Why Choose Vizion for Amazon DSP?

The Vizion team has years of experience offering professional digital marketing services to a wide array of businesses across all industries. When you choose Vizion to assist you with Amazon DSP campaigns, you can expect enthusiasm and ongoing support as we integrate our efforts with your team’s objectives.

We do not view you as simply another client but a valuable member of our team. We consider your success as our number priority, so we strive to collaborate and integrate your unique insight with our own marketing expertise to deliver the best results. Our leadership offers decades of professional experience in the digital marketing field. We truly enjoy helping our clients take full advantage of the potential the Amazon platform offers in modern e-commerce.

Our Strategy

Our goal is to partner with you to achieve your desired outcome when it comes to Amazon DSP campaigns. We’ll learn about your goals, implement actionable steps to reach them, and provide web-based reporting and analytics to monitor the progress of your campaign. We are on your side for the long haul, so we offer ongoing support and responsive customer service to promptly handle any issues that may arise.

Your business is unique, and you need a unique strategy for showcasing your brand to build a strong online presence and stand out among the competition. You can rest assured there is no cookie-cutter treatment at Vizion – we will craft a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary strategy driven by data, industry experience, and innovative solutions that are tailored to you. When you work with us, you benefit from a team of leaders with in-depth expertise in the digital marketing field committed to helping your business grow and thrive far into the future.

Our Process

Working with Vizion on your Amazon DSP strategy means instant access to our years of experience and responsive communication with your Amazon DSP team members. As we learn about your unique goals and needs, we’ll develop a process that is customized for your business. The process may vary depending on your needs, but will follow these general steps:

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Our Process

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Our process begins with a discovery call between Vizion and your team; it lays the groundwork for your Amazon DSP campaign. During this call, we will get to know your business, explain our process for Amazon DSP management, and ensure we have all the information we need to develop your account. We will discuss your objectives and needs, assign roles and responsibilities to our team members, review target recommendations to confirm we are going after the right target in our campaign. We will also determine the deliverables you need from us and will provide an estimated timeline that breaks down how and when we will provide those deliverables so you always know what to expect from the next stage in the process.

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Set Up

Configuration of your Amazon DSP campaign includes robust, dynamic audience targeting, which Vizion will approach from several angles:

  • Behavioral targeting – Vizion will help you segment your target market based on their specific online activities, including browsing and purchasing behaviors and common search queries. We’ll analyze buying intent over a specific subcategory covering the previous 30 days to provide the most detailed behavioral targeting options.
  • Lifestyle targeting – Audiences that demonstrate preferences for certain types of products tend to fall into distinct lifestyle categories. Whether your products appeal to outdoors enthusiasts, environmentalists, people who follow certain diets, or specific hobbies, we can help you target your Amazon DSP campaign more precisely around these variables.
  • Contextual targeting – Vizion can configure Amazon DSP settings to target customers based on their real-time browsing behavior. When a customer is browsing a specific type of product, we can ensure that ads for your own products are contextually relevant to the pages they view and display where they are most likely to capture their attention.
  • Remarketing – Remarketing involves segmenting audiences to reengage them after they have an initial interaction with your brand. If a shopper has searched for, viewed, or purchased products from your brand or similar products in the past, we can coordinate remarketing campaigns through Amazon DSP to appeal to these leads.
  • Audience lookalike segmentation – Once we identify the shopping behaviors that most closely align with your target customer profiles, we can effectively branch out your Amazon DSP campaign to appeal to other customers that demonstrate similar interests.
  • Advertiser audience segmentation – Vizion will leverage your customer relationship management data, hashed email lists, your tracked website pages, and any other important information from your CRM database to develop your Amazon DSP campaign.

After locking in your audience targeting, we develop a creative strategy that incorporates high-quality and engaging mobile and desktop banners and video ads to help your brand stand out among the competition. Then, we develop a complete Media Plan for your new creative strategy that focuses on all campaigns and partners we plan to use to promote your products. It includes flight dates, precise audience targeting, and reporting tools that measure impressions, clicks, and return on your ad spend.

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The review stage of our process entails a deep dive into your reporting metrics. Vizion provides enhanced reporting tools and offers unlimited access to intuitive web-based reporting that integrates all of your Amazon account data with data from your analytics providers and other third parties into a comprehensive reporting dashboard. We send robust monthly reports that compare your current data to last month’s and offer strategic insights for the next month.

Vizion strives to ensure your team is empowered with the ability to review your most important KPIs quickly and easily at a glance, allowing your team to make better data-driven decisions. Our reporting tools provide month-over-month and year-over-year reporting tailored to your goals. We also perform testing of your campaign to identify strengths and weaknesses and capitalize unused potential and opportunities for improvement.

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The refinement phase ensures you have ongoing support from Vizion once we’ve implemented your new Amazon DSP campaign and shown your team how to measure your reported metrics. We’ll help you consistently optimize your Amazon DSP ads.Our team can view real-time results so we can make adjustments on the fly to help you meet and exceed your defined KPI and ROI targets. We focus on optimization via audience updates, ASINs optimization, keyword bidding adjustments, and careful analysis of all reported metrics, such as click-through rate, cost-per-click, return on ad spend, and advertising cost of sale.

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What Is Amazon DSP?

The Amazon Demand-Side Platform is a specialized marketing platform designed to appeal to specifically defined audience members based on available data and support a wide range of marketing goals. If your goal is to increase brand awareness and expand your target audience, you can promote a video off-site that introduces viewers to your brand and provides an overview of your top-selling products. If your goal is to reengage visitors who left your site without taking the desired action, you can remarket to them on Amazon while they are actively browsing the site and viewing relevant products with the intent to purchase.

How Does Amazon DSP Work?

The Amazon DSP system allows businesses to programmatically purchase display, video, and audio ads both on Amazon sites and apps and off-site. It works through dynamic targeting, audience building, and carefully configured keyword bids. Vizion’s experts will assist your team in developing and implementing your Amazon DSP campaign so you can reach the widest audience and drive conversions. We can also analyze performance and audience data before and after your campaign launches to measure the success of the campaign, gain insight into the strengths of your strategy, and make improvements.

What Are the Benefits of Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP offers a number of benefits for businesses, including:
• More precise customer targeting based on demographics, interests, online behavior, purchase intent, purchase frequency, consideration period, and other useful variables
• Reaching customers on Amazon’s own sites and apps as well as leading publisher sites
• Appealing to them during every stage of the buying journey
• Enhancing brand visibility and awareness across the web
• Strengthening brand authority on the Amazon platform
• Measuring your campaign’s success with performance metrics
• Retargeting customers to ensure they think of your brand when it’s time to purchase
• Decreasing paid media spend
• Encouraging sales and conversions

Is Amazon DSP Worth It?

The Amazon DSP program is ideal for brands that have already had success advertising on Amazon and want to reach more customers outside of Amazon. Ultimately, the Amazon DSP program is one of the best available tools for expanding your brand’s presence on Amazon and bringing new customers to your Amazon store. Partnering with Vizion will bring unparalleled experience, expertise, and a competitive edge to your business.

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Case Study: Film Studio Client Amazon Sponsored Ads

Our client, one of the top entertainment studio’s in the U.S., needed help scaling up their search business on Amazon through Amazon Ads and Amazon DSP. To help our client, Vizion Interactive took on full management of their Amazon search business, which included Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Stores.

221 Active Campaigns
410% Increase Advertised Products
16.69% Total ACOS
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