Why Choose Vizion as Your Paid Media Agency?

The experts at Vizion know the importance of doing paid media marketing right. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to assist your business in creating and reaching its goals. Our team works collaboratively with you to facilitate every stage in the process and ensure your project’s success. Years of experience completing over 500 search engine marketing projects means we have the knowledge, tools, and skills to guide you along the constantly evolving path of digital advertising.

The experts that staff our PPC management company will carefully craft the perfect strategy for your paid media strategy to bring you the most exposure and generate the highest number of leads. We constantly collect and analyze data to measure our results, providing regular reports so we can discuss methods for further optimizing your business. Our team values honesty and transparency, and lines of communication are always open. You can trust us to treat your business like it’s our own.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the best-known type of paid media for a reason — prominently placing your brand where your most lucrative audiences are most likely to see it is the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign. Leveraging paid search allows you to achieve the top-of-page (and front-of-mind) position you crave, all while edging out larger brands for the space. However, paid search isn’t something many brands feel comfortable managing alone.

With help from a PPC management company like Vizion, you can ensure that your paid search costs stay in check and your ROI reflects your goals. Our proven tactics will address your cost per click, optimize click through rates, and even help you ensure the leads you garner are those that are likely to stick with your brand.

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Display Advertising

You need to be more visible to the demographics most likely to access your brand. Boosting your new traffic and leveraging brand awareness within those demographics are two ways to achieve your goal. Display ads can be an effective method to capture both, driving conversions along the way.

As a part of a successful paid media strategy, display ads from Vizion incorporate visually captivating images and carefully researched ad copy to draw in your ideal demographics. Let us target your campaigns to place your ads on the most lucrative sites frequented by your chosen audience.

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Programmatic Display

Tailoring your ads to each individual prospect sounds like an excellent idea — until you consider the fact that the bidding process for these ads takes place in milliseconds. Fortunately, Vizion is here to help with an automated programmatic display ad service.

This highly versatile method of automating the advertising process allows you to engage your best prospects with display ads personalized to them. Our PPC management, AI, and machine learning techniques can take you from audience, platform, and display time decisions to real-world deployment in the time elapsed from guest click to page load. Best of all, we’ll employ best practices to ensure you’re on-target and on-budget every time.

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Remarketing And Retargeting Paid Media Services Vizion Interactive

Remarketing & Retargeting

No matter how excellent your brand reputation, products, and services, a concerning number of leads are slipping through the cracks. Re-engage the potential customers that previously viewed your website but failed to make the conversion with remarketing and retargeting services from Vizion.

As a skilled PPC management agency, we’ll craft a strategy designed to recapture your most promising leads and keep them moving down your sales pipeline. Once in place, we’ll manage the technical aspects of your campaign, so it continues to fulfill your unique needs. With remarketing services from Vizion, there’s no such thing as a lost prospect.

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Google Shopping Ads

If your brand is eCommerce-centric, you need your products featured at the top of Google’s search engine results page, or SERP. However, getting there often isn’t as simple as flexing your SEO muscles. Instead, crafting an effective Google Shopping Campaign is crucial to staying competitive with the web’s most well-known brands.

With an eCommerce shopping campaign, Vizion’s team of paid search marketing experts can help ensure your products appear at the top of the results for relevant product search queries. We’ll customize your product categories, refine your product feeds, optimize your images, and hone your relevant test to ensure your products stand out from the rest.

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Amazon Advertising Paid Media Services Vizion Interactive

Amazon Advertising

Leverage the potential of nearly 200 million monthly users by advertising your brand on Amazon’s network of websites. A paid media marketing campaign that increases your visibility on the world’s largest eCommerce platform helps you reach potential clients in practically every stage of their purchase journey. You determine your goals; we’ll handle the details.

We’ll develop a campaign strategy designed to target your best demographics both on and off Amazon. Whether it’s product listing optimization, ad testing, sponsored products, or sponsored display ads, you’ll have the advantage of Vizion’s fully stocked Amazon toolkit.

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Video Ads

It’s a well-documented fact of the digital age — your potential clients spend a great deal of their time-consuming video. Capture your most valuable demographics while their attention is most focused on quality paid media marketing, right in the video platform.

A PPC marketing company like Vizion can create beautiful, high resolution videos for playback on the most popular video services in use today. We’ll help you determine the best platforms for placement, the ideal type of video ads to use, and even their position before, during, or after the viewer’s desired content. Our extensive experience and knowledge of all the essential metrics means we’re with you from creation to deployment, monitoring, and reporting — and every step along the way.

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Mobile Advertising Paid Media Services Vizion Interactive

Mobile Advertising

Today’s paid media strategies must be calibrated to capture the vast majority of users accessing your content via a mobile device. Whether your marketing experience occurred when desktops still dominated or you’re simply new to the game, adjusting to the mobile-dominated world of modern paid media marketing can be tricky. Secure the services of a paid media agency that understands the optimizations necessary for mobile viewers.

Our team will build you a customized strategy that combines the different ad formats optimal for mobile viewing. Then, we’ll monitor your performance, provide you with monthly reports, and continue to make adjustments until you’re reaching the ROI you budgeted and capturing the demographics most likely to drive revenue.

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Social Media Paid Media Services Vizion Interactive

Social Media Advertising

With over two billion worldwide subscribers, chances are, your target demographic actively participates in social media. However, you need to ensure your social media marketing campaigns are designed to target your most lucrative audiences. Thoughtfully engage your potential consumer base on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and more with social media marketing services from Vizion.

Our paid media marketing experts will narrow your focus to your most strategically significant audiences, and help you design enticing, creative content to draw their attention where they spend the most time online. With our suite of paid social media services, you’ll engage new users, retarget existing leads, and even revamp stale campaigns to attract a fresh set of leads who are ready to buy.

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Transform your paid media efforts into profits.

The Vizion Advantage with Paid Search

At Vizion, we believe that cookie-cutter treatment is simply not sufficient to take your business to the next level – we provide comprehensive, data-driven paid advertising services fully customized around your unique business. Like all other components of your digital marketing strategy, your paid media marketing campaign should be designed to precisely target your prospects and deliver valuable, compelling content that turns them into paying customers. Our highly skilled team of experts have years of experience in all fields of paid media and digital marketing, and we work together to combine our expertise and deliver the best results for your business.

When you work with Vizion, you have access to a full suite of marketing services to ensure you can most effectively capture the interest of your audience, generate leads, and guide them along the path to conversion. After establishing your business goals, we develop a detailed PPC management strategy with laser-focused ad groups targeted specifically for your intended audience and integrate them with optimized landing pages and ad copy featuring high-ranking keywords. We also provide support for design and implementation of mobile-friendly display ads and video ads, and retargeting. You will receive monthly reports to show the progress we’ve made in meeting your goals and recommend strategies for the upcoming month.

Paid Media Management FAQs

What Does PPC Mean?

PPC represents "pay-per-click" and refers to a form of digital marketing in which companies bid for ad spots and pay a fee every time one of their ads is clicked on by a potential customer. In contrast with organic traffic driven to your site through SEO, paid search traffic focuses on encouraging users to click on a link in an ad or sponsored listing displayed in the most prominent location – at the top of search engine results pages. You bid on ad placement to position your ads in this prime spot, and when visitors search keywords relevant to the business, these ads appear as sponsored links. Customers are redirected to your website when they click on the ad, and every click costs you a small fee paid to the search engine. PPC yields instant results, allows you to collect measurable data to continually optimize your campaign, and has an incredible ROI. For example, you may pay $5 to generate a click, but that click can lead to a $5,000 sale.

What Is a PPC Campaign?

A PPC campaign is a digital marketing campaign that focuses on utilizing PPC ads to help businesses reach potential customers and promote their offerings. Ultimately, search engines reward businesses with relevant and targeted PPC campaigns by enhancing brand visibility and awareness, boosting rankings, and even charging less for clicks when your ads prove satisfying and valuable for customers. You can select one platform for your PPC campaign, such as Google Ads or Facebook, or run different campaigns on multiple platforms at the same time. You can also integrate your PPC campaign with other marketing channels for maximum reach, such as organic, social, and email.

What Do PPC Management Companies Do?

PPC management companies like Vizion are responsible for creating, implementing, and overseeing PPC digital marketing efforts for businesses around their specific business objectives and marketing goals. This includes:

• Evaluating the specific queries that users enter search engines when looking for information relevant to your brand, your offerings, or your industry
• Researching and selecting high-volume, industry-specific keywords and matching them to these common queries to target visitors
• Organizing keywords into highly specific and well-organized ad groups
• Splitting these ad groups into smaller, more relevant subgroups to craft targeted ad copy that appeals to visitors’ interests
• Exploring different targeting methods (demographic, behavioral, location, device, etc.)
• Creating optimized landing pages to engage visitors and drive conversions
• Ensuring each campaign has its own landing page that aligns with specific keywords and features a prominent call-to-action button
• Setting an ad budget and bidding strategy (manual vs. automated)
• Monitoring the progress of your campaign through key performance metrics, such as views, impressions, CTR (click-through-rate), lead quality, and conversions
• Presenting regular reports in an intuitive, easy to understand format to explain this data and put it into context so you can make informed business decisions
• Testing different versions of ad design and copy to determine what performs best for visitor engagement (A/B testing)
• Optimizing through tactics such as bid adjustments, bid strategy changes, budget changes, targeting adjustments, ad scheduling, platform changes, and new features
• Setting up remarketing to engage visitors who previously visited your site but did not complete the intended action, such as making a purchase

Paid media agencies also offer integrated media buying by recommending how budgets can be split across different media channels and tactics. This goes beyond PPC management and is best suited to companies that have larger advertising budgets and need that additional oversight on media budget spend and optimization.

How do you calculate ROI from PPC efforts?

Quick answer? How much did you spend on clicks? How much did you make? Longer answer? How much did you spend on EVERYTHING THAT WENT INTO THIS (agency/in-house/content/design/development, etc.) and How much did you "net"? Each business is different. Ecommerce calculations are "pretty simple". B2B? Not so much.

B2B must consider what the conversion rates were into a lead, what the conversion rate of leads were into "qualified leads" and what conversion rate of "qualified leads" were into sales and what the average/real value of those sales were. From there, every business has unique costs (hard costs?) that may need to be subtracted from the calculation in order to determine what “real money” was made from the effort(s).

To help you to determine what it takes to be ROI positive on your PPC efforts, we have developed ROI Marketing Calculators. Please check them out and share your feedback on how we can make them better.

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Featured Case Study: Film Studio Client PPC

The client was struggling to optimize their Paid Search campaigns based on iTunes Downloads. By optimizing campaigns and using those learnings across multiple home entertainment titles, the conversion rate increased 400% (from 0.29% in Q1 to 1.45% in Q2).

400% Increase Conversion Rate
75% Cost Decrease
See How We Did It

“Vizion has been a trusted advisor and business partner to our real estate development and marketing efforts for nearly three years now. They guide and manage our SEO and Paid Search in our most important communities, and are steadily impressing our team with their strategic viewpoint to improving our results. They are nimble, responsive and passionate about our success. We’re grateful for their service and partnership, and look forward to many more years working together.”

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