Looking to make your mark in the crowded entertainment industry? At Vizion Interactive, we’re here to help. We specialize in delivering comprehensive, data-driven digital services designed specifically for sports and entertainment marketing. We have a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to social media and programmatic marketing. Our seasoned team utilizes a wealth of experience, complemented by cutting-edge tools, to devise and execute tailored marketing strategies. Our aim? To boost your online presence and transform digital interactions into tangible business growth.

Trusted Since 2005

Vizion Interactive has been a trusted partner in the digital marketing landscape since 2005. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the entertainment industry and have successfully worked with various clients, from independent artists and production companies to large entertainment conglomerates.

Current estimates put the U.S. digital advertising and marketing market at $460 billion. And about 72% of marketing budgets focus on digital marketing. Without a significant digital component to your marketing plan, you’re starting the race from the back of the pack.

Our team of marketing experts is dedicated to delivering measurable results and ensuring a pleasant collaboration experience. We use data-driven solutions to track and optimize the ROI of your marketing efforts. We provide complete transparency, giving you web-based access to our project management software and regular updates on your campaign’s performance.

We pride ourselves on our reliability and promptness, responding to your inquiries within 24 hours and delivering our services as scheduled. We also have a dedicated “Happiness Coordinator” to make sure we’re always meeting your expectations.

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PPC Advertising

Our PPC strategists work closely with you to understand your goals and entertainment advertising requirements. We then create high-traffic, result-driven campaigns that scale according to your paid search advertising needs. Our tightly focused ad groups incorporate integrated keywords and ads across various platforms and devices, driving optimal performance.

With open and frequent communication, we ensure alignment between teams, working together towards shared objectives. Trust us to deliver effective PPC solutions tailored to your entertainment marketing needs.

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PPC Audits

Our PPC audits allow us to evaluate where your film and home entertainment marketing strategy currently stands. These audits include competitive analysis and budget checking. We will also analyze your landing pages to ensure they align with your PPC advertising goals to increase conversion rate and decrease bounce rate.

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Display Advertising

Display advertising starts by creating goals for your display ads, including measurable targets, and creating a plan to achieve those goals. We use geotargeting and demographic, behavioral, content, and channel targeting to reach your ideal audience and maximize your return on investment.

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Programmatic Advertising

Our expert team utilizes precision targeting, data-driven insights, and real-time optimization to ensure your campaigns deliver tangible results. We deliver personalized, optimized content that captivates your target audience and drives them through the conversion funnel. Leveraging sophisticated programmatic tools, we plan, execute, and provide comprehensive reporting to track ad effectiveness.

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Social Media Advertising

Expand your reach and build meaningful connections with your target audience through social media advertising. At Vizion, we offer tailored paid social media services on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Our experts collaborate closely with your team, employing a multidisciplinary approach and industry insights to develop unique, creative, and effective strategies that align with your business goals. With a detailed, data-driven process, we help your business thrive in the competitive market. Partner with Vizion to confidently explore the potential of social media ads and unlock their benefits for your brand.

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Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP takes advantage of Amazon’s vast on-demand platform to programmatically buy your ads. Our Vizion experts evaluate your goals before developing your Amazon DSP strategy, then enact and reassess the plan regularly.

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Video Advertising

Visual components like short videos are now vital to fostering consumer engagement. Whether you place videos on your website or a social media page, video advertising can forge strong connections. Vizion plans and produces robust video content tailored to your entertainment company and branding. We then fit the newly created video content into other marketing strategies, like social media marketing or your website design.

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Our entertainment SEO (search engine optimization) services focus on boosting organic ranking on search engines. We will review your current website and your competitors’ websites to identify content gaps and fill those gaps with rich content.

SEO for entertainment website services also works behind the scenes. We analyze your website’s performance, content, and web page structure. Our experts will test your link structure and verify your calls-to-action are relevant and engaging.

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SEO Audits

The strategy we develop isn’t just based on guesswork. We run SEO audits that provide a starting point and a basis for comparison, allowing us to confirm that our services delivered the desired results.

At Vizion, we have access to the best tools in the industry to gauge your current search engine rankings accurately. Our team will identify gaps in links or content and any other issues. Then, we’ll develop a dynamic entertainment SEO plan that helps drive excitement and anticipation for your upcoming releases.

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Turn your entertainment marketing efforts into profits.

Why Choose Vizion for Entertainment Marketing

Vizion’s results-driven approach has earned the confidence of entertainment companies since 2005. Our scalable approach works with all types and sizes of entertainment businesses, from small production groups to blockbuster-producing studios.

We offer the following advantages:

  • Decades of experience as a digital entertainment marketing agency
  • Data-driven solutions with measurable results
  • Fully transparent process and access to project management software
  • Prompt, reliable, and versatile approach, responding within 24 hours
  • Well-honed experience and up-to-date tools to customize entertainment marketing strategies and solutions.

Developing a robust advertising strategy for theater and home-release entertainment has never been more crucial. Surpass your goals and take your marketing to the next level with Vizion.

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Case Study: Film Studio Client PPC

The client was struggling to optimize their Paid Search campaigns based on iTunes Downloads. By optimizing campaigns and using those learnings across multiple home entertainment titles, the conversion rate increased 400% (from 0.29% in Q1 to 1.45% in Q2).

400% Increase Conversion Rate
75% Cost Decrease
See How We Did It

Turn your entertainment marketing efforts into profits.