Why Choose Vizion as Your PPC Management Company?

The experts at Vizion know the importance of doing paid media marketing right. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to assist your business in creating and reaching its goals. Our team works collaboratively with you to facilitate every stage in the process and ensure your project’s success. Years of experience completing over 500 search engine marketing projects means we have the knowledge, tools, and skills to guide you along the constantly evolving path of digital advertising.

The experts that staff our PPC management company will carefully craft the perfect strategy for your paid media strategy to bring you the most exposure and generate the highest number of leads. We constantly collect and analyze data to measure our results, providing regular reports so we can discuss methods for further optimizing your business. Our team values honesty and transparency, and lines of communication are always open. You can trust us to treat your business like it’s our own.

Our Approach to Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

  • Our ppc management strategists collaborate closely with you to learn about your company’s mission, goals, and specifics to produce high traffic and better results most effectively.
  • We determine your paid search advertising scale and use tightly focused ad groups that feature keywords and ads integrated with your landing pages across a range of platforms and devices.
  • Frequent communication with your team allows everyone to stay on the same page and work toward the same objectives.

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Our PPC Management Process

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We’ll begin our process with an onboarding discovery call in which we get to know you and your business. We will work with your team to help identify conversion events, values associated with each event, and set some realistic goals for your search campaign. We can discuss any questions you have, address any concerns, and walk you through our process, so you know exactly what to expect at each stage and can give us feedback to guide our efforts. At this time, we will also determine roles and responsibilities, and provide you with estimated timelines on deliverables.

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Set Up

Using what we learned during our discovery call, Vizion will begin planning your paid search campaign, using the following PPC management services:

Competitive Analysis

Critical to the success of any PPC campaign is continually monitoring and understanding your competitors and devising strategies to outperform them. This is an ongoing effort to understand the competitive landscape against targeted keywords, landing pages, ad copy, and more.We can understand the Paid Search opportunity by reviewing competitors’ estimated monthly clicks and spends. Creative analysis will be done for top competitors so we can develop a competitive strategy.

Keyword Research

This is a crucial step to a successful search strategy. The goal is to identify how a user searches for your products and what type of words will drive traffic, all while being cost effective. We use several tools to consider historical search queries, search volume, costs, competitor history, etc. to establish a list of new opportunity keywords for promotion. We will conduct our keyword research and provide a document to be reviewed. These recommended keywords will be used in our Search Architecture.

Search Structure

We will provide a document that will show the overall search strategy. This will show the structure of how the campaigns will be updated and/or expanded.

Your document will go into the following elements:

  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups
  • Ad Copy for each Ad Group
  • Keywords for each Ad Group
  • Ad extensions strategy and copy
  • Geo Target strategy
  • Landing pages

Tracking Schema, Implementation & Testing

Vizion will do research to identify all possible conversion events, walk through each event, and identify all tracking needs. We will provide a tracking plan and documentation that will include all pixels that need to be placed and directions for implementation. Once implementation is confirmed by your internal web development team, Vizion will test all conversion events for each media placement.

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  • As a part of our PPC management services, you will receive detailed monthly reports that feature the prior month’s results and strategies for the upcoming month.
  • Our skilled paid search management team will carefully analyze your goals and customize the reports to highlight your most critical KPIs.
  • Depending on your performance and growth towards your individual goals, we’ll help you adjust your paid search engine marketing tactics to better capture demographics you missed and dive deeper into those you’re reaching effectively.


Paid search is an ongoing effort. After evaluating what works well and identifying areas for improvement, we’ll continue to refine the process and optimize your campaigns in the following ways:

KPI Checks and Analysis

The right PPC agency will identify the key performance indicators most critical to your business’ PPC success. Then, we’ll perform regular checks and enhanced analysis to gauge whether you’re on track to meet your goals and the actions necessary to make it happen.

Keyword Optimization

Relevant, valuable keywords are constantly changing. We’ll perform ongoing research to ensure you’re investing in those that provide the most qualified traffic to your page.

Bid Management

Our PPC agency will ensure you’re bidding on the most effective keywords and will regularly adjust your bid strategy to extract the most out of your PPC ads budget.

Ad Copy Testing

We’ll perform A/B testing to ensure each of your ads are populated with proven, effective copy.

Quality Score Review and Optimization

Your Google Ads quality score indicates how effectively each ad utilizes keywords. Let our paid search management team review this valuable information and take steps to optimize your paid search advertising performance.

Landing Page Recommendations and Tests

Are your PPC clicks leading to landing pages that drive conversions? Our expert paid search management team will perform essential A/B testing and make recommendations to ensure your landing pages are optimized for success.

Transform your PPC efforts into profits.

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What Is Paid Search?

Paid search refers to a marketing tactic in which businesses pay search engines like Google to display their ads on search engine results pages when users make queries relevant to their brand, their industry, or the products or services they offer. There are multiple different payment models in paid search, including CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per thousand impressions), and CPA (cost per action). PPC (pay per click) is the most widely used type of paid search, and most search engines use a bidding format in which the market determines the price of the ads.

Paid search offers several benefits for businesses, including the ability to use high-value keywords to target users who are most likely to become qualified leads, and eventually paying customers. The highly targeted nature of these ads means businesses can achieve increased brand awareness and obtain measurable results almost immediately, and paid search has a great return on investment.. Launching and setting up these campaigns is also relatively simple and takes little time, but it does require long-term reporting and maintenance to identify areas for improvement and make necessary optimizations.

How Do I Improve PPC Performance?

You can improve the performance of your PPC campaign by:

• Researching the demographics and online behavior of your audience so you can tailor your ads to reflect their interests and preferences
• Establishing clear, measurable, actionable, and well-defined goals, such as driving traffic to your website, persuading visitors to subscribe to email newsletters, or boosting sales
• Choosing the right bidding strategy that helps you make progress toward these goals
• Improving keyword score, or the quality of your keywords, by ensuring your keywords are relevant to your ad copy and encourage a high CTR (click-through rate)
• Assigning unique landing pages for each campaign that feature important keywords and provide a positive user experience
• Making landing pages mobile-responsive so they can be easily viewed from any device
• Crafting original, compelling ad copy that offers value to readers, such as answering a question, solving a problem, or presenting new insight into a common issue
• Leading with attention-grabbing headlines
• Ending with a persuasive call to action
• Implementing ad extensions to offer users more information
• Monitoring the performance of your campaign with reporting and web analytics

How Do I Increase My PPC Conversions?

Conversion rates differ based on a variety of factors, including your industry and target audience. However, the median conversion rate for landing pages across all industries is approximately 2.35%. Along with employing the tactics listed above to improve PPC ad performance, you can also increase your conversion rate by:

• Understanding your customer purchasing funnel to determine the type of offers that may entice them to take certain actions, like signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase
• Running branded PPC ad campaigns that target high-value keywords
• Targeting in-market audiences, or the users who have expressed interest in your offerings or made relevant queries on search engines
• Highlighting the unique features of your offerings that make you stand out from the competition
• Offering deals, incentives, or promotional discounts and make them time-sensitive to prompt users to take action quickly
• Creating a negative keyword list to avoid drawing unwanted traffic to your site after users make a query that is not related to your business
• Measuring search impression share, or the percentage of impressions your ad receives compared to the number of impressions it had the potential to receive
• Performing A/B testing to display multiple forms of your ad with minor changes to different variables to see what yields the best results
• Reviewing the performance of your competitors’ ads to inform your strategy and take advantage of opportunities they may be neglecting
• Utilizing remarketing to recapture the attention of users who visited your page to view your offerings but did not take the intended action
• Asking users to complete surveys to obtain valuable insights about what they want and how you can adapt your strategy to meet their needs

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Featured Case Study: Worthington Direct PPC + SEO

The primary objective for both channels was the growth of online traffic, transactions and revenue, with a major focus on Revenue. Overall, since 2008, we have seen Organic Search realize a 411% growth in Sessions, a 366% increase in Online Transactions and a 616% increase in online attributed Revenue.

411% Increase In Sessions
366% Increase In Transactions
616% Increase In Revenue
See How We Did It

“Vizion has been a trusted advisor and business partner to our real estate development and marketing efforts for nearly three years now. They guide and manage our SEO and Paid Search in our most important communities, and are steadily impressing our team with their strategic viewpoint to improving our results. They are nimble, responsive and passionate about our success. We’re grateful for their service and partnership, and look forward to many more years working together.”

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