12 Days of Holiday Memes

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As we head into the holiday season, it’s a good time to reflect on everything that’s happened over the last year. Despite the various challenges that have accompanied this year, including a global pandemic and a raucous presidential election, many of us have found creative ways to keep our morale high. From the early months of Tiger King conspiracies and jokes about toilet paper shortages to downloading detailed backgrounds for our Zoom meetings and sharing our never-ending love for Baby Yoda, 2020 has been a roller coaster. Many of these shared humorous references have helped bring the country together, even as we physically remain six feet apart.

What better way to celebrate everything we’ve endured than with a journey through the 12 days of Happy Holidays Memes to keep you laughing all the way through the end of the year and into 2021. Here are a few sure to tickle you!

  1. Using Holiday Decorations to Combat the Quarantine Blues

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After spending the last several months in multiple different stages of quarantine, the family is bound to be going a little stir-crazy. If you’ve already finished every puzzle, book, and bread recipe, it might be time to start breaking out the holiday décor!

  1. Don’t Let Others Judge Your Coping Mechanisms!

Meme 12 Days of Holiday Memes Vizion Interactive

To those breaking out the tree mere seconds after October 31st, we see you! It’s been a long stressful year. If detangling the LED lights and hanging a wreath on your door is helping you stay sane, we say go for it. Everyone deserves as much holiday cheer as they can get in 2020.

  1. Nothing Wrong With Applying a Little Creativity to This Year’s Decorations

Meme 12 Days of Holiday Memes Vizion Interactive

What better way to pay homage to 2020 than with your very own Quarentree? Complete with hand sanitizer bottles, rubber gloves, masks, and a beautiful toilet paper garland. This tree just radiates Christmas 2020 energy. As an added bonus, you can just pluck items off of the tree as needed. So practical! 

  1. Though Any Efforts Will Be Promptly Thwarted By Your Pets

Meme 12 Days of Holiday Memes Vizion Interactive

Honestly, it’s been a rough year for pets, too, as their humans keep switching up their schedules and routines from one month to the next. Maybe we just let them have this one. Besides, rebuilding the tree will give you more things to do to pass the time in quarantine.

  1. Venting About All the Cancelled Holiday Trips

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Granted, there’s nothing keeping you from taking a vacation in your own home, but after spending the better part of the year there, that doesn’t quite have the same appeal. Time to start teaching Grandma and Grandpa how to use Zoom in time for the family holiday dinner.

  1. Alternatively, Preparing for Travel as Best You Can

Meme 12 Days of Holiday Memes Vizion Interactive

Some people are determined to travel this winter regardless. If you’re going to travel, you might as well take every precaution. Nothing says “pandemic travel fashion” like a modest hazmat suit. Complete your outfit with a pair of cute shoes, and you’ll be all set to travel cross-country to be with your family over the holidays.

  1. Looking to an Unlikely Holiday Hero

Meme 12 Days of Holiday Memes Vizion Interactive

Remember the good old days when all we had to worry about was a fuzzy green man breaking into people’s homes and stealing their presents? It’s high time for the Grinch to take back control over the season.

  1. Using 2020 to Your Advantage

Meme 12 Days of Holiday Memes Vizion Interactive

On the other hand, a global pandemic makes for a pretty good excuse for parents in need of a break to leave jolly old Elf on the Shelf in the attic this year. Juggling working from home and online schooling is stressful enough without having to plan elaborate elf-related adventures this year. For those unwilling to sentence poor Elf to death just yet, there’s an alternative. Simply remind the kids that, since the elf is traveling all the way from the North Pole, they’ll have to remain in quarantine for a few weeks before getting up to their usual shenanigans.

  1. Tuning Into the Inevitable COVID-Themed Specials

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What holiday season would be complete without a few cozy, feel-good movies to binge back-to-back. This year’s selection is likely to feature a variety of beautiful, mask-clad couples air-kissing from an appropriate social distance.

  1. Mapping Out the Holiday Shopping Trips in Advance

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Let’s face it, holiday shopping is never easy, what with the limited stock of popular items and the dense crowds of people all fighting to find suitable gifts at the last minute. With everything that’s happened thus far in 2020, it’s unsurprising that many are reconsidering going out to do the holiday shopping. What even is the appropriate dress code for “merry winter apocalypse?” Come to think of it, perhaps this is the year to stay home and order all your gifts online instead.

  1. Turns Out, the Perfect Gift Was Home All Along

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Time to put those truckloads of toilet paper we all bought back in March to good use. After all, who doesn’t need toilet paper? For a festive touch, use an extra sparkly ribbon when wrapping your gift.

  1. Blaming it All on the Big Guy

Meme 12 Days of Holiday Memes Vizion Interactive

He sees us when we’re sleeping. He knows when we’re awake. You’d think he could’ve warned us about the pandemic a little sooner. But don’t be too mad at the man in red. After all, despite all the stress and frustration 2020 has caused, it has also us allowed to grow in ways we never could have expected, and this holiday season is likely to be one we’ll never forget.