3 Things to Know About the Amazon ASIN Grabbing Tool

Asin 3 Things to Know About the Amazon ASIN Grabbing Tool Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 3 minutes

Digital marketing requires diligence and a steady eye on the competition. Thankfully, automation can make the process easier. A comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools can make or break your organization’s efficiency. Whether mining data or automating social media campaigns, the right digital marketing tools can save both time and sanity. Since the modern marketing process moves as quickly as a consumer’s attention span, positioning your advertising at the right time is more important than ever.

Each month, we are spotlighting a tool that is valuable to marketers for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are working for a small business or delivering services at an enterprise level, these tools can make your job easier. Today, we are looking at the Amazon ASIN Grabbing Tool, a performance extension that crawls, extracts, and organizes content from Amazon. The tool works with Amazon and all Amazon-related websites.

What Is the Amazon ASIN Grabbing Tool?

The Amazon ASIN grabber is a free Google Chrome extension that allows your organization to bulk select and find Amazon standard identification numbers (ASINs) on product pages that you can export and use in your advertising.

What Makes the Amazon ASIN Grabbing Tool So Useful?

The ASIN system is the way Amazon keeps all its products organized, much as libraries use the Dewey decimal system. A product detail page (ASIN) serves as prime real estate for digital marketers. Placing an ad for your product on the page of a competitor’s is a good way to increase your exposure and sales; the ASIN grabbing tool makes this less labor intensive.

Product targeting is a great way to advertise your product against similar or competitor products. However, manually entering the ASINs you want to target can take time. To effectively create an advertising campaign, you must search for the ASIN for each page, which can mean hours of menial labor, resulting in a shorter list than most advertisers would like. The ASIN grabbing tool allows you to father lists of product ASINs within minutes, not hours. Using the tool, you can export ASINs into a CSV file that you can add seamlessly to your advertising campaigns. By drastically reducing the amount of time spent trying to curate ASIN lists for your ad campaigns, consider the grabbing tool your ultimate time saver. (Did we mention that it’s a free extension?)

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How to Use the Amazon ASIN Grabbing Tool

Ready to reap the benefits of ASIN grabbing yourself? Here’s how to do it:

  • Search for the “Amazon ASIN Grabbing Tool” in the Chrome Store.
  • Once the extension downloads, make sure it is turned “on” and go to Amazon.com to start building your lists.
  • On Amazon, you can search for a specific product (if you have one in mind), or you can navigate to a product category page using the drop-down menus on the homepage.

When you have navigated to a specific product page, the extension will produce a box in your browser that looks something like this:

Asin 3 Things to Know About the Amazon ASIN Grabbing Tool Vizion Interactive

From here, you have a couple of options: You can select the “Grab ALL ASIN(s) from page” option in the box, or you can scroll through the page to select individual products that you want to include in your list.

If you choose the second option, simply click each product that has the “Add product to list” label across it, like so:

Asin 3 Things to Know About the Amazon ASIN Grabbing Tool Vizion Interactive

Do this for as many products or categories as you see relevant. Once you have finished building your list, you can export it on the “Export ASINs to list” tab. As you can see, what would have taken hours, the ASIN grabbing tool has narrowed down into minutes.

The ASIN grabbing extension is also useful, because you can use it to create similar or competitive ASIN lists for use in re-targeting in the Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP).

Competitive advertising using ASINs can help you reach a broader audience and juxtapose your value proposition with that of a competitor (or similar product). Previously, curating ASIN lists was tedious and labor intensive. With the ASIN grabbing tool, your organization can save time curating targeting and re-targeting lists, while reaching more meaningful prospects.

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