High Performing Social Media Advertising That Wins Clicks & Hearts

Every day, in countless ways across platforms, devices, networks and in real-world transactions, your customers are telling you what they want. This unprecedented access to information gives you the power to promote your goods and services directly to consumers who fit your target market with engaging and creative social ads.

Are you cashing in on the social advertising opportunity, or gambling in the hopes someone has to notice you eventually?

We help organizations like yours make the most of their existing connections and amplify their content beyond the limitations of organic audiences on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Your ads, carefully crafted and designed to engage and hit ’em right in the feels, are served up with precision targeting to make that personal, emotional connection that drives traffic and sales.

Excellent creative and messaging is a great start, but to really connect in the moments that matter, you need to outsmart the competition.

Graphic: Can we put together some kind of graphic with the logos of social networks you can advertise on?

And, well… we try to be modest, but we’ve been outsmarting them for a while.

Harnessing the full power of social sites–where millions of active users are begging for interesting, informative content to engage with–requires an in-depth understanding of how it all works, from the nature of the platform to the specific ad types and formats. That’s because social advertising, like other types of pay-per-click advertising, takes place in a live auction environment.

You can always show up to the auction with your wallet hanging open and find something to throw money at. Random clicks, like those 6 teapots you don’t really need and all the other auction tchotchkes, are easy enough to find (and let’s be honest, no one else wants them, so they’re all yours).

If you want to rule the room and take home the valuable spoils, you need to put paid media expertise and advanced knowledge of social ad formats and functionalities to work for you. While your competitors are fumbling around with sidebar ads and trying to figure out how carousel ads work, we’ll be wiping the floor with them.

The best part is that social networks actually want you to succeed. Rich, interactive, high quality ads that beg for clicks and demand to be shared are great for their business, too.

In fact, more engaging ads actually get shown more and cost you less per click.

Having Vizion’s social advertising team in your corner ensures your greatest ROI through higher exposure and more conversions at a better rate for you.

Our social media audit services start you off on the right foot with a comprehensive review of your existing campaigns. We’ll surface your strongest performers, weed out any problem areas, and identify the potential opportunities you may be overlooking. Then we’ll sit down with you and create a campaign that’s driven by results, within your budget, and designed to help your business meet its traffic and revenue goals.

Are you struggling to make connections with your current strategy? You’ll be anything but anti-social with our suite of social media advertising services, including:

  • Complete multi-channel services, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, and more
  • Channel audits to reveal competitor activity, missed and underexploited opportunities, profit potential, and overall channel suitability with regard to your vertical and your revenue goals
  • Strenuous testing for ad text, images, and placement across platforms and devices (including mobile)
  • Full integration with our Social Media Marketing Services for easy and effective management of your brand’s online presence, improved customer engagement and community building, and increased traffic and conversions
  • Enhanced analysis and targeting to ensure your ads reach the right people, on the right sites and devices, at the right time
  • Regular reports on campaign reach, efficiency, and spend
  • Custom campaign targeting options based on feedback and brand presence on a given platform

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to level up your social media advertising game with Custom Audiences or social retargeting, we’re your secret weapon.

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