In healthcare marketing, the internet is part of everything, including how patients find their next healthcare provider or research a given drug. You need a solid digital marketing strategy that drives results. By employing a digital marketing strategy incorporating SEO, Google Ads/paid search, optimized Local Listings, Review strategies, and the development (and promotion) of resourceful content via a blog or social channels, you can ensure that your brand stands out in an otherwise extremely competitive digital marketing marketplace.

While your practice likely understands the importance of internet marketing in health care, that doesn’t mean you have time to handle it yourself. Yet, all too often, it’s difficult to find an agency with the expertise and experience to manage and coordinate all of your digital marketing efforts.

The competitive healthcare digital advertising landscape requires management by those who have deep experience, to ensure that your investment in paid search (for example) is working towards gaining new patients and a positive return-on-investment.

When efforts are managed effectively, digital advertising, SEO, optimized local listings, and other digital marketing investments can produce incredible results. The team at Vizion Interactive is ready to help! Contact us today!

The Importance of Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Simply put, if patients can’t find your practice online, they are unlikely to choose you. You may even lose existing patients who want to find information on your website and can’t. Your website and the internet are the most important factors in gaining and keeping patients, consider the following points:

  • 90% of patients opt for healthcare centers that have professional websites
  • 80% of patients research clinics online before making an appointment
  • 60% of people indicate social media can change their healthcare service decisions
  • 93 million Americans report using the internet for information on health

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the key offerings at Vizion Interactive. With our SEO services, we identify any content gaps that may exist and help you to build a resourceful, content-rich website that your visitors expect and that Google will appreciate and reward. Certainly, SEO is not solely about content development. Our experienced team will help you to ensure that your company’s website health, website structure/web page structure/content structure, link structure and calls-to-action are aligned with best practices for organic search (and patient) growth. Below is an example of a current client’s results showing 132% year over year growth in organic users. Check out the full case study.

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SEO Audits

SEO Audits are the foundation of any SEO effort. Indeed, if you find ongoing SEO efforts to be outside of your budget, an SEO Audit is a wise investment to begin your journey into a full-fledged/fully funded ongoing SEO effort. With an SEO Audit, the team at Vizion – utilizing many of the best tools of the trade – will help to create a prioritized action plan to lead you to growing your organic search presence. From technical analysis to ensure website health to competitive analysis to identify gaps in content and/or links to content gap analysis so that you better understand the content that you need to develop, an SEO Audit from Vizion Interactive can be the best investment that you’ve made in digital marketing.

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Local SEO

In healthcare, many of your customers (and your marketing approach) will be local. Local SEO is crucial for ensuring that prospects nearby can find your website and company amongst the top results. Vizion will help you to craft a customized Local SEO strategy to ensure that you have the optimized local pages on your website that are required as well as ensure that your local listings (including Google Business Profiles) are optimized to the full extent.

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Content Writing

Your website is a reflection of your business. As such, it’s important that your website presents content that is professionally written and accurate. The team at Vizion Interactive will help you to identify your content needs (relative to the competitive landscape and your individualized goals) and develop content by expert copywriters who specialize in the topics that need to be covered. We produce content for all pages and sections of your website, including location pages, blogs and other resourceful pages. We will identify the appropriate topics and ensure that the copy meets your brand standards, and compliance requirements.

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Web Design & Development

In healthcare digital marketing, your website is the hub. This is where your customers come to learn more about the organization and make determinations as to whether you are able to fulfill their needs and whether they will be a customer. While the design and branding are important, so often websites miss the mark by not being structured in a way that can grow and support all of your digital marketing initiatives. Vizion will help you to build a beautiful web presence that informs your audience and leads them down the path of conversion.

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In Paid Search, when a generic keyword such as “healthcare services” has an average cost-per-click on Google Ads of $3.75, it’s vital that you have someone managing your efforts to ensure that each click performs to its utmost ability. Vizion Interactive will not effectively manage your efforts, we will rebuild your programs to ensure that you are focused on the keywords or ad placements which do more than just drive clicks. Our team will help you to determine how ROI goals are reached and identify those keywords or ad placements that drive engagement and leads. We understand that improving your conversion rates by 10% is more important than driving 10% more traffic. This is why we will work with you on landing page strategies (or the development of new landing pages), so that you get the most from each click.

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PPC Audits

As with our SEO audits, our PPC audits involve carefully evaluating the effectiveness of your current Google Ads and/or PPC efforts. Vizion will do a deep dive on your existing account and campaigns to identify any weaknesses and opportunities. We can compare your efforts with those of your competitors to determine if there are things we should be considering. We also check how your current PPC strategy fits into your overall business goals. This review will also cover Landing Page Analysis, so that we can see how your landing pages are aligned with the source of the clicks coming to them.

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Social Media Marketing

A great website will contain resourceful content, such as blog posts. But, what do you do once you’ve created great, resourceful content? Promote the content! Vizion can help by creating promotional strategy, calendar, and create social media posts to ensure that responses or engagement are aligned to your standards. Moreover, we can develop paid social media campaigns to maximize reach that are aligned with your goals.

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Review Generation & Monitoring

As a Trust Pilot Partner Agency, Vizion Interactive can help you gain and manage reviews, and ensure that you have a strategic approach towards monitoring and enhancing your online brand health and reputation. Most new patients will look at the ratings and reviews before booking an appointment with a healthcare provider, so it’s important to respond quickly and show that you’re responsive and actively monitoring feedback you receive online.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

It is better to improve conversion rates by 10% than to grow website traffic by 10%. With conversion rate optimization, we are able to bring decades of experience to web page design, calls-to-action placement, call tracking implementation and analytics, so that you can take advantage of every click that your website receives. We will work with you to ensure that we abide by HIPAA compliance and any other requirements you may have.

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Turn your healthcare marketing efforts into profits.

Why Choose Vizion’s Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

At Vizion, we take a results-driven approach to digital marketing for healthcare professionals. We have provided healthcare digital marketing since 2005, having worked with companies ranging from large pharmaceutical companies to local urgent care institutions.


We Are Digital Marketing Experts

Choosing Vizion for your healthcare digital advertising puts your marketing efforts in the hands of experts with decades of experience, who deeply care in driving results and making our work together a joy!


We Use Data-driven Solutions

If you don’t know how to measure ROI for your efforts, or what you can afford to spend on a lead, we are going to help you to do the math. Feel free to use our Digital Marketing ROI Calculators. Vizion will incorporate any number of tools in our efforts together and help you to build meaningful reports/dashboards via Google Looker Studio.


We Are Transparent

You will have web-based access to our Project Management Software. You will know what the plan is, who is scheduled to work on it (and when) and have access to all work product, any time of the day that you need it. We also record all calls with you (GoToMeeting) in our PM systems, so that you can go back to review past calls, if you so wish. As a bootstrapped business ourselves, we take seriously our responsibility to earn our paychecks.


We Are Reliable and Prompt

This dedication to communication and transparency extends to prompt delivery of services. You should expect a maximum of a response within 24 hours to any question or concern that you share with us. We also have a full-time team member dedicated to your happiness (our “Happiness  Coordinator”) who will be routinely checking in to make sure that we are hitting the mark.


We Customize Healthcare Marketing Solutions

For every client, we take the time to listen to your needs and evaluate your current marketing efforts. Whether you are a start-up looking to build your first website or a mature company seeking to compete with the largest of the large, the team at Vizion is excited by the prospect of helping you to take your healthcare digital marketing efforts to the next level. Contact Us to schedule a call with to learn how a partnership with Vizion Interactive can lead to profitable growth for your organization.

Intuitive Health Featured Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency Vizion Interactive

Featured Case Study: Intuitive Health

Intuitive Health wanted to improve visibility for a network of urgent care and emergency room facilities to grow new patients to each facility. The program generated average ROIs of 2,946% in 2021 and 2,620% in 2022 across all partner sites, with some seeing as high as 4,765% ROI.

2,946% Growth In 2021
2,620% Growth in 2022
132% Growth Year Over Year
See How We Did It

Turn your healthcare marketing efforts into profits.