Lennox International


Client: Lennox International
Industry: HVAC
Services: SEO

137% increase in Google Organic Traffic
0 – 5,900+ non brand rankings in Google’s Top 100


Despite being a nationally recognized company, Lennox’s organic search traffic was lagging, relative to what competitors were realizing. Lennox wanted to increase organic search engine traffic to drive more referrals to their Dealer network.


Vizion worked with Lennox to re-imagine the Lennox.com website. The website had been a repository of helpful information on specifications of their HVAC products (pdfs, etc.), but lacked the site structure/Information architecture, taxonomy or content required to show the search engines they were a relevant result for queries such as “air conditioner” or “furnace”.

In addition to optimizing core content related to products, Vizion felt it was important to reach potential customers who may be seeking answers to questions or resourceful content, even if they may not currently be in the market for an HVAC product.

By introducing helpful content through the build-out of “Lennox Life” (Lennox’s blog), helping Lennox establish their social media presence on relevant channels and promoting this content to earn links, we were able to address known deficiencies with their link profile relative to known competitors.

Some of the items addressed during our years working with Lennox include:

  • Information Architecture and Taxonomy
  • Deep Competitive Analysis
  • Web Page Template reviews and recommendations
  • Content Strategy/Planning
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Technical reviews / Optimized code and page structure
  • Meta data
  • Internal linking optimization
  • PPC review to bring those insights into their SEO effort
  • Digital PR
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Enterprise-level reporting on performance

Vizion continues to provide Lennox with assistance/guidance on content planning, content optimization, technical and on-page SEO consultation, internal linking recommendations, as well as initiatives on thought-leadership and link earning through HARO opportunities and promotion of content on Lennox.com.


137%Increase in Google Organic

When reviewing annual Google organic traffic data comparing 2021-2022 performance with 2009-2010 performance, Google organic traffic is up 137 percent. Mind you, we experienced the largest increase in organic traffic lift in our earlier years of working with Lennox on this effort (Google Analytics data from previous years is not available to us).

Lennox 1 Lennox SEO Vizion Interactive

0 to 5,900+Increase Non-brand Google rankings

Lennox has moved from having zero non-brand rankings in Google’s top 100 results to now realizing over 5,900 non-brand rankings within Google’s top 100 results.


Lennox 2 Lennox SEO Vizion Interactive

Recently, we were tasked with revising the content strategy for their Lennox Life blog to help support product launches and health and lifestyle information for consumers. We were able to significantly grow the number of keywords in Google’s top 100 results to 3,500, with page 1 rankings growing 100% since the start of 2020. Their organic traffic is worth the equivalent of $20.8k of ad traffic and will continue to grow as we continue to refine and optimize their blog.

Lennox 3 Lennox SEO Vizion Interactive

Search engine optimization (SEO) was a new venture for Lennox when they came to Vizion Interactive in 2006. Since working with Vizion, SEO has delivered more traffic and conversion value than any other digital marketing channel.

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