Tool Tuesday — OneTab Chrome Extension

Onetab X  Vizion Interactive

Have you ever found yourself recommending a particular tool and realize pretty much no one has ever heard of it or has used it as consistently as you have?

I totally feel that way about OneTab.

OneTab is an extension for Chrome and the simplest way to describe what it does is this:

  • Import a list of URLs into OneTab and the extension will open them all at once
  • Export a list of open tabs from OneTab and paste them into Excel or another document

So why do these functions make OneTab so wonderful? I was really tempted to write “Onederful” in reference to the movie That Thing You Do! but I wasn’t sure if everyone was as big a fan as I am. Anyway.

If you’re an SEO, you know how often you deal with lists of URLs, viewing them in Excel, pasting them into a browser, pulling them out of a browser and pasting them back into Excel.

Every. Single. Day.

We work with lists of URLs to complete the following tasks:

  • For competitive analysis, to analyze the content that is ranking for a particular keyword
  • For influencer outreach, to see a bunch of influencers’ social media pages
  • For link reclamation, to see if pages that used to link to my page are still linking (since sometimes our tools fail us in this regard)

OneTab speeds up the process of getting these URLs open, viewable, and then sending applicable URLs back into Excel.
Here’s a visual walkthrough of how I use OneTab for competitive analysis. These URLs are ranking for the keyword “general ledger,” which one of my clients’ websites used to rank for.
I want to analyze the content and link metrics of these individual URLs but I would have to click over 20 times to open them—right click on each to get the option to open them in a new tab and then click “Open in New Tab” to complete the action.

With OneTab, it works like this:

    1. Export the list from SEMRush (or it might be in Excel already if you’re using the SEMRush API)
    1. Open the list in Excel and copy them all


    1. Click “Export/Import URLs


    1. Paste them into OneTab and click “Import”


  1. Click “Restore all” and watch each one open for you

That was about half the clicks and less than half the time (unless you use the Scrape Similar extension for Chrome, which scares the crap out of most people).

Now, let’s say you like five of these URLs and want to export them back out of OneTab. Just click “Import into OneTab” and you have a list of URLs that is easy to copy and paste into Excel or an email, for example.

Also, let’s say you just have too many windows full of tabs open, you can import those tabs into OneTab and lock them so you can open them back up later on.

One caveat (just one is nice, right?):

If you already have tabs open in Chrome, by clicking the OneTab extension, all the tabs will seemingly disappear. They haven’t, they’re in OneTab now, but they might look like they’ve gone the way of Plymouth and Edsel and you might be tempted to freak out.

If this happens, just open the extension and look for the first list of URLs you see in it. Those are the tabs you just had open, waiting there for you completely intact.

You can avoid this issue by opening a new window and then opening OneTab.

I’ve probably saved dozens of hours over the past few years I’ve been using OneTab and you can too. Enjoy getting more efficient overnight!