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Worthington Direct initially engaged Vizion Interactive for SEO services in 2006. Two years later, Worthington Direct further engaged Vizion Interactive on the management of Google Ads efforts, inclusive of large shopping campaigns (This relationship and engagement remain in effect, today). The primary objective for both channels was the growth of online traffic, transactions and revenue, with a major focus on Revenue.  The data below includes seeing them through 2 different site redesigns, the first in 2010 and the second in 2015 among many other site changes, business shifts, algorithm overhauls, various tactical changes, etc..

As expected, our primary goal has always been to provide strategies that would equate for overall growth from the search channels. The additional focus for us included a strategy that focused on creating optimal balance between Organic and Paid Search to maximize the overall business potential of these channels. Overall, this is focused on the online share of their business which only accounts for approximately 1/3rd if their total business revenue. The additional 2/3rds portion occurs offline due to various key business verticals being constrained to performing only offline purchases, most notably, School Districts and Governmental Agencies. Most of the offline transactions can be traced back to online marketing efforts, including SEO and PPC activities that Vizion Interactive is managing.


Organic Search:
This client truly shows how a time-tested partnership between an agency and a client creates long-term rewards for both. The longevity of this relationship means that we have seen the ebbs and flows related to their business, acquired a deep understanding of both internal and external market pressures and allowed for the time involved in truly homing in on the best quality keywords for the business versus just a keyword volume focus, which has been critical to our success with this B2B client. Overall, we have been able to net the following annual YoY progress for this client:

T Worthington Direct PPC + SEO Vizion Interactive

You’ll notice we even show the negative times. This is due to our constant and ongoing tuning recommendations to this client to further focus their site to their B2B audience, as is confirmed by the consistent increases in Online Revenue despite fluctuations in Sessions, Transactions or Top 20 Google Desktop Keywords as measured by SEMRush.

Just to show some progress comparisons to 2017, here we can see the more long-term macro effects of our work with Worthington Direct:

T Worthington Direct PPC + SEO Vizion Interactive

Overall, since 2008, we have seen Organic Search realize a 411% growth in Sessions, a 366% increase in Online Transactions and a 616% increase in online attributed Revenue. This is despite 2 full site redesigns (2010 and 2015), a migration from HTTP to HTTPS through 2016 and a variety of market influences including increased competition (most recently from Amazon) and a very manufacturer controlled pricing landscape.

Paid Search:
In 2008 we began managing WorthingtonDirect.com’s Paid Search efforts. With 2+ years working on their SEO, we had a good idea of what types of keywords to focus on to strike a good balance between Organic and Paid efforts. That said, the overall budget assigned to Paid Search was small and we would have to prove there was value to expanding it. This was done through a strong concentration on ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ and a very detail-oriented campaign and ad group restructuring.

Over the years, thanks to our long-term relationship, we have continued to improve their overall Paid Search performance while also being able to monitor the cross-play and cannibalization between Organic Search. This has resulted in the following performance changes since 2008:

T Worthington Direct PPC + SEO Vizion Interactive

Overall, we have been able to provide consistent growth across all high-level metrics. However, this progress has also been true for more of our granular KPIs around Paid Search as well:

T Worthington Direct PPC + SEO Vizion Interactive

Just to show some comparisons to 2017, we selected the 1st year, the middle year and last year to provide insight into various level of growth we’ve managed to create for Worthington Direct:

T Worthington Direct PPC + SEO Vizion Interactive

T Worthington Direct PPC + SEO Vizion Interactive

Overall, we are very proud of the work we have done for the Worthington Direct brand and they are very happy with what we have done for their business as a partner.

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