Why Choose Vizion for Amazon Marketing Services?

At Vizion, our client’s success is what matters to us most. Because the growth and prosperity of your business is our priority, everything we do — and every decision we make — revolves around your success. Our Amazon agency of industry-leading experts have years of hands-on experience, technical expertise, and genuine enthusiasm to ensure you receive the best possible results now and in the long term as your business continues to thrive in the future.

The Vizion Advantage for Amazon Marketing Services

When you hire Vizion’s Amazon Account Management team, we create a totally individualized marketing strategy unique to your business, your needs, and your intended audience. You’ll receive comprehensive assistance from a dedicated account management team who has an eye toward long-term growth for your business and will be in your corner every step of the way.

We will work closely with you to develop a personalized and effective marketing strategy for your business that zeros in on the audience most likely to buy your product, then build a campaign to target new business for you. When developing and implementing your Amazon advertising strategy, we consider the volume of spending in the equation, as well as just how much growth your business can manage. We use creative techniques for keyword and product targeting to build your brand and provide ongoing testing and monitoring to track the progress of your campaign, offering responsive support for any concerns that may arise.

Sponsored Products Amazon Advertising Services Vizion Interactive

Amazon Sponsored Products

Get your products where customers can see them – right at the top of Amazon products results pages. Sponsored Products use keyword-based targeting to expose your brand’s offerings to online searchers when they submit queries that include pre-selected keywords. The Vizion team can compile a list of optimized keywords customized for your business, offering a much higher degree of control over each element of your campaign than Amazon’s automatic targeting feature and gives you a greater opportunity for increasing profits.

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Amazon DSP

Develop creative, highly targeted display and video ads to capture the attention of your most important audience. Vizion can leverage this DSP platform solution to utilize programmatic display ads, such as desktop and mobile banners, and custom video ads created with Amazon’s proprietary customer data. Our Amazon Paid Ads Management team will carefully design these ads to effectively engage your target audience, drive traffic to your site, promote your products, and encourage them to convert.

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Amazon Stores

Set up a virtual storefront for your business for free and level up the customer experience with custom layouts, templates, and other features. After registering your brand on Amazon Brand Registry, Vizion will work with you to create a totally custom Amazon store that provides customers with an elevated shopping experience that truly reflects your brand identity and showcases your unique products. Amazon store front services can improve brand visibility, drive traffic to your site, boost your ranking in organic search results, and help you build connections with customers.

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What Are Amazon Marketing Services AMS?

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is Amazon’s pay-per-click advertising platform in which businesses put their products front and center on the Amazon site, so they show up for potential customers based on keywords and shopper interests. Amazon is the global leader in eCommerce, with 75% of shoppers around the world using this platform every month to find products. The best way to position your business for long-term success and growth is to place your product listings at the top of Amazon search results, where they can reach your audience of targeted consumers and help build your online presence. This platform employs a variety of valuable marketing tools to create brand-specific, audience-targeted ads that make your products more visible to potential consumers both on and off Amazon, driving engagement, generating leads, and increasing sales.

How Do I Advertise on Amazon?

There isn’t just one way to advertise on Amazon — and in fact, the more ways you advertise, the better! One of the best ways to market your products on Amazon is by using the Amazon Sponsored Products feature. Most shoppers don’t bother clicking on page after page to view all the product results. Instead, consumers are more likely to choose something on the first or second page, giving Sponsored Products a clear advantage over the competition. Another way to advertise on Amazon is by using Amazon’s unique DSP feature, which is a marketing tool designed to target specific audiences not currently shopping on Amazon and draw them back to view your product or your Amazon store using either visual or audio ads.

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Amazon?

Amazon is the biggest digital marketplace in the world and hosts billions of shoppers every day, and it hasn’t stopped growing yet. Amazon already has billions of viewers and consumers, so Amazon marketing allows you to tap into this already thriving customer base and make it your own — without costing an arm and a leg. Amazon’s Sponsored Products are a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy, which means you only pay for the ad when it’s clicked on. This type of advertising is an easy way to boost sales while easily controlling what you spend on advertising costs.

Can You Advertise on Amazon Without Selling on Amazon?

The short answer is no. There are several ways to generate income through Amazon without selling any products there yourself. Amazon has recently been adding features such as the Amazon affiliate program, Amazon Kindle Publishing, Amazon Merch, and others, all of which offer opportunities to make money without selling physical products on the platform. Despite all these unique ways to generate income via Amazon, it is impossible to advertise products that are not being sold on Amazon. The eCommerce super-giant does not allow any advertisements that could divert viewers away from the Amazon website.

Case Study Entertainment Ams  Vizion Interactive

Case Study: Film Studio Client Amazon Sponsored Ads

Our client, one of the top entertainment studio’s in the U.S., needed help scaling up their search business on Amazon through Amazon Ads and Amazon DSP. To help our client, Vizion Interactive took on full management of their Amazon search business, which included Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Stores.

221 Active Campaigns
410% Increase Advertised Products
16.69% Total ACOS
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