Why Choose Vizion for Display Advertising Services?

If you are searching for a digital marketing company for your display advertising project, Vizion has experience in the field, expertise on the topic, and enthusiasm for the work. Our experts are leaders in the digital marketing industry, bringing unmatched skill and dedication to every project we undertake. When you work with us, your satisfaction is our number one priority, so we do everything we can to deliver the best results for your business. You can feel confident that Vizion will be thorough in our approach to display advertising, and our team will work hard to exceed your business goals.

Our Approach to Display Advertising

At Vizion, we recognize that your business is unique, and we use a comprehensive, data-driven, and hands-on approach to our services to showcase this uniqueness to your potential customers. Though you may hire us for a display advertising campaign, you will receive technical expertise in several digital marketing areas to ensure your campaign is strong, well-rounded, and effective at engaging and converting your prospects. We believe in creating a truly customized and multidisciplinary strategy to provide solutions that work across the board.

Our approach is to carefully develop and implement display campaigns based on the specific needs and goals of your business. We’ll develop actionable steps to meet your goals and consistently track our progress in accomplishing them with key performance metrics. We do not stop after the first round – our process includes ongoing support and guidance so your display advertising campaign can continue to grow as your business does. If our approach needs to be refined, we’ll gladly revisit the project and make any necessary changes until you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

Our Process

Because we tailor our approach to fit your business needs, the exact process for display advertising will differ on every project we handle. However, there are a few core steps that guide our process.

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Our Display Advertising Process

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The onboarding process consists of a discovery call in which we get to know you and your business. We’ll determine what your goals are for your display ad campaign, set measurable targets, and developed a detailed, measurable plan to help you surpass them. We can discuss any questions you have, resolve any lingering concerns, and explain our process, so you know exactly what to expect at each stage and can give us feedback to guide our efforts. At this time, we’ll also assign specific roles and responsibilities in your project to members of our team and provide you with estimated timelines on deliverables.

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Set Up

Based on what we learn in the discovery call, Vizion will get to work at planning your campaign. There are thousands of options for data points, and our team knows exactly how to analyze them to direct your display ad campaign. Potential targets for your display advertising project will include the following:

  • Demographic Targeting – Because consumer needs often directly correlate with demographics, we begin our target strategy by evaluating the demographic variables of your intended audience, such as age, gender, marital status, income, and other details that may play a role in how they perceive your ads and respond to them.
  • Behavioral Targeting – Behavioral targeting involves gathering information about the ways that users act online to can identify shared characteristics among them that can help guide the creation and implementation of your ads. We can target based on data about their search engine habits (interest targeting), browsing and purchasing behavior, shopping motivations, the pages they spend the most time on, the products they view, and more.
  • Geotargeting – Lots of users are looking for businesses specifically in your area, and geotargeting allows you to target these users based on where they are located.
  • Content Targeting –Content targeting targets high-quality content that corresponds with what the user is interacting with at the time to deliver highly relevant messages.
  • Channel Targeting – Knowing a platform’s audience helps you to capitalize on the people who regularly use that site. Channel targeting is similar to content targeting in that it focuses on visitors viewing specific content, but this strategy uses overall themes between websites and across domains to identify interests.

We will conduct a review of your current landing pages so we can identify the pages offering the most relevant and compelling information that would encourage visitors to convert. We will make recommendations for updating existing pages to improve performance or suggest adding new pages to reinforce your overall strategy.

With your targets locked in and your landing pages optimized for engagement, we will develop a display advertising media plan that incorporates information about your target audience, performance metrics we will use to track the success of the campaign (traffic, impressions, clicks, cost per click, etc.) and can be integrated with your CRM system to carefully track conversion events and rates. We can adjust this plan to meet any other needs you have and to take advantage of creative recommendations we think would support your goals.

The last step involves identifying potential conversion events, analyzing how they appear to prospects and identifying specific tracking needs. We provide a detailed tracking plan that includes the pixels we will place and directions for implementation.

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Our process doesn’t stop after testing – we’ll constantly review our strategy, revisit the original goals, and evaluate the progress we’ve made toward achieving them. We use specialized web-based reporting tools to gather data about the performance of your display ad campaign and deliver monthly reports that present this data along with information from the Display Networks, your analytics provider, and other third parties you want to integrate with your platform. These reports highlight your most critical KPIs, feature results from the previous month and strategies for the upcoming month, and outline recommendations for adjusting our tactics to capture your demographics more effectively.

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Display advertising optimization is an ongoing effort. After evaluating what works well and identifying areas for improvement, we’ll continue to refine the process and optimize your ad campaign.. By keeping our strategy flexible and constantly optimizing based on real-time results, we can ensure that you are always reaching your full potential with your display ads. Some examples of optimizations that we may make include:

  • Placement of your display ads
  • Display ad audience
  • Audience testing
  • CTAs, graphic testing, etc.
  • Landing page content, including mobile usability

Transform your display advertising efforts into profits.


What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is a form of PPC advertising that is designed to engage customers, direct them to visit a specific landing page and encourage them to take a certain action, such as signing up for a subscription or making a purchase. Display ads can come in various forms and appear across multiple platforms, but they generally include a headline, URL, and some type of compelling element that stands out from the rest of the page and captures the visitor’s attention, such as graphics, videos, audio, changing text, or interactive content. These ads can reach millions of users around the globe, significantly expanding your potential customer base, driving brand awareness, and allowing you to secure more sales.

When Setting Up Display Advertising Campaigns, Who Can You Target?

There is a lot of information that can be gleaned from well-placed pixels, giving you a high degree of freedom when targeting users for display ad campaigns. The most effective targeting options include:

• Demographic targeting, such as gender, age, profession, or income
• Behavioral targeting based on web searches, browsing and shopping behavior, social media involvement, and other online activities
• Geotargeting to reach users who are in a specific location
• Content targeting that personalizes ad content for users around their interests
• Channel targeting to identify common themes and topics across channels

Why Is Display Advertising Important?

Display advertising is the fastest-growing form of digital advertising, consistently outranking paid search, and is responsible for nearly $100 billion in ad spend in the US alone. In contrast with paid search ads that “pull” users to your business when they are searching for a topic relevant to your ad, display advertising utilizes a “push” approach to target users and bring them to a specific webpage that encourages them to convert in the way that you want them to. Research shows that 27% of consumers who see a display ad for a business will conduct an online search afterward to learn more, and this research leads to a 59% increase in conversions.

Does Display Advertising Work?

Yes, display advertising shows incredible results for businesses. Display ads can work for your business by:

• Targeting a specific audience with highly tailored content
• Engaging visitors using appealing visual elements
• Driving traffic to your site
• Enhancing brand visibility and awareness
• Helping your brand stand out among the competition
• Tracking the performance of your ad campaign, including views, clicks, and conversions
• Allowing you to effectively retarget users, such as visitors who viewed your website but did not complete a purchase
• Boosting conversions, sales, and revenue

What Is a Display Advertising Network?

A display advertising network is an online platform or tool that allows you to control how your display ads are shared and distributed across publishers, content categories, segments of your target audience, and other effective channels of engagement. Essentially, these networks act as connection points between your ad content and the platform your consumers most often use to consume such content. There are several networks to choose from, but the most popular is the Google Display Network. It helps you find new audiences using existing customer profiles, create retargeting campaigns, and automate your ad spending to optimize your ROI. Whatever display ad network you decide to use, our team will manage the process every step of the way.

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Case Study: Film Studio Client PPC

The client was struggling to optimize their Paid Search campaigns based on iTunes Downloads. By optimizing campaigns and using those learnings across multiple home entertainment titles, the conversion rate increased 400% (from 0.29% in Q1 to 1.45% in Q2).

400% Increase Conversion Rate
75% Cost Decrease
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“Vizion has been a trusted advisor and business partner to our real estate development and marketing efforts for nearly three years now. They guide and manage our SEO and Paid Search in our most important communities, and are steadily impressing our team with their strategic viewpoint to improving our results. They are nimble, responsive and passionate about our success. We’re grateful for their service and partnership, and look forward to many more years working together.”

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Transform your display advertising efforts into profits.