Lennox SEO

Objective: Despite being a nationally recognized company, Lennox’s organic search traffic was not at the level it should have been. Lennox wanted to increase organic search engine traffic in order to broaden their customer base and drive referrals to its dealer network.

Results: When reviewing annual Google organic traffic data comparing 2021-2022 performance with 2009-2010 performance, Google organic traffic is up 137 percent. Lennox has moved from having zero non-brand rankings in Google’s top 100 results to now realizing over 5,900 non-brand rankings within Google’s top 100 results.

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Intuitive Health

Objective: Intuitive Health wanted to improve visibility for a network of urgent care and emergency room facilities to grow new patients to each facility.

Results: The program generated average ROIs of 2,946% in 2021 and 2,620% in 2022 across all partner sites, with some seeing as high as 4,765% ROI.

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Worthington Direct PPC + SEO

Objective: The primary objective for both channels was the growth of online traffic, transactions and revenue, with a major focus on Revenue.

Results: Overall, when comparing 2007-2008 Google Organic traffic to 2021-2022, we see an amazing lift of 969% in New Users.

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Pinto Ranch SEO

Objective: The Pinto Ranch site was redesigned and moved to a new platform (Shopify) and suffered a loss in traffic and online sales. Their top10 non-brand rankings and organic traffic dropped immediately and continued to decline. They wanted help to regain rankings, organic traffic and sales.

Results: Nine months into the engagement major technical fixes were put in place that accelerated the growth of their online visibility, rising to a peak of 4,739 non-brand keywords in the top 10 rankings on Google.

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Entertainment Industry Client PPC

Objective: The client was struggling to optimize their Paid Search campaigns based on iTunes Downloads. With the limitations of iTunes and purchase tracking, they needed to find a partner that could take the data they were able to provide and establish a strategy in AdWords and Bing to increase their title conversion rates.

Results: Results from Q1 to Q2 showed significant improvement when analyzing conversion rate and cost per download. By optimizing campaigns and using those learnings across multiple home entertainment titles, the conversion rate increased 400% (from 0.29% in Q1 to 1.45% in Q2).

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Objective: UMB Bank wanted a more efficient way to manage their online branch details, increase brand exposure and foot traffic to their branches, private wealth management offices and ATM machines as well as a way to improve their online to offline customer experience.

Results: Since June 2019, UMB has seen page one rankings on Google increase 149%, even while Google has been making significant changes to their algorithm that powers Maps and local search results. According to SEMrush, if UMB were to purchase the same amount of organic traffic through Google Ads, it would cost an estimated $43,000 per month.

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Emerson Coast SEO

Objective: When Emerson Coast launched their niche E-commerce site in Dec 2018, they wanted to quickly gain exposure and organic traffic to establish a foothold in their industry.

Results: From the initial research and recommendations, as well as ongoing refinements and site updates, the number of organic keywords ranking in the top 100 have grown 71% from Jan 2021 to Jan 2022.

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Correct Products SEO

Objective: The client wasn’t performing very well in organic search, ranking for very few terms. They moved to a new platform several years ago that was supposed to help, but things didn’t turn around with that migration.

Results: Correct Products saw an increase in overall traffic by 20% (35,823 vs 29,741) and 65% (28,225 vs 17,051) in organic search traffic the first year.

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Home Entertainment – Premium Video on Demand

Objective: There was little to no time to redirect all marketing plans for upcoming films to be released on PVOD. Vizion Interactive needed to help the client find a way to develop, plan, and execute a completely new advertising strategy for PVOD releases.

Results: PVOD film release generated roughly 5 million rentals at $19.99 price point, driving nearly $100 million in sales in the first three weeks which was more than the franchise’s original installment collected in five months at the box office, per Wall Street Journal.

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Entertainment Industry Client AMS

Objective: Our client, one of the top entertainment studio’s in the U.S., needed help scaling up their search business on Amazon through Amazon Ads and Amazon DSP.

Results: Vizion had significantly scaled up and optimized the studio’s overall Amazon Ads business, and ended the 2017 year with a total ACOS of 16.69% and a remarkable total Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of $5.99.

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Alpine Power Systems SEO

Objective: There was huge focus on making the site as mobile friendly as possible while also ensuring more accurate data around their various owned locations across the U.S. The goal of all of this was to grow Organic traffic while also creating a much better focus on lead conversion and trackability.

Results: During this time which represented the first 2-years of our engagement with our client (1-year of which was over 80% focused on input and testing for the new site), Alpine Power Systems realized a 19% increase in Organic Search traffic and a 122% increase in Organic lead conversion rates, all culminating in a 163% increase in actual Organic leads over the previous timeframe.

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Vintage Oaks PPC

Objective: The client had a high volume of leads coming in yet the quality was lacking. The client was looking to keep lead volume the same, but find a solution to increase the lead quality.

Results: The Vizion PPC team increased sales by 40% YOY, the sales team is happy, and the cost per sale has decreased.

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Interstate Batteries SEO

Objective: Interstate Batteries needed help understanding what their site lacked with regard to SEO best practices. They wanted an analysis of SEO segments including technical factors (indexing/crawling), on-page factors, design, local search, social, and link equity.

Results: The updated site was launched in early June 2014. Shortly after implementation, the site’s visibility increased considerably. For example, the total number of Top 20 keywords ranking in Google grew from 4,502 to 7,359, an increase of 61%.

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Interstate Batteries LLM

Objective: Interstate Batteries had over 200 locations, several were doing their own online marketing, several were not and there were several more that were inaccurate or needed to be removed. Interstate Batteries needed help with getting control of their 200+ locations and making sure they were all consistent.

Results: To date, Interstate Batteries has a 100% accuracy on Google, 98% on Bing and 96.7% on Yahoo. The other online directories are at 80% accuracy. We also noted improvement to the local pages organically and from referral traffic on Interstate Batteries’ site.

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HVAC Services Client SEO, Redesign, Social

Objective: The client was doing pretty well in organic search, but wanted to remain competitive for industry and service-related terms at both the national and local levels, and within the realm of social media.

Results: During 2009, site traffic increased by 274%, and organic search traffic increased by 315%. This improved performance can be attributed, in part, to a blog traffic increase of 336% from organic referrals in the same year, and a 60% increase in organic traffic to location pages from March 2008 to March 2009.

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Worthington Direct SEO Redesign (Re-platform)

Objective: Worthington Direct wanted to move from their custom-built CMS and ecommerce platform to a leading vendor supported solution, that had more native features to enhance the functionality and capabilities of their public facing website/ecommerce store.

Results: When looking at the spread of non-brand organic rankings on Google from the month prior the site launch, to the month post-launch, we see an 11% gain in top 3 rankings and a 5% gain in in top 100 non-brand organic rankings.

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Milestone Redesign

Objective: Milestone wanted a complete overhaul of their website that involved many important requirements, including a new logo, layout, and new CMS.

Results: The new site has increased user engagement by 42% and Google Analytics reports a lift of 138% in organic sessions and 170% increase in conversions. In addition to the increased activity, Milestone now has a website that is easier to maintain for their non-technical staff.

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