Boost Your Paid Media Performance with an In-Depth Review of Your Competition & Opportunities

Are your paid media campaigns looking a bit wimpy? You might be feeling a little like David up against the Goliath media budgets dominating most competitive markets. If underperforming paid media campaigns have you hanging out in the nether regions on the Web begging for clicks, fear not; you can still be King in your realm with our comprehensive paid media program auditing.

Our paid media audit specialists are skilled in spotting your best weapons amidst the arsenal of keywords, ad formats and extensions, PPC platforms and networks at your disposal. Armed with the expertise and optimizations needed to excel in competitive markets across search, display and social PPC, you’ll finally conquer your market, driving the ROI and business results you crave.

PPC Audit Services for Your Search, Display & Social PPC

Where do your most valuable customers “live” online, and how can you reach them in the moments that matter? Search marketing, display advertising and social PPC can each drive targeted, quality traffic your way. Our expert PPC audits ensure that you’re getting the most lucrative traffic from each channel, while cutting out the waste.

Search Engine Pay-Per-Click Auditing

Our PPC specialists know what it takes to drive exceptional results at the lowest possible cost across major search marketing networks like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We routinely build successful PPC accounts from the ground up and manage them to maximize return. In a PPC audit, we take a deep dive into your campaign structure, quality score and keywords to make sure you’re building on a solid foundation. We sniff out opportunities to eliminate waste and uncover new optimizations and filters like device targeting, bid modifiers, dayparting and more, so you can compete at 110% and maximize every click.

Display Media Advertising Audit

With so many places you could be appearing around the Web via the Google Display Network and other platforms, do you know where you actually need to be? Our display media advertising audits ensure that your ads are shown on the most relevant websites, and that you’re staying out of ‘bad neighborhoods’ with the potential to harm your brand. We fend off the bad actors, so you can be confident in the knowledge that every penny of your budget is being spent with your highest converting partners. Put our display team’s advanced knowledge of tactics like remarketing, topic targeting, segmentation and more to work to uncover your best and most rewarding display opportunities.

SMM Paid Advertising Audit

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn… there sure are a lot of places to spend your social PPC budget. But who are you trying to reach, and what messaging will resonate most with that audience on each platform? A social PPC audit provides your roadmap for driving more incremental business and boosting your visibility across channels. We’ll give you suggestions on possible changes to your campaign’s roles, responsibilities, and in-house/outsourcing ratio to help you make the most of your advertising efforts. Need help achieving your social PPC potential on an ongoing basis? Vizion Interactive provides fully managed Social Media Advertising Services, as well.

PPC Audits Built to Meet Your Needs

    A top-level overview quickly and concisely identifies opportunities, deficiencies, and areas of potential improvement. With access to your Google Analytics, we can review your tracking and conversion data, and gauge the success of any Google Ads campaigns you’re running, to ensure you’re garnering the leads you’re aiming for. And if you’re performing any A/B testing, we can review it for accuracy, help you measure results, and run with the winner. By repeating this process across your PPC campaigns, we can help you optimize them and ensure you’ve always got a winning strategy.
    We help you calibrate each of your new and existing campaigns for optimal performance. From ad delivery and rotation to bid, budget, and targeting opportunities, our team can help you design a campaign that compels and converts.
    When it comes to PPC, every click counts. Our goal is to help you formulate a keyword strategy that hits all the major marks with surgical precision. We use an extensive toolset to gain insight on competitor activity and uncover potential opportunities to explore for new campaigns. Once we’ve created a set of target keywords, we’ll provide ongoing analysis covering:

    • Quality score optimization
    • Match type optimization
    • Potential duplicate keyword issues
    • Image and text content review
    • Detailed targeting data
    • Keyword selection
    • Remarketing and behavioral targeting opportunities
    Is your paid advertising reinforcing your brand and speaking in the voice your audience wants to hear? Let our team guide you with improved messaging, dynamic keyword insertion, and on-brand campaign ads that are downright contagious.
    As the first thing folks see after clicking on your PPC ads, your landing pages have to be relevant, engaging, and designed to pull visitors further into your sales funnel. We review your landing page copy and design, and help you customize your pages for improved performance, better lead capturing, and more sophisticated error trapping.
    Our PPC audit isn’t just about what is (or isn’t!) working now. We stay on top of the latest trends and new features across ad platforms so you can make the most of them. We’re also identify potential opportunities across other marketing platforms.