Vizion’s Marketing Agency Referral Program

Partner Referral Program Vizion InteractiveWe understand the ins and outs of marketing, including the value of word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations. That’s why we created our referral program. This program lets us reward you when you bring us new clients, with no hassle or hoops to jump through. You get a straightforward financial reward as our thanks.

How Does Our Referral Program Work?

Our referral program is straightforward, and if you’re familiar with how one works, you likely already have a good idea of the mechanics of ours.

Just connect us with companies or individuals that could use our services. When they sign up for our marketing services, you receive a reward. You don’t even have to do all of the work; just refer us, and we’ll finish the sale. It’s worth mentioning that you can refer clients to any of our marketing services. Given that we offer SEO, PPC, social media, and more, there are many opportunities.

How much of a reward will you get?

You receive a 10% commission every month that the referred client stays with us.* The commission can easily turn into a passive income stream for you.

Do I Need To Be Involved With the New Client?

No. All you have to do is refer a new client to Vizion. We assume that you have shared some details about our services or why you like us, but you don’t even have to do that. After the initial referral, all we’ll need to know is where to send your compensation.

Why Become a Vizion Referral Partner?

When you decide to become a referral partner for a business, you are showing your trust in the brand and its services. After all, if you recommend a low-quality service to someone, it could hurt your relationship.

At Vizion, we understand this, and that is part of why we appreciate our referral partners so much. They demonstrate confidence in our services and help us reach new clients.

There are plenty of reasons to trust us, too. We have been serving digital marketing clients since 2005, giving us more than a decade and a half of experience. We stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and best practices and pride ourselves on delivering measurable results.

We also pride ourselves on being transparent. We are always honest with our clients, so they know what to expect. We keep the lines of communication open throughout all of our services, always keeping our clients up-to-date on their progress.

A Referral, Nothing More, Nothing Less

With our referral program, you don’t have to do anything other than referring a new client to us at Vizion. You don’t have to represent the referred client to us, nor do you have to represent us to the referred client. Just make the initial referral and enjoy the passive income for as long as your referred client stays with us.

Monthly Payments for Full Benefits

Some referral programs just give you a low one-time payment, no matter how long your referred client stays with them. But we value your assistance more than that. That is why we continue to pay you a commission every single month that your referred client stays with us. We don’t limit this income.

And those monthly payments can add up quickly, especially with a 10% commission rate. So, if your client spends $2,000 on our services each month, you will earn $200 every single month with no extra effort.

Contact Vizion to learn more about our referral program and discover how we can grow your income.


*a. All referral fee commissions shall be calculated as ten percent (10%) of the net value of goods or services sold by Vizion as a direct result of a sale to the referred company. Net value shall exclude value added tax, insurance, refunds, and payments not honored by a financial institution or received by Vizion. Subsequent sales of goods or services to the customer shall not be subject to a referral fee commission except where such subsequent purchase is the direct result of a repeat sale. Referrer will not be entitled to collect referral fee commission on any hard costs for tools, press releases or any other items where cost is passed on to client. Referrer will not be entitled to collect referral fee commission on any additional services sold to the client by Vizion employees after agreement is in place. Referrer will not be entitled to collect referral fee commission on any sales tax billed to clients. If referrer engages and sells a pay per click agreement, percent for referral fee commission will be based on the management fee collected from the client, not on clients monthly advertising spend budget.

b. Upon reconciliation of referral fee commission on sales fees due by reporting issued from Vizion to referrer of paid invoices, the referrer shall issue an invoice to Vizion and payment shall be affected within thirty (30) days of submission of said invoice.