Email Marketing Services

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Social media is all the rage, but savvy marketers still rely on a tool you may take for granted: the humble email.

It might be a little long in the tooth by modern marketing standards, but email marketing remains a critical part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Email marketing campaigns give you a highly targeted opportunity to reach out directly with newsletters and other content to build an audience of current and potential customers, while also attracting more traffic and sales.

And if your business relies on eCommerce, targeted email campaigns can help you promote products through retargeting, or recover sales lost to abandoned online shopping carts.

Earn More Click-Throughs With Effective Email Marketing Strategy

A truly effective email campaign requires more than snappy copy and a link or two. That’s why our specialists combine thorough target market research and list segmentation (i.e., dividing your email database into highly targeted segments for maximum relevance) with in-depth persona development to create email campaigns, newsletters, and shopping cart reminders that speak to the interests of all your recipients, and entice them to visit or return to your site.

With Vizion as your email marketing services partner, you’ll get:

  • Exhaustive list segmentation, timing, and targeting so your content, special offers, and newsletters reach the right people at the right time
  • A partner who is agnostic to platform and will fit the right tool to your needs
  • Content that connects with your customers across devices and platforms, including integration with social media
  • Complete and synergistic integration with our suite of content marketing services to help you create and share content that converts—and keeps you out of the “Spam” folder
  • Thorough analysis to help you identify your most successful campaigns and improve under-performing ones
  • Social-media-friendly email re-targeting and shopping cart abandonment campaign creation and management to help you stay connected with customers, encourage return traffic, and recapture lost sales