Why Choose Vizion for Your SEO Audit Services?

At Vizion, our SEO expertise is on par with the best in the industry. Our team of SEO professionals is as qualified as they are nerdy about SEO and digital marketing. We are truly passionate about sharing our expertise and helping you succeed. When you work with us, you become more than a client — you are part of the team (and we are a part of yours). Collaboration is the key to success, so we work together to define your company’s objectives and optimize your website, so it actively works toward achieving them. The SEO audits we conduct for you are extensive, in-depth projects that will give you a completely renewed look to your website and what it can accomplish for you.

Our Strategy

The SEO audits we conduct will be aimed at improving your SEO performance, so we focus on your existing SEO strategy to enhance strengths and eliminate weaknesses. We tailor a custom SEO audit specifically for you that is designed to give your business the best chance at success, against your competition. We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to an SEO audit – we design a custom plan for you.

We deliver a comprehensive SEO audit service for your website: Search engines take a holistic view of your company and the website, and so should we. The technical SEO audit will identify and clear up all the potential coding issues to make sure search engines can efficiently find and rank content on your site; the content audit helps boost the relevancy, quality, and authority of your website and a deep competitive analysis will help to identify what those who are outperforming you are doing…This is just the start of the work we will do in informing our plan. Vizion will work with your team to develop a priority “hit list” of action items to boost your website to the top of search engine results pages.

Our SEO Audit Process

Each step of our process will be tailored to suit the needs of your company. Although these steps guide us, we don’t let them limit the collaboration we have with you. If there is something about our process you want to change, or a specific area you want to spend more time on, let us know so we can adapt accordingly. White glove service should be your expectation.

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Our SEO Auditing Process

Onboard SEO Consulting Services Vizion Interactive


As the name suggests, this is the first interaction we have and serves as the starting point for getting to know you and understanding your business. The kickoff call will be followed by a Q&A about what your company does so we can talk about your goals and examine any specific challenges you face or concerns you have about your SEO strategy. We’ll discuss these details in-depth so we can develop a personalized approach to your SEO audits.

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SEO Audit

Depending on what you need from us, the audit stage can emphasize various focal points. We begin with a cursory audit, where we identify any “quick wins” and present these to you for implementation.

Google Analytics Audit

Your audit could include an a Google analytics audit, where we ensure that we are tracking conversion events (sales, registration form fills, phone calls, emails, downloads of white papers, etc.)  which will help us understand the value of our efforts.

Technical SEO Audit

Our technical SEO audit, includes recommendations to speed up your website’s page load times, optimize the site structure, schema markup and many other items. These are designed to help search engine spiders index your site more effectively, which improves your organic rankings on search engine results pages.

If you need assistance with keyword research, we will review any current/legacy paid search campaigns to identify keywords which have a history of performance, use multiple tools  and our competitive analysis to identify additional keywords, and collaborate with you on a final list of targeted keywords.

Backlink Audit

Our link audit includes identifying problematic links which may cause issues with your website’s reputation, or broken links. We will provide an overview of the gap/opportunities that exist with your competitors, opportunities for earning high quality links.

Competitive Audit

Next, we will analyze content gaps with identified competitors to locate high-value keywords that can improve the visibility of your website by either optimizing existing content or creating new content to target those searches. During a competitive audit, we will review up to three of your biggest competitors to evaluate their strengths and create a plan to help you surpass them. We’ll identify their technical site health, their content strategy and link profile. Knowing how they’re performing in SEO, helps us craft recommendations to attack them head on, or target areas they’re missing.

Review SEO Consulting Services Vizion Interactive


We recommend that the SEO auditing process is done on an annual basis as a lot of things can change in a year, not only on your own site, but for the competitive landscape and search engine’s features and algorithm updates.

This can help us plan out major bodies of work and put project plans in place. It also allows us to review the previous year’s audits and determine if we need to continue with that plan or make any adjustments.

We will combine historical website analytics of your site, reports from our suite of SEO tools, and what we’ve learned to determine what has been successful, what future adjustments we need to make to the strategy, if any.

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What Is an SEO Audit?

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit is a comprehensive breakdown and analysis of a website’s ability to rank well in organic search results, drive traffic and conversions. At Vizion we offer in-depth audits focused on the following areas:
● Technical SEO Audit. We analyze the site structure and code that makes up your website and evaluate specific items like page load speed, duplicate URLs, redirects, and other technical items that may impact a search engine’s ability to find and understand the content on your site.
● Content Audit and Gap Analysis. This audit breaks down the keyword usage and content strategy that’s used on the site. It also includes the user experience, and all other internal linking that helps people find, navigate, and use your website.
● Competitive Audit. As the name suggests, we will apply many of the same analysis tools and techniques to your competitors to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their sites, the content they use and how well it’s performing for them, compared to your site. This helps us get the benchmark and help us set goals if they’re going really well.
● Backlink Audit: Using a variety of SEO tools, we gather link data and analyize where and how links pointing to your website are helping or harming your search visibility and your site’s ability to get ranked and generate organic traffic.
Each of the SEO Audits are used to increase the visibility of your website in search engines to drive additional traffic to your site.

Why Do You Need an SEO Audit?

SEO audits help identify what is working and what additional opportunities there are to improve your website, either technically or by enhancing the content on the site to increase rankings and organic traffic. On average, less than 1% of people click links that are on the second page of their search results, so continually striving to get rankings onto page 1 for your important keywords is essential. When you start working with Vizion, one of the first steps in the process is to perform a series of audits. These also establish baselines for important items like page speed, the number of errors or anomalies, and other technical SEO health items that will help us track progress towards getting these items addressed.

How Long Does an SEO Audit Take?

An SEO audit is comprised of many different elements, typically. The more complex an audit is, the longer it’s going to take.

An SEO audit could involve a simple technical analysis, to ensure a website’s ability to be crawled and indexed, or it would dive deep into things like its Information Architecture/Taxonomy, content gaps, competitive analysis, link audit, social media audit, and – in some cases – involve several International versions of a website (multi-lingual). So, there’s no “one answer” to this question. In our experience, a typical – holistic – audit (inclusive of on-page/off-page reviews and assessment) will take a minimum of two months and a maximum of four months.

How Much Is an SEO Audit?

A familiar sentiment from SEOs (almost comical at this point) is “it depends”. At the end of the day, time is literally money. And, some people’s time is worth more than other people’s time. And, finally, there are costs associated with software that is required for any given task, during an SEO Audit. Some companies have an interest in a technical audit only. In fact, some just want a basic crawl/check which could be something a tool like SEMrush could provide (entry subscription price of $99.95/month). More often, tools are only one part of an audit, and you are seeking an expert to make sense and prioritize findings from various tools, as well as what can only be uncovered with the trained eye of an expert in search engine optimization. Depending on the skill level of the individuals involved, you will have prices of all shapes and sizes. At Vizion Interactive, the smallest SEO Audit that we have performed was $8,000 and our largest was in excess of $100,000 (International/Multi-lingual / Inclusive of social media efforts, etc.). An average price of an audit at Vizion Interactive would be approximately $25,500 and include typical on-page/off-page analysis, US-only.

Case Study Lennox SEO Consulting Services Vizion Interactive

Case Study: Lennox International

Despite being a nationally recognized company, Lennox’s SEO traffic was not at the level it should have been. Vizion Interactive delivered SEO consultation and recommendations for each page of the Lennox.com website. Consultation included a reimagined information architecture and taxonomy, technical SEO reviews, competitive analysis, keyword research, and content strategies.

68% Increase Search Traffic
636K Increase Visitors
150% Increase Keyword Ranking
See How We Did It

“Lennox Industries had never attempted SEO before, and we’re delighted with the traffic increases thus far. Vizion Interactive has helped us increase targeted traffic to our site by 46% since our SEO campaign began! We are very impressed!”

Allen Evans X Allen Evans Vizion Interactive Allen Evans eBusiness Manager | Lennox International

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