Why Choose Vizion for Franchise SEO?

Vizion understands the unique needs that franchise businesses have, which often includes a unique set of dynamics and communications between the head office, or corporate office and the individual franchise locations. We have over 14 years of experience doing SEO for franchise businesses and tailor our services to fit into the workflows and priorities of the organization as a whole. Our franchise SEO services are a custom blend of technical SEO, content strategy, and customized reporting that will serve both the head, or corporate office, as well as individual franchise locations.

Our Strategy

Vizion’s approach to franchise SEO marketing services includes the creation of a customized SEO strategy that will function across an entire organization. We can tailor our approach to serve a specific franchise group or multiple markets, and we’ll consider branding, technical infrastructure, your product and service catalog, and other variables to develop a cohesive and successful franchise SEO strategy. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive plan that balances your marketing requirements with the needs of your individual market or franchise groups.

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Our Franchise SEO Process

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Our initial call with your team is designed to understand the unique aspects of your franchise, business and marketing goals and expectations for your franchise SEO strategy. We will review past work, and existing projects, and cover any pressing issues right away. During this call, we will also explain our strategy and process for managing franchise listings and the local SEO strategy, and how it can align with your company’s goals.

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The next phase of our franchise SEO services involves auditing your website or group of websites to review their technical SEO health, which includes aspects such as site speed, site architecture, internal links, navigation and other technical items that may impact a search engine’s ability to discover and index content. We’ll review your current link strategy, identify broken links, and help you determine the best approach to enhancing your franchise SEO strategy. If you engage with us for Local Listing Management services we will complete a Google My Business (GMB) Audit that includes a careful review of your local listings to determine their accuracy and resolve any issues we find. GMB is an incredible asset for franchise owners and we often find many a number of opportunities for businesses to increase their visibility as Google continues to add new features.

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Once we complete the audit process, we create your custom seo strategy which includes recommendations for technical and site structure enhancements, and further recommendations to optimize existing or create new localized content to support the customer journey, also taking into account your competitors’ strategies. Our consultants will review and provide guidance to improve the UX and layout for mobile users and ensure your location pages are fully optimized for Google search.

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After we have created your custom franchise SEO strategy, we’ll help you put it into action by submitting to business directories, local sites, and other relevant sites that can help you enhance your franchise’s brand visibility and consistency in contact information. We can help you develop localized content and schema markup for each franchise location, even if there are multiple locations in the same city.

If our Link Building Services are also part of the ongoing engagement, we will also assist in reviewing competitors’ linking profiles and building links to your site. We accomplish this with a custom outreach program and link reclamation, turning your brand mentions into links, for example.

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To make sure you have the most up-to-date information on the progress of your digital marketing strategy, we will provide you with a monthly report including Google Business Insights, local listing accuracy, and your directory reach every month. You can rely on Vizion to help you identify 404s, broken links, or other issues, and have them corrected quickly.


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Franchise SEO services often include periodic strategy adjustments based on your site, changes in your market, new requirements from your franchise home office, and the latest Google algorithm changes. We know that as the market changes, it will be important to keep the strategy evolving. Vizion understands that franchise SEO is not a one-and-done deal, but is an ongoing process, and we’ll be your long-term partners to support the success of your business far into the future.

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What Is Franchise SEO?

Franchise SEO is the process of improving a franchise website’s organic traffic that involves several custom strategies based on the company’s objectives, such as increasing brand awareness, promoting individual locations, or increasing rankings of a webpage designed to convert and onboard new franchisees. A successful marketing campaign for a franchise based on SEO best practices requires integration of multiple platforms, such as the company website, social media pages, Google My Business listings, and other third-party sites.

Why Do Franchise SEO?

Focusing on SEO and digital marketing can have a tremendously positive impact on a franchise, allowing individual locations to increase their reach within their respective local markets. Franchise SEO allows you to develop a sophisticated, consistent strategy across multiple locations that reaches your target audience, offers a seamless user experience, encourages visitors to visit your store front, and increases revenue. Along with helping potential clients, franchise SEO also makes it easier to engage with potential buyers who are interested in learning more about franchising opportunities.

How Does Franchise SEO Benefit Me?

A solid franchise SEO strategy helps a franchise location stand out in a local market and differentiate one franchise location from others nearby. With franchise SEO services from Vizion, you can focus on the important aspects of your business only you can handle, while we take care of reviewing rankings, traffic patterns, and other analytical data to monitor your business’s online presence and optimize your content to reach the widest audience.

How Can I Jumpstart Local SEO for New Franchise Locations?

Your franchisees already benefit from the recognition and reputation of an established brand, but local SEO is what they need to target prospective clients and ensure they can access the information they need to find a location’s website and visit it in person. If you open a new franchise location, Vizion can helps you with the launch to ensure the new location is consistent, following brand and operational guidelines. This level of consistency ensures the new location’s presence is optimized from the start and ensures you have a consistent brand presence across all locations.

Should Franchises Have Separate URLs for Local SEO?

Yes, it is our recommendation to have separate URLs for each franchise location so we can optimize each one to be specific to that city. Separate URLs allow us to use location-based keywords in your content to improve visibility in local search, add structured data to help search engines understand the content on the page. When people search on Google they also expect to see hyper-local content, so ensuring you have that hyper-local page not only enhances online visibility, but also trust in the brand and conversions, whether they are online or offline.

“Lennox Industries had never attempted SEO before, and we’re delighted with the traffic increases thus far. Vizion Interactive has helped us increase targeted traffic to our site by 46% since our SEO campaign began! We are very impressed!”

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