Why Choose Vizion for Social Media Advertising?

The team at Vizion has decades of professional experience in all areas of the digital marketing sphere, and we are genuinely excited about putting this experience to work for your business. We understand the challenges facing advertisers across various markets and routinely assist our clients in increasing their visibility across social media platforms. When you work with us, you are not simply a client but a valuable member of our team. Collaboration is key to your success. You can expect unparalleled expertise, professionalism, and enthusiasm from the Vizion team through every phase of the social media advertising process.

Our Approach to Social Media Advertising

Social media provides an incredible opportunity for expanding reach across your target markets. Maintaining an active advertising presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube makes it easy to connect with your target audience in engaging ways that allow your brand’s personality to shine and help you build relationships with your customers. At Vizion, we take the guesswork out of paid social media services. Our experts will work directly with your team to develop a social media advertising strategy using a multidisciplinary approach that integrates insight from across the digital marketing industry.

Cookie-cutter services are not an option at Vizion – we develop unique, creative, and effective strategies to help your business thrive in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing market. We will discuss your unique needs, develop an actionable plan to establish your business goals, and help you achieve them through a detailed, data-driven process tailored precisely to your business. If you’re interested in exploring the potential of social media ads, Vizion will be the partner you need to approach this marketing vector with confidence and take full advantage of the benefits it has to offer.

Our Process

We want to help you capitalize on what makes your brand special, so we take a strategic approach to social media advertising to deliver completely customized solutions. Because our process is guided by your business and your specific objectives, it will be unique, but we work from the core steps below to achieve the best results.

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Our Social Media Advertising Process

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Your social media advertising services from Vizion will begin with the onboarding phase. We’ll arrange a discovery call between your team and ours to get to know you and learn as much as we can about your business, your priorities, and your goals for a paid social media campaign. During this conversation, we’ll explain our process, answer any questions you have, and make sure we have all the information we need to develop your social media accounts as robustly as possible. Then, we can assign roles and responsibilities to our team members and provide you with an estimated timeline for deliverables. We’ll also discuss our recommendations, ask for feedback, and constantly look for opportunities to improve your strategy going forward.

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Set Up

We’ll start planning your social media ad campaigns by developing a target strategy based on the information you provided during the discovery Call. We have the experience to accurately target against thousands of data points and precisely hone in on your initial target audience. Our targeting strategy includes:

  • Behavioral targeting – We can assess your target audience’s past behaviors and help you develop social media ads that will appeal to their behavioral trends.
  • Demographic targeting – Our social media advertising services will incorporate demographic data from your target audience to develop your social media presence in a way that’s more closely aligned with your audience’s demographics, including age, race, gender, occupation, and more.
  • Geotargeting – Geographical targeting is one of the most effective ways to leverage the power of social media, especially for businesses that thrive thanks to their local customers.
  • Channel targeting – There are many social media platforms available for advertising, and it’s important to focus your efforts on the platforms your target audience uses the most.

Next, we review and analyze your current landing pages to determine which ones are most relevant to your ad campaign, most engaging to your target audience, and most likely to encourage conversions. We will give expert recommendations for how to update and optimize your page for the best results and decide whether we should build additional landing pages. Then, we provide you with an in-depth media plan that focuses on target audiences, performance metrics (impressions, clicks, views, CPC, etc.), conversion event tracking, and flight dates, as well as any other needs you may have for effective integration with your CRM system.

Before launching your social media ad campaign, the final step of the setup stage is tracking schema, implementation, and testing. At this time, we ensure we have identified all potential conversion events and placed media in the best positions for engaging your audience. We give you a detailed tracking plan with supporting documentation that stipulates exactly where your ads will be placed and outlines directions for implementation. After your internal web development team confirms successful implementation, we test these conversion events to evaluate the effectiveness of your ad and make any necessary changes to improve performance.

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Once we’ve implemented your new social media ads, we will help you track your progress over time to ensure constant improvement. We’ll integrate our reporting tools with your customer relationship management software so you have easy access to a robust reporting system to which you can refer at any time. This system merges data from the Social Media Networks, your analytics provider, and other third-party applications you use to create one comprehensive dataset you can review at a glance to determine month over month and year over year progress.

Our media buying team will review your goals and determine your most critical KPIs. Then, we use this information to send out monthly reports that include the prior month’s results and strategies for the upcoming month. We adjust our tactics based on this performance to better capture demographics you may be missing and capitalize on the ones you are reaching effectively.

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Vizion ensures ongoing optimization of your social media strategy. We’ll refine your strategy over time in several ways, including placement optimizations, audience adjustments, comprehensive audience testing, and creative recommendations such as call to action design and graphics testing. We will also periodically review your landing pages to identify user dropoff issues or landing page confusion that may be diminishing your customers’ experiences and reducing engagement.

Transform your social media advertising efforts into profits.


What Is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is a form of digital advertising that focuses on marketing your goods and services across social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Unlike other forms of paid advertising, social media advertising enables you to create more personal and memorable experiences for your target audience. When you establish a social media presence that reflects your brand and resonates with your potential customers, you can enhance brand awareness, expand your reach, drive traffic, and boost sales. Original, quality social media ads are also highly shareable, meaning your followers are not only more likely to convert but can also become brand advocates by distributing your ad among their friends.

How Do I Advertise on Social Media?

Virtually every social media platform offers paid advertising options. If you want to leverage social media ads as effectively as possible, it’s vital to research which platforms are most appealing and accessible to your target audience and which ones feature the highest concentration of your potential customers and focus your efforts on those platforms. For example, if you want to reach baby boomers or millennials, Facebook is the place to be, but if you’re looking for teenage customers, TikTok is the current trendsetter among this group.
Along with understanding your audience, an effective social media ad strategy involves the following components:
• Setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely)
• Using consistent branding across all platforms
• Performing a competitive analysis to identify the strengths of your competitors and use this insight to improve your own strategy
• Tracking meaningful performance metrics, such as views, click-through-rate, and CPC
• Updating your strategy based on the information you gain from reporting

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Social Media?

There are a number of variables that influence the cost of social media advertising, including your industry, the demographics, and locations you’re targeting, the quality of your ad, how relevant it is to potential customers, and even what season, day of the week, or time of day you choose to promote it. Recent data from the most popular social platforms shows that the average CPC for paid ads ranges from $0.38 for Twitter and $0.97 for Facebook up to $3.56 for Instagram and $5.26 for LinkedIn.. Vizion has extensive social media platform expertise, and we can help you determine which platforms will be beneficial to you.

How Much Should I Spend on Social Media Advertising?

On average, most businesses spend approximately 10-15% of their annual revenue on advertising, and around 12% of this budget is allocated to paid ads published on social media platforms, but this figure varies based on the size of the company. The amount you decide to spend on social media advertising is up to you, your campaign goals, and your budget. One of the best things about choosing Vizion for social media advertising services is the reporting tools we provide. You can easily track exactly where your social media advertising budget is going and adjust things whenever necessary to suit your needs.

Is Social Media Advertising Cost-Effective?

In addition to being incredibly customizable, flexible, and scalable, social media advertising is one of the most affordable digital marketing options available today. Research shows that it is cheaper than any other form of advertising while offering the potential to reach the widest audience. When done correctly, you can stretch your marketing dollars incredibly far with a social media advertising campaign, and Vizion can provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure you achieve the results you need.

“We have been working with Vizion Interactive for over ten years and they have been a great resource in making our SEO and PPC efforts a success. Search engines are constantly changing and Vizion has effectively been able to adapt and manage our PPC campaigns accordingly. We have a great line of communication with our project managers who have helped us make vast improvements in organic search results, PPC rankings, social media, web content, and web design enhancements. Keyword here: A+.”

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Transform your social media advertising efforts into profits.