Why Choose Vizion for Web Design?

The team at Vizion holds client satisfaction as our top priority and we will treat your business like it’s our own. When you choose Vizion to assist you with website design and development, you can expect instant access to years of digital marketing and website design experience, technical expertise through every phase of service, and enthusiasm from an attentive, responsive partner aligned with your goals.

The Vizion Advantage

Vizion has more than a decade of experience assisting B2B and B2C clients across multiple industries with designing and optimizing their websites. Our team of multidisciplinary specialists is highly skilled in e-commerce, lead generation, branding, graphic design, content creation, and every other aspect of web design and development that provides visitors with a positive user experience and sets up your brand for success. We understand how best to utilize the most popular platforms and technologies, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, and Endeca. When you work with us, you can expect a strategy that’s as unique as your brand, and you’ll have the Vizion team ready to assist you through every phase of development and implementation.

We also understand that good website design means flexible website design. We don’t simply roll out your website and leave you to your own devices — you can expect ongoing and comprehensive support from Vizion after your new website is launched. We can help you add new pages as your business grows, account for changes in your industry, and fine-tune every page of your site for maximum SEO impact. We strive to become more than just a partner — we’ll be an extension of your own team, dedicated to your brand’s success.

Our Approach to Website Design and Development

Your website often gives potential customers their first impression of your brand and is therefore crucial for showcasing your brand and establishing credibility. Vizion will create a website that’s beautiful, intuitive, fully optimized for search, and easy for users to navigate and enjoy. We’ll also ensure it’s easy for your team to manage once launched because we provide everything you need to run your new website effectively and enhance it as needed. There are countless website-building tools available today, but the customization options are limited, and relying on these tools means that your site will look just like thousands of others, meaning it ultimately fails to offer your visitors a unique experience that would convince them to become paying customers.

Vizion aims to create custom experiences for your leads and prospective customers so we understand the importance of doing website design and development right. When you choose Vizion as your website development company, you’ll receive a detailed roadmap with actionable, measurable steps for evolving your website into a more functional and engaging representation of your brand. We will assess your specific needs and business goals, audit your current website, review past web design and development work you’ve done, and develop a multi-phase strategy that drives traffic, engagement, and conversions. Then we provide ongoing hands-on support to ensure your site continues to perform well in the future and makes progress toward accomplishing your business objectives.

The Importance of Doing Website Design and Development the Right Way

Why You Need a Website Redesign

To be effective in a competitive and constantly changing market, your website needs to evolve with your business and your industry. Eventually, you may need to overhaul your website to reflect your brand’s evolution or simply to provide your customers and leads with better online experiences. Vizion will identify technical issues that may be causing slow load times and increasing your bounce rate and fix them promptly to minimize inconvenience and delays for your visitors. We will also evaluate the overall visual impact of your site to streamline the user experience and make sure your site accurately reflects your brand identity.

Why You Need Web Development

While designing an aesthetically appealing and engaging website focuses on the user’s experience, web development utilizes this web design to create a functional website and maintain its performance from behind the scenes. To maximize your site’s potential, you need solid web development that ensures every page functions correctly and that your overall sitemap is intuitive, easy to navigate, and effective for SEO. Vizion offers professional web development services that can allow you to not only reach potential customers now, but also effectively future proof your website so it can evolve over time to continue generating leads and driving conversions.

How Vizion Prepares for Website Redesign/Development

Your business needs a website that highlights your brand and accurately reflects the value your products can offer customers. Vizion takes a multi-stage approach to website development and website redesign projects to deliver results that engage visitors, expand your reach, and grow your business. We begin our website design and development services with a discovery call during which we speak with you directly to learn more about your goals for your website and the difficulties you have had with previous iterations of your site. With this information, we can identify pressing challenges, locate opportunities for improvement, and start creating a strategy for the redesign or deployment of a brand-new site.

Vizion believes in developing unique solutions to our clients’ problems, so we offer a full range of website design and development services that we adjust to your unique needs. Google and other search engines review countless data points to rank search result pages with the goal of providing users with the best possible experiences, so it should be your goal to serve a site that provides those experiences to users searching for the keyword relevant to your business. A good site architecture and internal link structure also means your site will be much easier for search engine bots to discover your content and achieve solid rankings.

Seo Redesign Consulting White Website Design and Development Services Vizion Interactive

Custom Website Design

There is no reason to invest in a low-cost website builder that offers minimal customization options and results in a site that looks just like thousands of others. Website design from Vizion creates an entirely unique, beautifully designed, and high-performing website that engages visitors and gives them the best possible user experiences. Our team has solid experience crafting websites for companies across all industries, and we will work closely with you to develop a site that is visually impactful and one-of-a-kind to ensure visitors remember your brand long after they access your site.

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Develop Lightgray Website Design and Development Services Vizion Interactive

WordPress Theme Design

WordPress continues to offer some of the best value when it comes to low-cost website development, but there are probably thousands of sites already using these same themes. If you want something unique, Vizion can help take your WordPress site to the next level with your own custom theme templates tailor-made for your brand. The Vizion team has years of experience working with WordPress and can help you develop a unique and functional theme that expresses your brand’s unique identity and ensures you stand out among a sea of competitors.

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Local Listing Management Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Vizion Interactive

Location Page Design and Development

Location pages are some of the most crucial components of your sitemap and help local customers find your business when they make local search queries relevant to your brand, your offerings, or your industry. If your business has multiple locations or service areas, it is best to develop a location page for each one to precisely target local customers and give them the information they need to visit that location. Vizion will not only help you create more effective location pages but also help you configure them into a cohesive site structure that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. As your business grows and adds more locations, you can count on Vizion to help with crafting additional location pages.

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Information Architecture Lightgray Website Design and Development Services Vizion Interactive

Information Architecture and Taxonomy Design Services

Your website should be a hub of valuable and engaging content for your customers and prospects. With information architecture and taxonomy design services from Vizion, you will have a reliable and comprehensive roadmap for everything your site includes. We will carefully evaluate your site navigation to determine how easy it will be for the average user to investigate everything your site has to offer. We will ensure search engines can understand your site’s architecture when crawling and indexing your site and that visitors can easily navigate it to explore each piece of content you publish.

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Content Management System Website Design and Development Services Vizion Interactive

Content Management Systems

The systems you use to manage your website often have SEO features built into them, but they aren’t always implemented or used correctly for optimal results. Vizion has experience with a wide variety of CMS platforms and during our SEO audits, we often uncover many issues that need to be addressed. We can help consult on which CMS to choose, how to evaluate a CMS for SEO purposes, and help you through the implementation and site migration. And if you retain our SEO services, we can perform monthly technical checks to ensure ongoing success as your site evolves with updated content and new site features.

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What Is Web Design?

Web design is the process of creating a website that focuses on making a strong visual impact on visitors and ensuring that they can easily navigate your site to acquire the information they seek. Vizion offers years of experience in graphic design, coding, SEO, and various other components that will all work together to achieve the look and feel you want to give visitors. We’ll review your brand imagery, preferred color choices, and overall vision for your website and help you create a truly unique and memorable experience for your customers and prospects.

What Is Web Development?

While website design focuses on visual impact and user experience, web development is primarily concerned with website functionality and maintenance over time. You can imagine web designers as the architects of your site and web developers as the construction crew that brings the architects’ design to life. Vizion’s web development team will ensure your site does not suffer from any of the common back-end issues that impair user experience. We’ll work closely with your team to ensure they understand how every facet of your website works and how the various components work together. Our robust web development process ensures that your website not only looks good, but also performs optimally for every user who visits it.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design is the school of web design focused on ensuring a website “responds” accordingly to the platform on which it is viewed. Because many of today’s consumers use mobile devices to find new brands, Vizion emphasizes mobile responsive design to ensure your website provides an intuitive and pleasant user experience regardless of what device visitors are using to access your site. We’ll help you configure your mobile site to ensure it accurately reflects your brand image while providing users with the top-tier experiences they have come to expect from your desktop site.

Why Do I Need a Website Design Company Like Vizion?

You can find lots of affordable tools online to build a website yourself, but it’s worth investing in professional website design and development services if you’re serious about creating a unique, fully functional, and memorable website for your company. Vizion offers years of experience in website design and development, and we can put this experience to work in creating a truly unique website instead of a boxed option that looks like thousands of other sites. You can rely on us if you need to edit or redesign your website in the future in response to changing market trends or your business’s growth.

How Do I Know It’s Time for a Website Redesign?

Has your company recently unveiled a new line of products or new service offerings? Has your industry experienced any type of recent disruption? Do you think you need to overhaul your brand image entirely? These are just a few examples of factors that may contribute to your decision to redesign your website. If you are unsure whether you need to redesign your site, Vizion can perform an in-depth review and audit of your current site’s performance and utility, then provide detailed guidance for the redesign process.

Featured Case Study: Healthcare Startup

Healthcare Startup Featured Website Design and Development Services Vizion Interactive

A healthcare startup site wasn’t showing organic growth after many months. We provided recommendations to rearchitect their site with a new information architecture, taxonomy, and page template design. Our keyword research included hundreds of specific medical terms which helped them adjust their content strategy for their current site and included templates and formats which will help them grow into the future.

After 3 months they saw:

1,192% Increase in Top 100 rankings
1,055% Increase in Google Impressions
384% Increase in new users from Organic Search

“Our old site was content rich but poorly organized and extremely difficult to manage. Since our new website launched, we’ve seen months with a more than 400% year over year leap in organic traffic. We can now accurately track conversions and ROI, manage the site, and have proven a strong return for our investment on the project. The numbers speak for themselves. Such a dedicated team is hard to come by. Vizion went the extra mile to ensure we met crucial time lines for launch, working around the clock when necessary. We would not hesitate to recommend this company.”

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Transform your website design efforts into profits.