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Client: Untitled
Industry: Home Entertainment
Services: Paid Search
Results: 400% increase in iTunes Download conversion rate


The client was struggling to optimize their Paid Search campaigns based on iTunes Downloads. With the limitations of iTunes and purchase tracking, they needed to find a partner that could take the data they were able to provide and establish a strategy in AdWords and Bing to increase their title conversion rates.


Entertainment Industry Case Study Film Studio Client PPC Vizion Interactive

Vizion Interactive worked with the client to establish a tracking schema to incorporate into the client’s iTunes affiliate tags. This would connect the dots and associate each campaign and ad group to the download that occurred.

A search strategy was put into place that consisted of several different types of keyword groups. Each group had specific ad copy that was highly relevant to the search query. Budget was allocated to the different groups and tested to gain insight to search volume opportunity, clicks, CPC, conversions, CVR and Cost per download.

The affiliate tracking code with our tracking schema firing produced reports that showed the conversion volume that resulted for our specific campaigns and ad groups. Vizion Interactive optimized the campaigns to maximize the ROI of each Home Entertainment title.


Entertainment Industry Case Study Film Studio Client PPC Vizion Interactive

Results from Q1 to Q2 showed significant improvement when analyzing conversion rate and cost per download. By optimizing campaigns and using those learnings across multiple home entertainment titles, the conversion rate increased 400% (from 0.29% in Q1 to 1.45% in Q2).

Entertainment Industry Case Study Film Studio Client PPC Vizion InteractiveIn addition, the client saw a 75% decrease in cost per download in Q2 vs. Q1 from paid search campaigns.

The client was pleased with these results and Vizion continues to optimize campaigns based on conversion reports that are pulled daily. In the Home Entertainment landscape, titles differ and strategies are dynamic based on size and popularity of titles. It is of upmost importance that we stay on top of all campaigns and an optimization schedule that is aggressive to account for these differences.

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