Why Choose Vizion for Digital PR?

With more than 15 years of digital PR experience and genuine enthusiasm for our work Vizion’s team can be a strong asset for your business. We know what it’s like to grow a business from the ground up, and we want nothing more than to see you succeed. Our team of SEO & digital PR specialists considers customer satisfaction our number one goal, and we strive to give you an enjoyable experience while delivering the results that help you amplify your brand and stay ahead of the competition. We have the technical expertise and a suite of online tools to solidify your online presence so your business can thrive and continue to grow.

Our Approach

In order for your business to succeed at gaining attention from a target audience, you’ll need focused, carefully targeted outreach strategies. Our team of digital PR experts will work to conceptualize, build, and deploy creative digital PR strategies incorporating your brand’s voice and values to reach your target audiences and amplify your business. We utilize some of the best digital PR tools available, such as Cision, to deploy your brand assets and messaging across multiple platforms. This compliments traditional PR functions such as writing press releases and distributing them through outlets such as BusinessWire, PR Web, PR NewsWire, and other websites related to your industry.

When you work with Vizion on developing a digital public relations strategy, you’ll receive engaging and optimized content to support your brand. We offer our thought leadership, hands-on strategizing, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction at every stage in the PR development process. When you use professionally managed PR solutions from Vizion, we do the heavy lifting to strengthen your online presence, exposing you to the widest possible audience and setting your business up for continued success.

Our Process

We understand that your business is unique, and your digital PR strategy should be unique, as well, so we use a framework to guide our efforts without allowing it to limit our collaboration. We never use cookie-cutter strategies – we work with you to develop a personalized approach that meets your needs and helps you accomplish your PR and marketing communication objectives.

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Our Digital PR Process

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The first phase of the Vizion process consists of onboarding. During this stage, the team at Vizion will organize a discovery call where we’ll speak with you directly to get to know your business, understand your objectives and confirm your PR goals. We’ll also discuss any needs, concerns, or specific requests you have regarding your digital PR strategy. By learning important information about your current digital PR situation and desired outcome, we’ll know exactly how to build and implement a custom PR strategy to achieve the best results.

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When the onboarding meeting is completed and we have established your goals, Vizion will perform a thorough audit of your current online presence from a PR perspective to identify any strengths and weaknesses and gives us an even clearer understanding of how we should proceed. Using what we uncover during the audit, we’ll develop a custom digital PR strategy tailor-made to fit to your business.

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The optimization phase begins with creating messaging that fits your brand and PR objectives, a crucial component to successful digital PR. This custom content is designed to help your business gain press and could include buzz-worthy articles, illustrations, videos, influencer reviews, or other promotable types of branded content. Vizion can also provide press release writing services to support any specific initiatives, such as a site launch, a key hire, or business partnership announcement.

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As well as distributing press releases on your behalf, we will also begin monitoring and looking for leadership quote opportunities through the HARO (Help a Reporter Out) service. This connects brands with authoritative and relevant media outlets to give you a chance to answer questions or provide quotes to demonstrate your expertise. This service allows Vizion to network directly with journalists, bloggers, influencers, and other professionals and establish relationships with them, helping to amplify your brand and gain more backlinks.

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As part of your digital PR strategy, your business will receive access to a custom dashboard where you’ll have quick and easy access to monthly digital placements, links, and activity to track your progress toward meeting your business objectives. We’ll keep your goals in mind throughout the process and ensure that everything is carried out as planned.

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Based on the data we’ve gathered during the previous phase, we’ll be able to tweak and improve upon your PR strategy over time to account for changes in business and marketing needs, marketing strategy, customer preferences, competitors, and industry factors.  This refinement will be an ongoing process, as your digital PR strategy may evolve along with your marketing strategy and PR objectives.

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What Is Digital PR?

Digital PR describes a particular online marketing function where businesses aim to grow their online presence and amplify their brand or key brand messaging. It’s an important subset of content marketing, but specifically focused on a company’s brand presence. There’s a big difference between digital PR and traditional PR, however. Traditional PR focuses on print-based publications, radio, and television, rather than the internet. But seeing how online media has surpassed print media in popularity and most consumers prefer digital content to written publications, PR strategies have had to be adjusted to reflect the changing times.

Why Is Digital PR Important?

Digital PR is important for businesses because it can:

• Establish brand identity
• Solidify your brand’s online presence
• Increase brand exposure and awareness
• Encourage lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with influential professionals
• Demonstrate credibility
• Establish your brand as an industry authority
• Garner brand trust
• Strengthen your business reputation
• Increase rankings on search engine results pages
• Create more backlinks to your website
• Improve SEO visibility
• Drive organic traffic to your site
• Engage higher numbers of visitors in a shorter amount of time
• Generate leads
• Convert prospects into clients
• Boost sales and revenue

How Can a Business Do Digital PR?

There’s a variety of ways for businesses to do digital or online PR, depending on their unique needs and goals. Effective techniques for digital PR include:

● Publishing guest articles on other sites to reap new, high-quality backlinks
● Creating and distributing press releases
● Creating multiple forms of content, such as articles, guides, illustrations, videos, and podcasts
● Using social media to engage your audience, learn about them, and promote your content
● Networking with journalists, editors, and bloggers to enhance press coverage
● Setting up online reviews, testimonials, panels, or interviews
● Offering opinions and expert insight on trending topics
● Using influencer marketing to acquire mentions on popular sites and blogs
● Monitoring key performance indicators and other metrics to track your progress

What Is a Press Release?

A press release is an official written or recorded statement that a company delivers to specific media outlets with the goal of having the content shared on reputable news platforms. This PR tool provides coverage about your brand that serves to generate publicity and increase brand awareness. Traditional PR strategies have evolved to take advantage of the increased engagement on digital media and now press releases are published on specific press release distribution sites and often your social media platforms.

Press releases can make an important announcement related to your brand, create interest in industry news or trending topics, promote new offerings or events, or provide other useful information to the public and prospective customers about your business. It should be short, concise, and factual, with clear, precise wording, an objective tone, and engaging language. You can feature numerical data and statistics to support your content or incorporate visual materials such as images and videos to make it easier to understand.

Do Press Releases Work for SEO?

Yes, press releases do indirectly work for SEO, provided they include valuable information and are shared by influential news sources. An effective press release can attract a great deal of attention to your brand, leading users to flock to your site and significantly boost web traffic. The exposure gained on notable sites can stimulate other publications to write about your company building new, valuable links, which have a positive effect on your SEO presence.

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