The Secret of StumbleUpon

Stumbleupon Logo Motivational  Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 3 minutes

There are many social media sites designed to share content with their community.  StumbleUpon does this by displaying content according to user preferences.  By sharing links you can increase web traffic and boost the lifecycle of your content.  And to do that you are going to need to increase the

StumbleUpon page rank of your content via number of views and number of followers.

So where to start?  Get involved in the community by developing a genuine presence.  Do this by reviewing content of other Stumblers.  Found someone with content you like and/or related to your interests?  Follow them.  By following other Stumblers you increase your presence and the likelihood others will view your content and possibly follow you.  Also, be sure to fully complete your bio and include an avatar.  Use a name that coordinates with your presence on social networks to make it easier for people to find you.

Once you start getting involved in the community, maintain a strong focused presence.  You can do this by making sure the interests of your StumbleUpon friends match your interests.  Also, look for influential Stumblers, those with lots of likes and views on their Stumbles.  To find these influential members of the community you can use this link.  Substitute keyword with the specific target keyword you are interested in.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice on Stumbling from more experienced Stumblers.  To get the most from the community, do a lot of paying it forward by sharing the content of other Stumblers and liking their Stumbles.  You can also chat and message friendly Stumblers to build relationships.

Another way to increase your visibility in the community is to comment on StumbleUpon content.  When you do this, be discriminating.  Your comments should be perceptive and relevant.  Avoid generic comments like “good work”, “great job”, etc.  If you don’t have a legitimate comment to make, you can instead give the StumbleUpon content a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”.  This is great and easy way to participate and help build your presence.

Besides following Stumblers and commenting on their content, you may also share their Stumbles via other social media like 

Facebook and Twitter easily from the StumbleUpon toolbar.  You can also share content within the StumbleUpon community by sending content directly to other Stumblers.  This creates a notification for that Stumbler, and is a great way to promote content and increase your visibility.

Bookmark StumbleUpon content.  When bookmarking, do not only bookmark your own content.  This will make you look like a spammer.  Instead bookmark other people’s content, focusing on content related to your areas of interest.

And lastly, the hallmark of all promotion – create relevant content.  Sharing weak content may garner a negative response from the community, hindering your credibility.  When generating your own content, Stumble your interests to research for blog posts or other content in your area to see what types of content are popular.  And be sure to tag your content for SEO.

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