for or where to start.

Will Upgrading My CMS Hurt SEO?

If depends on the CMS, we’ve seen cases where major version upgrades have rolled back many of the previous updates and recommendations that we’ve implemented, or changed functionality so much that it breaks certain technical aspects needed for good SEO. When working with Vizion, we can help you through the upgrade process and perform a series of audits and assessments to determine how the new CMS might affect SEO and what additional changes may need to be done.

Can You Make My CMS Faster?

We can often identify issues in the way the CMS is used that can affect page load speed. Other times we can recommend specific technical recommendations that will help speed up the website overall. Sometimes the limiting factor in implementing these changes lie in whether the CMS is installed as a stand-alone instance, or whether it’s part of a SAAS/cloud service. If it’s the later, then there may be some limitations on what we can accomplish since the core code is going to be shared across multiple sites.

Can You Help Move My Website to a New CMS?

We can absolutely help you move your website to a different CMS. We’ve migrated hundreds of sites from one CMS to another and while each situation is unique, there are many common issues we see when going through a site redesign and CMS migration. We can help you through this process based on a one-off project, or as part of our ongoing monthly retainer, which we recommend as there are often lingering issues that due to time restrictions, often aren’t addressed during the site launch.

“Our old site was content rich but poorly organized and extremely difficult to manage. Since our new website launched, we’ve seen months with a more than 400% year over year leap in organic traffic. We can now accurately track conversions and ROI, manage the site, and have proven a strong return for our investment on the project. The numbers speak for themselves. Such a dedicated team is hard to come by. Vizion went the extra mile to ensure we met crucial time lines for launch, working around the clock when necessary. We would not hesitate to recommend this company.”

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Transform your CMS efforts into profits.