Why Choose Vizion for International SEO?

At Vizion, our team of international SEO consultants have the experience to optimize your website to reach multiple countries and ensure it’s optimzied for foreign search engines such as Yandex, Baidu, Naver, Bing, Yahoo! and the non-U.S. domains that Google operates under. Our dedicated, enthusiastic SEO consultants will develop actionable SEO strategies for your site and give you the right recommendations to effectively accomplish your goals. Vizion’s staff has built a reputation for our success in the global market, and we will help to generate the correct traffic for your website based on the specific needs of your business.

We consider our passion for satisfying our customers as the foundation of our company and enjoy genuinely engaging with them to create something better together. We value the characteristics of your business that make you unique and want to help you stand out, get noticed, and expand the positive impact you make on the world with your services. That’s why we create custom, data-driven SEO solutions that will work for your company in the long term on a schedule that is achievable in the short term.

Our Strategy

Dealing with international clients is an important process. As business owners ourselves, Vizion understands that the approach to increasing international visibility is crucial to lasting success. Your site should attract the right audiences, clearly explain what you offer, and provide compelling evidence for exactly how you can help them improve their lives with your services. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach to our services – we are committed to treating your business like one of our own with a personalized strategy that sets you up for success.

Our technique is thoughtfully tailored to your unique needs, goals, and priorities. We’ll speak with you directly to listen to your needs, provide expert recommendations, and implement a plan of action. You may require a full overhaul or redesign of your site, a change of platform, or an SEO audit to track the progress you are currently making toward meeting your business objectives. Whatever your needs, Vizion can develop an appropriately sized and scaled project that works for you now and continues to perform for years into the future. If you find that the preferences of your target audience change over time, we will update your site to reflect these changes and keep you ahead of the competition.

Our Process

We find that the approach we use will depend on the information we learn about your business, but should follow this general process:

Process Wheel International SEO Services Vizion Interactive

Our International SEO Process

Onboard SEO Consulting Services Vizion Interactive


We begin our process with an onboarding process that involves a discovery call in which we ask questions about your business and industry to identify your business’s needs and discuss your marketing goals. We use this information to create a realistic plan and set up our tools and internal project management systems to ensure smooth operation and success. After onboarding, our process involves regular auditing, optimization, promotion, review, and refinement.

Audit SEO Consulting Services Vizion Interactive


Vizion staff will conduct a technical audit and content gap analysis to review the content that is ranking on your site and determine which strategies have proven to be successful and where improvements can be made. We want to capitalize on your strengths while also providing new comprehensive solutions to strengthen poorly performing areas. We also complete an audit of up to three competitors and compile the results into one document, allowing you to see where your competitors are finding success and develop informed strategies to take the lead.

Optimize SEO Consulting Services Vizion Interactive


Our international optimization process includes technical optimization and a custom content strategy. We perform keyword research and content optimization aimed at the global market to ensure that you are attracting and retaining your target audience by country or locale. Vizion can support websites in 20+ languages, using localized language sets. Content is manually translated for the target language, as it is critical that the final translated copy reads naturally in that locale. We’ve found that automated translation services typically fall short of providing a polished, natural-sounding finished product with good reader experience.

Promote SEO Consulting Services Vizion Interactive


The promotion step of our SEO process includes link building and link reclamation so that the architecture of your site is not only intact but fully functional and supportive of your content, as well as formatting in multiple languages. We assess broken links, branded mentions, and identify sites relevant to that international location that will help boost that site’s local presence.

Review SEO Consulting Services Vizion Interactive

Review & Refine

We provide custom reports to monitor performance, show business insights, and inform you about adjustments to our plan for continued success in the global market. Vizion’s report processing team generates comprehensive reports to help us understand where your website is succeeding and where we can implement new techniques for success. These reports are scheduled on a monthly basis in order to track the key performance indicators we have identified for your business. We refine your international SEO strategy to account for you, your clients, the specific industry you are in, the markets you serve, and your competition.

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Why Do You Need International SEO Services?

It is essential that your presence in international markets is complimentary to your presence in the United States. At Vizion, our team is trained to understand and operate using international SEO to your business benefit. Your global search visibility needs to be fully assessed to strengthen and support your worldwide reputation.
We have determined the most effective ways to build up the value of your brand in international markets. We use our experienced and enthusiastic SEO team to improve the position of your website in search engine rankings in all the countries you want to operate in. Whether you want to expand your reach to Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Italy, China, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Africa, the Middle East, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, or the U.K., we have connections established to help grow your presence in search engine results for those and other countries.

What International SEO Services Do You Offer?

We analyze common search pitfalls and research effective solutions in different languages and for various search engines used around the globe. Examples of these common obstacles include duplicate content, indexing issues, and other sites competing against your own listings.
For international SEO success, we need to target different audiences within those countries and refine your content to be the most appealing to those people. Our staff is well versed in the most effective ways to build up your success in reaching those audiences. We have a strong network of collaborators and contributors all over the world and have aligned ourselves with market experts in every major country. What this means for you is that entire teams of expert SEOs are already established for the country you are interested in and ready to work with you right away.
We use comprehensive architecture designs and geo-targeted coding to ensure that international search engines are featuring the right website for your business. We can help you diversify your audience across a variety of geographic locations by restructuring your international websites for optimal performance across borders. Part of this process includes an SEO audit in which we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website, then compare your successful traits with your competitors in each market. This will help us define a plan of action that is customized to your website’s needs.

How Can I Implement International SEO?

There is an easy process in developing a plan for the implementation of international SEO strategy. In general, we want to start by specifying the target country or region and develop an international friendly URL for that geographic location. This is called country targeting, as we are designing URLs that are searchable and familiar to users in other countries. Language targeting establishes the language that we are looking to translate for your target audience in those different countries. We then use manual translation to convert from one language to the next, as automated translation systems are almost always failures. Finally, we create and maintain content with the purpose of attracting and retaining your target audience to expand your customer base and improve your business’s international reputation.

How Do I Build Links for International SEO?

While acquiring links from foreign markets can be fairly complex, especially for international SEO, our staff at Vizion have created connections with collaborators around the world to make this process much simpler, easier, and more straightforward. International link building requires in-depth research into audience behavior, cultural aspects, and overcoming language obstacles. Vizion’s team of experts will help you build relevant links for international SEO.

How Do I Set Up International Subdomains with SEO?

Our approach for setting up international subdomains with SEO is well developed, and our expert SEO team at Vizion will develop a custom international SEO plan for you. First, we determine what international content is to be provided and how we are looking to optimize search results (based on demographics, language, or a combination). Next, we build a URL structure that is friendly to the global market and yields good SEO results in the desired languages and locations you wish to operate in. We develop separate websites for each area, rather than create subdomains. Next, we embed Hreflang tags for language targeting to help Google know which language is being used so it can rank your website high among the results for that specific language.

Case Study Lennox SEO Consulting Services Vizion Interactive

Case Study: Lennox International

Despite being a nationally recognized company, Lennox’s website traffic was not at the level it should have been. Vizion Interactive delivered search engine optimization consultation and recommendations for each page of the Lennox.com website. Consultation included competitive analysis, keyword research, and content gap analysis.

137% Increase Search Traffic
5,900 Increase Non-Brand Google Rankings
100% Increase Page 1 Rankings
See How We Did It

“Lennox Industries had never attempted SEO before, and we’re delighted with the traffic increases thus far. Vizion Interactive has helped us increase targeted traffic to our site by 46% since our SEO campaign began! We are very impressed!”

Allen Evans X Allen Evans Vizion Interactive Allen Evans eBusiness Manager | Lennox International

Transform your international SEO efforts into profits.