Why Choose Vizion for Custom Website Design?

Oftentimes, when businesses are engaging in a website design or redesign project, the bulk of the concern is to update the look and feel of the website. Not often enough are websites built strategically to align the right content with search queries that your audience is searching on Google. Vizion Interactive has been involved in over 100 website design/redesign initiatives, and over 500 search engine optimization engagements. We are staffed by experts who have a keen understanding of the elements of success in conducting business via the web and can help align good search engine optimization with great user-experience.

Our Strategy

Vizion Interactive conducts significant research to understand how to strategically build websites and content plans. We also dig deep on what your competitors have done or are doing to improve their organic search presence (and driving conversions) so that you can work from identified “best practices” that have already demonstrated that they work. Good search engine optimization aligns well with great user experience. The better we can make your website for the user, the better the search engines will feel about your website. This includes technical aspects (such as a quality mobile viewing experience), but also includes ensuring that your website provides the content that your audience is seeking/searching for.

Our Process

Our team will guide you through a step-by-step approach based on your unique company goals. We’ll listen to your needs and develop a fully customized approach to designing your website.

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Vizion will begin by inviting your team to participate in an onboarding call. During this call, we’ll get to know your business, discuss your specific needs, and answer any of your questions about the design process. We’ll go over every detail so that we can develop a personalized project plan for your website. Then, we will conduct a wireframe review to assess the layout and basic design elements for your new site and identify any SEO concerns. A wireframe serves as the structural blueprint that dictates the navigation and organization of your site, including the size and placement of all website elements, features, and conversion areas.

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Vizion will use an Information Architecture diagram with the wireframes to map out your site’s hierarchy, which will serve as the master blueprint. From there, we can start to create concepts from the wireframes to start to map out the customer journey and determine which content and features need to be on each page. Design concepts are also presented at this stage so you can see the colors, imagery, fonts, spacing, and other visual design aspects involved in the final design. Once you approve the details of the final design, we start developing and creating assets and move into the development stage.

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During the development stage, we will ensure that your existing SEO strategy is included as part of the website development process to maintain rankings and organic traffic. Many times, a new website will also include new sections of content or new products and services. The SEO team takes this into consideration and ensures that the site is designed according to technical SEO best practices. We want to avoid you having to spend additional funds to fix issues after the site launches, so including the SEO items in the redesign process helps you maintain organic performance and control of your budget.

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Quality Assurance (QA) and Pre-Launch Testing

Vizion will perform QA testing prior to the site going live to identify any technical SEO, page speed, or content optimization issues that need to be addressed. We will review items such as site architecture, redirects from old to new pages, page templates, page speed, schema markup, and many other factors that affect the quality and potential visibility of your site. This helps ensure that when the search engines start to crawl the new site, they will see the new optimized version, which will help minimize any organic dips in traffic that are commonplace with custom redesigned websites.

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During the final stage of our custom website design process, Vizion will run a comprehensive checklist to review the site and confirm it has been handled successfully and without any major SEO issues. If you decide to retain us for ongoing SEO services, we will also make any adjustments to our reporting, linking building, or other services as needed.

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How Do You Design a Custom Website?

If this is a new site, we first need to identify the goals of your site, who you are trying to attract, and what content you will be publishing to help us put together the complete project plan. After we establish this information, we can get into more technical items like choosing a CMS or other platform-specific technologies that will be part of the site.

We design a variety of custom website templates that will be mobile-friendly, fast, and optimized from the start so they will be relatively easy to maintain and enhance in future. These templates will be used to display the various pages on your site and contain options or modules to allow you to add specific customizations as needed.

If you already have content you want to publish, we can usually upload it in bulk and integrate it with other content or site functions. A good site starts with good foundations, so planning to build the right site with the right technologies is key.

Do Web Developers Use Templates?

Most often, web developers will use a variety of templates on a site, which may include homepage, category page, product page, content page, search results page, and some resource and ancillary pages, like personalized, brand-specific error pages. Each template can be developed for mobile-friendliness using responsive design techniques and fast loading speeds and have SEO elements integrated into the page. This allows you to reuse templates and immediately have an optimized page without unnecessary delays.

How Long Does It Take to Create a Custom Website?

Most custom sites take a minimum of 16 weeks to develop, from initial research through design, development, and modifications to launching the site. However, that timeframe can vary depending upon the size of the site, how many templates need to be created, how much content needs to be moved and rearranged, and other factors, like custom 3rd party integrations.

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“Our old site was content rich but poorly organized and extremely difficult to manage. Since our new website launched, we’ve seen months with a more than 400% year over year leap in organic traffic. We can now accurately track conversions and ROI, manage the site, and have proven a strong return for our investment on the project. The numbers speak for themselves. Such a dedicated team is hard to come by. Vizion went the extra mile to ensure we met crucial time lines for launch, working around the clock when necessary. We would not hesitate to recommend this company.”

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Transform your website design efforts into profits.