Why Choose Vizion for Mobile Advertising?

The Vizion team features some of the leading experts in the digital marketing field, with years of hands-on experience, vast technical knowledge, and zealous enthusiasm to match. As an independently owned business, we understand that running your own business involves a wide variety of unpredictable variables. We keep this in mind as we develop a comprehensive mobile advertising strategy custom-tailored to your business. You hold your business to a high standard, and we hold our work to a high standard, as well, to ensure we deliver results that help you succeed.

Our Approach to Mobile Advertising

The experts at Vizion recognize that mobile advertisements are crucial for reaching your target audience and captivating their attention. For the past several years, Internet traffic via mobile devices has significantly exceeded traffic from desktop computers, and this trend is set to continue. With the average American consumer spending over five hours each day on their mobile devices, mobile advertising has become an incredibly effective way to reach and convert potential customers. Now that consumers literally have the world at their fingertips, mobile advertisements can significantly expand your customer base and retention.

At Vizion, we value your contributions as a member of the team, so we’ll collaborate directly with you to evaluate your needs, consider how your current mobile advertising strategy is working, and identify areas for improvement. With this information, we can develop a customized strategy designed to help you make measurable progress toward achieving your business objectives. During the entire process, we provide business insights and actionable steps to ensure your needs are met. We follow up with ongoing support to keep your mobile ad strategy thriving and growing along with your business.

Our Process

Our general process has been developed over years of industry experience and is valuable for guiding our efforts, but we do not allow it to define or limit our collaboration. Instead, we use this process as a starting point and will personalize it with creative, data-driven strategies to suit your business needs and desired outcomes.

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Our Mobile Advertising Process

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Every Vizion project begins with an onboarding stage to help us determine how we can benefit your business the most and inform the rest of the process. In the onboarding stage, we will hold a discovery call during which we get to know your business, ensure we have all of the information we need for account development and explain our strategy for mobile advertising. We’ll discuss your target audience and your business goals. Then, we determine a timeline for deliverables and delegate roles and responsibilities to our team members to ensure efficiency.

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Set Up

Mobile advertising takes several forms. Integrating a balanced variety of them into your strategy is typically the best way to engage your audience and drive sales. Vizion can help you set up the following types of mobile ads:

  • Banner ads – These image-heavy ads are usually embedded in a webpage or app and redirect users to your business page that will open in a new browser window when they click on the ad. There is little room for text, so they rely heavily on interesting visuals and brand recognition.
  • Click-to-download ads – These ads route users to the Apple App Store or Google App Store, depending on their device and operating system. They allow users to easily download your app by simply clicking on the ad and can run on display networks, Google Search, and YouTube.
  • Click-to-call ads – Click-to-call ads are designed to prompt visitors to call your business rather than directing them to a webpage by allowing them to place a direct call to your business. These ads are only available on mobile devices and therefore can form a crucial part of your mobile ad strategy.
  • Click-to-message ads – Click-to-message ads give users the opportunity to directly connect with your business but by sending a message to you via SMS rather than calling your business. When they click on the ad, it opens an SMS app with a prewritten message about the product or service that they can send as-is or edit.

When we have decided on which type of mobile ads you want to implement in your campaign, we move on to the other components of the campaign set up which involves mobile ads targeting.

Mobile ad targeting uses information in the form of thousands of data points about your target audience and can take several forms:

  • Demographic targeting is based on demographic variables such as age, gender, education, occupation, income, marital status, family size, and more. It can also be used to focus on specific audiences according to the website you are using to run your ad campaign.
  • Behavioral targeting analyzes the online activities of users, including browsing and purchasing behaviors, to segment them into useful categories so you can craft ad content specifically for them and target them with these ads.
  • Geofencing refers to defining a virtual perimeter in a real-world environment that allows you to initiate a specific action when targeted users enter or leave a predetermined area, such as displaying an ad relevant to their location. Geofenced ads can also capture the mobile device IDs of these users for more information.
  • Content targeting involves crafting highly tailored ads around the interests of the users who will be viewing it and ensuring the ads you show are relevant to the content of the websites they are viewing when they see the ads.
  • Channel targeting allows you to assign ad content around specific topic channels visitors are interacting with.

The Vizion team will review your landing pages, determine which ones are most relevant and likely to convert users, and link these pages to your ad campaign. We can also offer expert recommendations on updates that would improve the performance of your current pages or build new ones as part of your campaign.

Vizion will develop a media plan that includes:

  • Target audiences
  • Types of mobile ads
  • Key performance indicators (impressions, clicks, CPC, etc.)
  • Conversion events
  • Flight dates
  • Integration with your CRM system

As the final part of the campaign set up, we will conduct research to identify potential conversion events, “walk through” them, and determine your tracking needs. We provide a tracking plan with information on pixels that need to be placed and directions for implementation, then test these conversion events after implementation to find the best spots for media placement.

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We will review the performance of our mobile advertising strategy and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you’re getting the results that you need. The Vizion team will provide you with detailed monthly reports that incorporate all data from mobile networks, any 3rd party data you wish to integrate, and your analytics provider to highlight the results of the previous month and strategize for the next month. Our media buying experts perform a meticulous analysis of the specific goals for your project and organize these reports to highlight your most critical KPIs.

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Refining Mobile advertising is an ongoing process. Mobile media buying allows us to purchase mobile media and view real-time results so we can make quick optimizations that aim to exceed our defined ROI/KPI targets. Optimizations will include but are not limited to:

  • Placement optimizations
  • Audience adjustments
  • Audience testing
  • Creative recommendations, such as call to action testing, graphic testing, etc.
  • Landing page recommendations, including ensuring mobile usability and identifying areas that show significant user drop off or confusion

    Transform your mobile advertising efforts into profits.

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    What Is Mobile Advertising?

    Mobile advertising refers to any form of advertising designed to appear on mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. It delivers highly targeted ad content to users in a variety of formats, from banner ads and push notifications to click-to-message and click-to-call ads that connect customers directly with your business. By utilizing data mining, geofencing, and other information-gathering tools, you can develop tailored ads for your audience based on their demographic characteristics and online behavior. This cost-effective and social media-friendly strategy allows you to drive engagement and build strong personal relationships with your customers.

    How Can You Measure Mobile Advertising Effectiveness?

    We measure the effectiveness of mobile advertising by paying attention to data collected in real-time across a few different metrics, including:

    • Impressions – the number of times users view your ad
    • Retention rate – how many users view the ad more than once in a specific time period
    • Click-through rate – the number of people who click on your ad after viewing it
    • Cost-per-click – ad spending compared to the number of clicks it generates
    • Conversion rate – how many users take the desired action, such as making a purchase
    • Social metrics – brand mentions, likes, and shares you receive on social media sites

    We organize all of this data into detailed monthly reports based on your business’s critical KPIs and update our strategies month to month to improve mobile ad performance.

    Which Devices Can an Advertiser Target With a Mobile Video?

    An advertiser can target mobile phones as well as tablets with mobile video. Mobile video advertisements only require a YouTube video and will be presented on the YouTube player embedded on the website. This is one of the great advantages of mobile advertising, as this platform is already familiar to your audience and compatible with any mobile device in Android or iOS apps. On smartphones and tablets, the video advertisement will typically be presented as a youtube.com link they can follow to watch the ad.

    How Can You Advertise in Mobile Games?

    Mobile games are a popular place to implement advertisements and have proven to be efficient for reaching potential customers. Advertising in mobile games is accomplished by embedding in-app advertisements that pop up while using the game. Many apps have this function built into them, and a mobile advertising company will buy placements and rotate content to best fit the audience that is playing the game.

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    Case Study: Film Studio Client PPC

    The client was struggling to optimize their Paid Search campaigns based on iTunes Downloads. By optimizing campaigns and using those learnings across multiple home entertainment titles, the conversion rate increased 400% (from 0.29% in Q1 to 1.45% in Q2).

    400% Increase Conversion Rate
    75% Cost Decrease
    See How We Did It

    “Vizion has been a trusted advisor and business partner to our real estate development and marketing efforts for nearly three years now. They guide and manage our SEO and Paid Search in our most important communities, and are steadily impressing our team with their strategic viewpoint to improving our results. They are nimble, responsive and passionate about our success. We’re grateful for their service and partnership, and look forward to many more years working together.”

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    Transform your mobile advertising efforts into profits.