5 Excellent Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog

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Promoting your blog with social media is a very powerful method of promotion.  I would even venture to say it is the most vital method to ensure your blog will make it out to the sphere.  There are many ways to promote your blog but in this article I’m going to concentrate on using social media.  If you follow the method I’m going to outline below, you’re chances for success are going to be increased expedentially.

There are a few things to remember when you are working through these methods.  First, if there is any opportunity to add HTML to a social media site, make sure to use your main keyword phrase, or the keyword phrase you want to rank highest for as anchor text.  If your top keyword is seo blogger, make sure to link to your blog with the phrase, not the actual hyperlink.  This is one way to ensure Google, Yahoo, and Bing know what type of blog you have and provide you with some rank.  Second, make sure you optimize all the images and video in your blog, again use the keyword phrase you want to rank highest for.  Third, use a resource box at the end of your posts to ensure that if your blog post is scraped, a link back to your site will be scraped with it.

Now here are the methods.

Method 1 – Submit Your Post to Bookmarking Sites.  The first method is to submit your blog post to every social bookmarking site you can.  There are several tools to do this and I have provided a list you can use as well.  A simple search on Google for “Social Bookmarking Software” will help you get started.  The tools I’ve found to be the most useful are SocialMarker.com and OnlyWire.com, but there are many out there.  Unfortunately you’ll need to set up an account at each site, but they payoff is well worth the time.

Method 2 – Submit Content to Article Directories. The most important thing to remeber when submitting content to article directories is that you CANNOT post the same content that is on your blog.   The search engines do not like duplicate content and will use their filter to add most of your posts to the supplemental results, giving you one accepted article in their index which equates to one link.  So take your blog articles and summarize them, write about your articles, or just plain write new, high quality content.  Something genuine and original.  I’ve always said “The Internet is like a good relationship, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.” After you’ve written some content, make sure to use anchor text with your main keyword phrase in each new article pointing back to your site.  The most authoritative and active article directories in no specific order are GoArticles.com, EzineArticles.com, Zimbio.com, Gather.com, Squidoo.com, & HubPages.com.  You can also find a list of additional article directories here.

Method 3 – Submit to RSS Directories. If you are using a blogging platform like WordPress, you probably don’t need to do anything but type your blog address plus /feed/ on the end like http://domain.com/feed/, but if you don’t have an automatic feed, use FeedYes.com to create one.  The idea here is that there are hundreds of RSS search engines and directores out there and you want your feed to be on all of them.  Your blog articles always need to contain an anchor text link back to itself so when your content is syndicated, your link will be also.  So grab your feed and submit it to this list.

 Method 4 – Make A Video and Post it To Video Sites. Just about every blog post can be a video.  It could be an instructional video, a video about websites to find things on, or just your voice over on a presentation.  The most important thing here is that your video gets out to all the video sites and is optimized with your keywords and a hyperlink back to your blog.  Make sure you always add a 10 second shot of your blog address at the end or remain constant on the bottom of your video.  YouTube.com has not only become the largest video site, but it’s also one of the largest search engines as well.  Take some time to really update all the options on YouTube to the best of your ability.  If the video is good it will provide a steady stream of traffic to your site.  After you’ve created your video upload it to this list of sites.

Method 5 –  Get a Couple of High Quality, Authoritative Links to Your Blog. The last but the best.  This one is by far the most effective method of ensuring a successful blog that ranks well.  Start a spreadsheet and search for authoritative blogs on Technorati.com.  In your columns you need to have the Blog Name, Author or Authors, Email Addresses, Twitter Username, Phone Numbers, and Status.  The goal here is to establish relationships with the top bloggers and through some hard work, get them to link to your blog.  One of the best strategies for doing this is to add them to your Twitter account and follow their tweets.  When they tweet something good retweet it and make a comment about how great the tweet was.  Do this for a few weeks and then send them an email and tell them that they have really inspired you and remind them that you have retweeted them several times. (Don’t do this if they have not, be sure to pick someone that does!).  In your email politely ask them if they mind linkiing to your blog.  Be sure to send them the exact page on their blog you want your link and what anchor text to use.  If you don’t here back send a follow up email and keep retweeting them.  You will know if you are getting anywhere.  After doing this with 10 or 20 authoritative blogs you will start getting some good links.  These links carry their weight in gold.  They are well worth the work.

In summary one of the best ways to promote your blog is through all the social media sites and tools available to you.  This process takes time, I’m not going to lie, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day.  It’s very easy to outsource this process through Odesk.com or Elance.com but that takes the fun out of it!  Good luck, until next time.

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